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Parenting Workshop

Event Brief

The workshop will be all about counseling parents about how they could groom their children to grow up as an empowered, confident and intellectual individual and how could they keep themselves updated with their children's school performance by remaining in close coordination with their schools and teachers. The workshop will be divided in 4 days, each consisting of providing parents with guidance on different topics pertaining to parenting. The main focus of the workshops will be self grooming of children and how should parents contribute to it. This would be achieved by focusing on four major topics crucial for grooming of children identified by schools and how can parents in coordination with schools produce highly groomed and confident children. Following are the four topics which will be covered by the workshops. The order of topics is according to the day they will be covered.

Child Disciplinary Workshop-Discipline your child with innovative and effectual disciplinary strategies.

2. Language Development Workshop-Help your child develop faster language learning skills with creative and fun ways.

3. IQ, EQ and SQ-Foster and build in a high Intelligence, Emotional and Social Quotient in your children.

4. Child empowerment workshop-Develop a resourceful, confident, independent and empowered child.

These workshops will be conducted on alternate days of the week, in order to help parents sit down and conduct their own research on the topic as well on their learning from the workshops. The four days for the workshop will be Monday 10th September 2012, Wednesday 12th September 2012, Friday 14th September 2012 and Sunday 16th September 2012.

The four workshops will be full day workshops beginning from 9a.m. And ending at 6p.m. Lunch and tea will be provided to the participants. The workshop will be a charged workshop, each participant will be charged a fee for attending it, with the added advantage of free lunch and tea times each day and the liberty to take away the material provided to them as part of workshop. The material would include written handbook on each topic for future reference and tool kits from the activities which will be conducted on the workshop. Each day would consist of a 30 minutes activity pertaining to the day's topic, in order to foster a deep understanding of the topics being discussed, thus helping parents to implement them in futures.

The trainers or professionals conducting these workshops would consist of a panel of professionals according to each day's topic. Child specialists, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, motivational speakers, professors/teachers and certified professionals in fields like personal management would be invited to give parents a thorough understanding of how they could develop their child's personality such that he/she grows up as a confident, independent, intellectual and successful individual.

Workshop 1: Child Disciplinary Workshop- Discipline your child with innovative and effectual disciplinary strategies

The first day would be all about how parents could discipline their child to act responsibly and properly in the society since his/her childhood. Since a child's mind is like dough, which could be molded in any shape, therefore, applying disciplinary strategies at this stage is crucial for a strong character development.

9:00a.m -- 10a.m: The day will begin with registrations as the parents who have bought passes for the workshop will be registered according to the list. A small booklet and a manual will be provided to participants. The manual will provide an outline of the program scheduled that day and the booklet will contain child disciplining strategies.

10a.m -- 11a.m: An opening ceremony will be conducted where the speakers for the day will be introduced. Parents will be asked to contribute their views about what they think today's workshop will be about and how according to them have they been successful in disciplining their child or lack in disciplining their child seeing the problems they face with their child's attitude.

11a.m -- 11:30a.m: Tea time

11:30a.m -- 12:30a.m: An introductory presentation on child psychology by a Child Psychologist will be given who will help parents understand how a child's mind works.

12:30a.m -- 2p.m: A movie screening will be conducted in which the movie will be a documentary film all about how a child could be disciplined, how his/her mind works and how things can go wrong in cases of parents showing a neglecting attitude towards their child. This will be a brief introduction to the 2-hour session solely dedicated to child disciplining.

2p.m -- 2:30p.m: Lunch time

2:30p.m -- 4:30p.m: Session on Child Disciplining strategies by a learned PhD professor in this field who will explain the key strategies stated in the booklet provided and how they could be implemented to achieve successful results.

4:30p.m -- 5p.m: Tea time

5p.m -- 5:45p.m: A half an hour activity will be conducted where all participants will be required to participate. The activity would depend on the speaker. If however the speaker wishes to leave the activity on us, we would propose a small activity where parents will be divided in groups. According to the number of groups, a series of situations will be prepared and each group will be provided a situation through a draw. The groups will be required to provide an appropriate solution to the situation and the way it should be implemented. This will help us test their learning from the session. The winner will be awarded a gift hamper.

Workshop 2: Language Development Workshop-Help your child develop faster language learning skills with creative and fun ways.

The main purpose of this workshop would be efficient and quick language development in an infant. This is very important since the development of a clear language and spoken abilities stems from this vital stage of life.

9a.m-10a.m: Registrations. Booklets related to language development and manual explaining today's program will be provided to parents.

10a.m-11a.m: Opening ceremony introducing the speakers for today. A feedback from parents will be taken on what the session will be all about and discuss problems that they might be facing pertaining to the linguistic development of their child.

11a.m-11:30a.m.: Tea time

11:30a.m-12:30p.m: An introductory presentation on the importance of proper language development for a child and the entire process of how an infant adopts his/her native language with a few facts that would help parents understand the entire process of language development of a child. The presentation will be conducted by a child specialist doctor.

12:30p.m-2p.m: A small comic play on language development to add a bit of fun for parents along with helping them learn how they could achieve appropriate levels of language development in their child. The play will be along the lines of Mind Your Language -- a famous English TV Show, highlighting how impropriety in language development could go wrong in building a child's character and personality.

2p.m-2:30p.m: Lunch time

2:30p.m-4:30p.m: A two hour session will be all about the strategies for efficient and appropriate language development and how it could be achieved quickly. The session will be conducted by a PhD Professor specializing in this field.

4:30p.m-5p.m: Tea time

5p.m-5:45p.m: Activity which again if the speaker would wish to conduct will depend on his discretion. Otherwise, another team building activity will be conducted, in which a couple of problems stemming from inappropriate language development, stated in the session before, will be listed down along with solutions and read twice in front of participants. The participants will then be required to list down as many problems along with solutions as they can in 10 minutes. The winning team with the most correct and the highest problems and solutions listed will be awarded a gift hamper.

Workshop 3: IQ, EQ and SQ-Foster and build in a high Intelligence, Emotional and Social Quotient in your children

This workshop would be all about the development of IQ, EQ and SQ in the young children. IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient) and SQ (Social Quotient) are three important requirements for a strong character individual. Therefore, the development of these three elements is crucial.

9a.m-10a.m: Registrations, manuals given to participants providing the event plan and a booklet on the effective development of IQ, EQ and SQ and the benefits that an individual reap with it.

10a.m-11a.m: Opening ceremony introducing the speakers of today and taking a feedback from parents on their understanding of what these three elements are, why these are important and according to them among these three elements, what is deficient in their child.

11a.m-11:30a.m: Tea time

11:30a.m-12:30p.m: Introductory presentation by a Psychologist on IQ, EQ and SQ and its benefits to an individual including the importance of its development in children and how it develops in an individual from childhood.

12:30p.m-2p.m: A research documentary made on the three elements and how it develops in an individual after which the psychologist takes a feedback from audience on what important elements were there highlighting the importance of IQ, EQ and SQ.

2p.m-2:30p.m: Lunch time

2:30p.m-4:30p.m: A session on IQ, EQ and SQ and the efficient ways of developing the three in a child for its…[continue]

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