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We can simply say that the discussion is an important element to get rid of this system.

In this entire teaching and learning process, teacher plays an important role in the positive growth of a student and for this purpose we not only do need a skill teacher but also need a responsible and cultural instructor. It is also considerable that the teachers should have the relevant curriculum and roadmap so that they can provide knowledge to their students in a right way.

Teacher is a main element who may give the success to both the five schools or the Black and Latinos male through their curriculum. They develop students through their own knowledge or experience and create "diamonds" for the country. But if we talk about the system of Black and Latino males or color boys we need the highly developed teachers who are not only skilled but also have cultural knowledge to provide them to prevent the inadequate system (a, D, & X., 2011).

For this purpose the administration department needs to find the teachers who have the curriculum of cultural relevant instructors. It should be observed that the teachers have the complete knowledge of the Black and Latino males' student and hold the ability to literate with every program so he or she can handle the system according to the culture (Garver & Noguera, 2013).

An experience teacher can make a student a challenger with some attention and care; the student can not only face the social, emotional and the academic challenges but also can challenge their careers and cultural differences. The student can manage their lives in positive and constructive ways by getting a curriculum teacher with relevant subjects (T, JE, & WJ, 2001).

Curriculum makes an important role for every student especially it affects Black and Latino males because a well academic teacher creates an academic student. If the color boys initially find an experience teacher who can make their lives in positive direction then they have no hurdles in their adult life. Also these teachers provide them the cultural importance and instruct them according to their culture (Bonczar & Beck, 1997).


We also discuss some technical element to improve the strategies of the Black and Latinos male with the educational research which is an important element of the schooling systems. For the better implementations the system uses the theory of TOC.

TOC is a theory who uses the change of social theories. The TOC is basically a theory which exposes the administrator such as the principle the team who create the programs of single-sex schools and the teachers. This theory also illustrates the different elements of the system in the Black and Latino males' school systems (Artiles, B. harry, & chinn, 2002).

Data collection is another element of this research and to understand it we can divide it into two parts. In the first part we calculate the data of a student from where he started school. In this system the school administrator gives some days to the student and observed him. During the observation period, they collect data of relevant student. In the second phase, they give these data to the research team members who observe students within few days and collect a data relevant to the teachers' administrator and the parents as well (Arbona & nora, 2007).

This data collection helps them to get the knowledge of their target student. This action focuses on the student personal life and give the satisfaction to the administrative department that the community from the student is satisfactory and it will not vulnerable for the school system (Alexander & Entwisle, 1988).

For the purpose of data collection of student, school needs to have the data analyses and for this purpose they analyze the role and need of the student, mission, challenges and the strategies which has been conducted by the teachers or the leaders. The administrator also analyses the data on the basis of data collection.


In above, we are discussing about the Black and Latino boys and their problems regarding their educational lives. We also discuss the vulnerability cause by the color boys. A large number of skilled teachers are available to prevent the system of Black and Latinos boys who provide them positive direction which impact on their social, emotional and academic development.

The Black and Latino boys are seen in a negative identity because of the ignorance from the parents, poor educational lack of self-confidence and negative thinking about the education. They also have lack of cultural environments. The theories or the strategies of social, emotional and academic structure helps them to come out from these lacks and develops a young man who can get the success and get rid of the system of color boys.


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