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Measures should be developed at every level of the organisation as this will help in the measurement of performance at those levels. Again all services and teams will have action plans that they will have to meet which will make sure that the organisation reaches its goal. There has also got to be indicators for individuals as this will determine their performance for their teams and the organisation. (Measures of performance) the total service plan has to focus on the corporate and service objectives, highlight the important matters to the customers and staff, and the decision about the ultimate user of the information and their purpose for getting the information. (Key steps to effective performance measurement)

The measurement of the task done is against the information and there details that one has indicators for the objectives and also decides whether the task done will be meaningful and robust. The total group of measures that has to be used has to cover the objectives in the long and short-term, the achievements in both qualitative and quantitative measures as also in terms of strategic and optional goals of the organisation and finally has to reflect the views of the main stockholders of the organisation. The change has to be controlled with an appropriate number of indicators. But all indicators are likely to change over time and that depends on the accuracy and stability that they offer, their relevance to the users of the information collected and whether the performance indicators have led to improvements. (Key steps to effective performance measurement)

The ultimate test of the performance management system is that whether it is focussed on the aims of the organisation, and appropriate for the people who are expected to use the collected information. At the same time the system should be balanced enough to cover all aspects of the work done by the organisation, and also strong enough to withstand changes in the organisation due to people coming or going. This is a part of the business planning and management process and thus has to be integrated into the organisation. For the system to be used for a long time, it has to be cost effective as also relevant to the aims of the organisation. While the performance management is also performing performance appraisal, it should not be viewed in a manner so that it ends up increasing waste, and all activities of individuals should be in lines which are helpful to the organisation and also on the account of the person who does it. In itself the system should be well defined and well understood due to the need for collection of data consistently. (Performance measurement: A measure of success)

At the same time the collected data should be in a form that will permit the collected data to be used easily. The system should be accurate enough suitable for the proposed use but open to required changes at a later date. The collected data should remain a form that will help comparisons with past periods or programmes. The data should be built up with clear documentation and thus verifiable. While this is fine in theory, it may be difficult to build up systems which meet all these criteria and this requires a certain amount of flexibility. This means that the system can be started with only indicators that meet some of the requirements, and the balance decided when the system has been used for some time. (Performance measurement: A measure of success) There are organisations which have been working on this line since 2003 and those cases may be studied to have better ideas regarding the implementation of this concept. This will also clarify the improvement of performance through the use of this method. (PMMI interim findings)

In summation one can say that performance management can be viewed as a strategic approach in the management of business. The objectives of this system are to enhance organisational effectiveness and increase the value of the organisation through the increase of existing capabilities and development of new capacities. The system is mainly concerned with the development of capabilities at organisational level and individual level as also the development of individuals and working teams. The importance of the system is due to the fact that it deals with the general difficulties that the organisation faces in the changing environment, and in achieving that the business goes in the general direction that it is really trying to go. This will help the business to achieve its long-term aims. (Performance Management)

It is important to remember that performance management is not a function under the total control of the personnel management team, but will have to be taken care of by the general management and individual managers at all levels. Yet the personnel managers have an important role to play as they are the important factors for the development of managers and individuals to develop the process of performance management and the needed skills in those individuals. They also have to advise on the alignment of corporate, individual and team objectives in a manner the added values that are expected can be achieved. The system of personnel management is thus a help for the personnel and development specialists to get a real opportunity to be directly able to contribute in and develop the influence of corporate strategy to directly contribute to the improvement of the bottom line. (Performance Management)

The attitude that has been promoted by Sun Microsystems is that of building up trust and that can be expanded clearly by using performance management. It has been said by Cargill, director of standard at the company through saying "How do you manage communications? Management is about planning, organising, controlling and directing. The struggle is the degree of management." (Hats Off to Communicators a Great Success in Denver) This is even truer about the Web sites which prompt people to say that one should look for what one did not say but what one did not say. The most important point is how much of truth should a person divulge to others. According to Cargill that question is answered by the previous problem and the importance is in answering the questions quickly. The answers to the problems should be worked out before competition could even get around to asking the questions. This requires trust and that is not identical to truth. The basis of trust by people is on consistent behaviour. So far as Sun Microsystems is concerned, Trust has been an essential part of the organisation. When trust is a part of a relationship between two parties, it is like an act of faith among them. (Hats Off to Communicators a Great Success in Denver)

It is quite easy to destroy trust, but it is very difficult to rebuild trust when it is lost once. The use of technology according to him can be made to the advantage of the government communicator when the Web sites of organisations are made friendly to the user. This has to be combined with anticipated reaction to the statements of others about the organisation who's Web site it is. The importance is about issues where the organisation is involved. One has to remember that Internet is a visual medium that reacts instantly, and one can understand it if one behaves like a user - listening to what is required and at the same time differentiating between the wants and the needs. The beginning should be kept simple and clear and this is due to the fact that the user will not have attention on the screen for more than seven to ten seconds during which he expects the visual to come up. Then the site can be built up through various layers of information, and that will permit the user to go in as deep as the user wants. The important factor regarding communication is the creation of values, and this concept must be fully utilised in deciding of what is to be put on the Web. (Hats Off to Communicators a Great Success in Denver) This is the feeling of a director of the organisation, but has it reached all the people in the organisation who are working on preparation of Web sites for customers? That highlights the requirement for the development of performance management.

The results of the implementation of performances management now has to be studied and one of the interesting instances in performances of the local authorities, where it is being implemented from May 2003 and interim results are available now. The basics of performance management have already been described and are not so difficult to understand. Whereas the principles are simple, the difficulties are in implementation and one of the areas is the setting up of meaningful targets. Once the system is set up, it has to be seen that the system is working, and this requires the setting up of many inter-related elements which have to be developed later. In terms of literature…[continue]

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