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Although some employers swear by personality or cognitive tests (Taylor 1998) Google places less emphasis on data-driven metrics (including GPA and transcripts) and instead attempts to determine if the candidate is 'Googly' -- i.e., a good fit for the company. Finally, before they speak with candidates, interviewers themselves should be briefed so they can present a positive and welcoming view of the firm in terms of their demeanor and attitude towards candidates. Each representative of the firm is a "potential ambassador" to new recruits (Yamamura, Birk, & Cossitt 2010:59). Interviewing is itself part of the 'recruitment process'

As well as possessing the technical capabilities and intelligence to fulfill the needed requirements, attributes such as demonstrated conscientiousness and emotional stability must also be assessed. Making a commitment to hire a candidate demands a tremendous effort of both time and money for an organization and should not be undertaken lightly. Effective screening "separates applicants who are more likely to perform successfully from those who are less likely to perform successfully" (Selection methods, n.d., the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology,). One of the most innovative companies in terms of its rigorous attempts to find employees with the right company 'attitude' is the internet shoe vendor Zappos. The Zappos philosophy is that the work-life dichotomy is a false one: "in the interviews, a candidate would have to pass a normal interview (that is, their skills, experience, competency for the job, etc.), and they also would need to be a person that [company founder] Hsieh would like to know personally….'Is this someone I would choose to hang out with or grab a drink with….if we weren't in business together? If the answer is no, then we wouldn't hire them. There are companies that focus on work-life separation or work-life balance and at Zappos we really focus on work-life integration and at the end of the day it's just life" (Tony Hsieh, Zappos, and the art of great company culture, 2013, KISS metrics). While an engineering firm may have a different ethos than Zappos, it is no less critical that the employees' attitudes are commensurate with the mission and goals with the firm.

A final component of the recruitment process is a technical one: employees' references must be checked and validated and all employees must pass through an extensive background check. The employees' ability to speak Spanish fluently may need to be tested through an exam or validation of other credentials, while their academic and vocational proficiencies will be screened as well.

Once the right people are found and oriented, the process of creating an effective work team has begun. "Leaders need to take an active role in assuring that new team members -- be they from outside the organization or promoted or transferred from within -- get off to a strong start" (Byham n.d.). New candidates, even after official orientation, will continue to be 'oriented' as they are integrated into the new project, and the new team slowly gels. Having a clearly established mission, schedule, and project directives for the team will be extremely helpful to ensure the goals for the new venture is achieved. This will create cohesiveness amongst employees and ensure that they work well as a unit.


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