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At the same time, the pet shop influence should also be measured in terms of who takes the lead and who comes with the new play ideas.

3) the children will be placed in an environment where they can be exposed to elements from reality that can easily be taken into their dramatic play. One will favor elements to which children are susceptible at this age: puppets, dogs and pets in general, cartoons characters etc. Most likely, the best choice is something that will contain both a puppet theater (especially since puppets are inanimate objects) and a pet shop, due to the behavior of children with pets and the capacity to analyze how they will be integrating both the animals and the actual pet shop activity into their dramatic play.

4) the trips to the puppet theater and the pet shop will not be done during the same day. For best results, they should be separated by at least one week, which will allow the children to sediment their new discoveries and thus the observance of their integration of the new discovered elements into their socio dramatic play will be more relevant.

For a better observation, two groups will be created. Preferably, the groups will contain both boys and girls, although it would probably be very interesting to see how the socio dramatic play relationships develop also with the same sex groups (as a change, one could decide to have two unisex groups for one of the activities and two mixed sex groups for the other one). One should note that these groups should only be made once back at the kindergarten, encouraging this type of mixed socio dramatic play. The actual field activities will be made as a unitary group.

As mentioned, the kindergarten group will proceed to watch the puppet show and, a week after that, it will pay a visit at the pet shop. The teacher, as well as the person conducting the experiment, will be keen to encourage the children to draw the relevant conclusions (one can read here the relevant characters or elements from reality) from their experiences. Questions such as "who do you think puppet X could be in your game" or "would you link to play pet shop in you own kindergarten class" are the types of questions that will become incentives for the children to use in their socio dramatic game plays.

As mentioned, data will be collected through direct observation. In line with both the objectives of the study and the hypothesis made, we will aim to see how the characters from the puppet theatre are included in the socio dramatic play. We will also analyze, statistically, which child seems to be assuming the leadership role more often in the socio dramatic play, depending on the different scenarios and characters used in their play and potentially draw a reasonable conclusion as to the relationship between the integration of some of the elements from reality and the assumption of a leadership vs. A follower position by the children.

5) it is difficult to point out to a statistical test to be used, given that a large part of the study is actually based on direct observation and qualitative rather than quantitative measuring. However, statistical elements such as the mean, median and/or standard deviation can be recorded to note the behavior of the children in the different situations implied by the assimilation of one of the elements/characters from reality. This will help draw relevant conclusions as to how leadership characteristics can be translated into numerical or statistical interpretations. Other more complicated statistical analysis will probably not be necessary at this stage of the study.


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