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Program Rationale

The Degree Program Eligibility

I have selected the degree program that leads to a Bachelors of Science in the area of Food Service Management Business. Specifically, they are ..(Pl fill the names of the degree and the college applied here)

I have confirmed that I would be eligible to apply for the course based on the stringent requirements that the courses require. I submit that my choices of the courses are in accordance with the SUNY general education requirements as well as the area of study guidelines for Food Service Management. For this purpose I have researched not only the Empire State College guidelines, but also those of "" and "Kendall College." These colleges have identical requirements which I am sure I can fulfill as the candidate. I have credits that I can transfer, for example, I have been successful in transferring forty three credits from Pikes Peak Community College and Central Texas College in the areas of Computer Literacy, Basic Finite Math, Intro to PC Operating Sys: DOS, Word Processing I, Intro to Internet, Intro to Web Authoring, Intro to PS: Excel, Intermediate PC: Excel, Composition Style and Techniques, College Reading, Business and Professional Communication, U.S. History, American Government, U.S. History 2, Introduction to Spreadsheets, Composition. (Kendell, BA. In Business, with concentration in Food Service Management)

The courses that I have chosen are with the core requirements: Business Ethics, Consumer Behavior, Logistics of Food Service Management, Human Nutrition, Quantity Food Service, Food Safety, Restaurant Management, Organizational Behavior. These courses have thus the facility of providing me with an introductory and advanced level learning that can be expanded by my future experiences in a Food Service Management capacity. Therefore I can assure that technically I have competence to be considered. It is not only technical competence, but the zest to learn and the will that makes the better student and my motivations and ambition make me eager and a persevering student. That is because I have three specific objectives in making not only the degree but the fourteen years of experience as Army as a food service specialist count in my future career. This calls for a detailed explanation of my career hitherto and also an explanation of my greater motives in applying for this course.

2. About Me

I am aged forty two years, male and am a soldier of the United States. I was born in Korea and immigrated to the U.S. At the age eighteen and joined U.S. Army as a Food Service Specialist in my twenty eight-year. As of now I have served the Army for fourteen years. In the course of my career I have risen up in ranks to become a part of the food service management position. I however lack the formal education that can carry a duty soldier of the United States of Army, to the next level. I have an ambition of serving the Army and my country by contributing my skills and latent abilities in the management in my organization. Secondly I am fascinated with the hospitality industry and management such that I wish to take up employment in the industry. This goal is based on my desire to serve and accommodate with great passion, people from a variety of cultures and walks of life.

I have the oriental culture and background behind me with extensive travels to understand oriental and occidental cultures, people and requirements. I can be effective in any circles and the prospects of making my passion -- hospitality and especially food processing and delivery makes me keen on enhancing my qualification so that I can be useful to the Army as of now and also have a better prospect on leaving it. Though the degree promises a financial reward in future and is a motivating factor, I look forward to the independence and the possibility of being absorbed in a management where I can be useful with taking a proactive role in the processes that continue to grow commerce in this economy that is the reality of this new millennium. It is the dream of a soldier and I hope I will be accorded the facility to make it come true.

3. My experiences and ambition

I have rich experiences from my native state, and I have subsequently traveled through parts of Korea, and parts of Central America. I was always at home with people and was able to assimilate the different cultures especially the culinary habits. The experience gained in dealing with customers and vendors, from several countries in Korea, has made me more fascinated with the world I live in, compared to the one I lived in twenty years ago. It seems so much smaller and more accessible today and the knowledge of different cultures has convinced me of the similarities common to mankind. In future the word will become truly global and the world market of business will be a common ground for individual happiness and these must be reflected in the enterprises I start or join, or even in the current occupation.

There is therefore a need to make a disciplined study of those factors I learned by experience and I need to learn more on business management philosophies and practices; and an understanding of philosophies and methods of doing business with and in other countries; and an understanding of how cross cultural issues effect business decisions when dealing with customer, suppliers, and co-workers in other countries. These three objectives are essential to my goal to be prepared to work in a senior management capacity for an international company. One day I envision myself working for a truly global corporation in the hospitality industry and that is where the degree is sought to be used as the first stepping stone.

4. Why I think I must have the degree

The curriculum of the degree is in keeping with my experience and what I seek. I believe that the degree course will enhance my appreciation for the viewpoints of others and allow me to focus on what is mutually beneficial in building business relationships in any setting. Both the business related and the culture related studies will not only make me employable but also allow me to use my experience already gained in the industry to my advantage and also to the advantage of my employers. The degree will increase the effectiveness of the professional and personal dealings with people. I feel that I have chosen an educational program that provides me with the foundations I need to be successful in a food service management setting. Today there is a global demand for the standard of quality, cost, and service that are common to all businesses internationally. I am aware that the cross cultural issues effect business decisions when dealing with customer, suppliers, and co-workers in other countries. Using my extensive travel and culture specific knowledge if I am qualified and trained, I can be very useful to an international company in the industry. It is with this ambition that I seek to further my study.

5. Benefits I can bring to the market

Primarily the markets are in need of qualified personnel. They also require those with experience and the ability to solve industry specific problems. While the second requirement can be applied to me- seeing my experience for the past fourteen years as a food service specialist, is what I believe to be a path to fulfilling my goals -- both personally and professionally -- which involve seeing as much of the world as I can and managing a small part of its marketplace. The importance is in the qualification to match, for which I apply. Food Service Management Business is borderless and is global. Today there are many emerging new markets between borders that have been…[continue]

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