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Quality of Community Health Centers

Analysis Paper: Quality Community Health Centers

The health of every human being is always a priority to every governing authority that cares for its people. Governments establish health centers as well as health policies and event budget for health services to be provided to the people. Some of these health centers are of national level whereas others are community based. The community-based health centers, however, have their share of issues in the course of delivering services. This has led to compromising of the quality of the health centers and the services they offer.

The New York is considered to the begging point for the establishment of community-based health centers in the United States of America. Some of its health centers date back to the early civilization yeas. Hence as a result, these health centers have many challenges, and hence the quality of their services is not that good. However, being an industrialized state, it also has some new and well technologically advanced health centers (Catton, 2011).

The health provision faces issues such as inadequate funding from the central government for the local-based public hospitals. This leads to less medical facility supplies and inadequate staff to serve the vast population of the New York state. Also as a result of inadequate funds, the issue of inadequate health centers arises. This leads to overcrowding in some of the hospitals hence due to the inadequate staff, the quality of the health centers deteriorates (Catton, 2011). The price of the health care services is also quite high hence very much inaccessible and unaffordable for the rural communities of the state whose average income is too low. The membership of the health centers is also deteriorating especially because of issues relating to race and ethnic affiliations of the state. The minority communities find hard in accessing the services of the hospitals.

In view of these health issues that face the New York health state, the governance has taken measures and implemented policies that serve to change the impact of the quality of the health centers (James & Gerald, 2010). Some of the activities taken by the state include the setting up of the health education center to aid in educating the workers that are required to serve the underserved population from both the rural and urban centers. This way, the issue of insufficient health services providers is solved. Also, the state health centers and the community have formed their own association that they use to support health activism missions in pursuing quality health services to the people of the state. Moreover, this association also contributes by representing the pleas of the people and the state to the central government health committee so as to get enough support from the ministry (Catton, 2011). The state has also set centers for providing services to the children, the old and the underprivileged persons. This aims at improving the value of the health services which the centers give to the diverse population. The quality of health centers is thus improved since division and distribution of service provision processes is designated to specific departments reducing the overcrowding seen in the centers.

Another step taken by the state is that of establishing an office for the minority. This aims at bridging communication, and delivery of services to these minority communities (Catton, 2011). The health of the minor races and ethnics that are inhabitants of the state is taken care of. Practical approaches are used in this process of working to serve all community members equally and fairly by giving them quality health care services (James & Gerald, 2010). Grants and other financial support are also a chief boost…[continue]

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