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Strategic Plan

Individual Strategic Plan

This analysis focuses on the internal and external strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and trends that face Berry's Bug Blasters as the company seeks to thrive in a difficult marketplace. The internal analysis targets the how the company operates and how it can be competitive due to the structure of the company itself. The external examination focuses more on the competition that the company will see in the marketplace and how the company is equipped to deal with it.

Legal and Regulatory

The industry has had to endure a stronger regulations in the past couple of decades due to the potential danger that can come from the chemicals used to combat pests. Berry's Bug Blasters is strong in this area because they have made a commitment to only use products that have been certified as "green" by the industry which will keep them within federal guidelines. However, since the trend is toward greater environmental responsibility, it may be difficult to turn a profit while staying ahead of federal and state guidelines. The opportunity for the company is to determine new procedures that help them stay ahead of the competition, but the threat to the company is that others will be seeking the same proprietary innovations.


The marketplace is worldwide and affords Berry's Bug Blasters the opportunity to work with pest control professionals from around the world to ensure that they have the best eradication processes. However, competition in the world and local markets is difficult because name recognition is a key to realizing new business. The company can turn this potential weakness into an opportunity by maintaining that they are strictly a green company from the start.


Any startup company is subject to weak a weak financial structure unless they have potential finances secured for at least five years of business. The world economy remains sluggish and it will be difficult for customers to afford pest control services and for a new company to survive in a competitive market. However, Barry's Bug Blasters has an opportunity to use its strength, a commitment to green products and processes, to grow its customers base.


New technologies are coming available constantly, and Berry's will employ the latest pest control devices to do its job better. The available technology may be expensive, but ensuring that this is a healthy alternative to former methods of pest control will drive customers to Berry's. One weakness in this plan could be that the company that uses technology that is too expensive and they cannot overcome the financial margins required to make themselves profitable.


Most of the green "innovations" used in pest control are in developing more humane methods for dispatching pests. By using catch-and-release style traps, Berry's can demonstrate how they can safely eliminate large pest problems, and they can also use the expertise of their team to further innovate new methods of eliminating smaller pests. Unfortunately, many of the new methods of pest control are proprietary until patents run out, so the company will have to make sure that any new innovations are beyond copy right infringement laws.


One of the greatest trends for any company, and a great opportunity for developing new business, is social media. A potential strength for the company is the development of social media outlets. The possible threat here is if the company does not perform jobs well and is subject to poor reports on social media which could undermine the business also.


The key to Berry's Bug Blasters business model is that the company will use environmentally safe products and processes. The trend across the business world is to ensure that every process is environmentally friendly and that it can be demonstrated as such. The weakness that the company faces is that environmental compliance can be costly financially. There is the possibility that processes or products once determined to be environmentally friendly can later be determined to be harmful.

Competitive Analysis

There are many pest control companies that customers can choose from which means that Berry's will potentially be facing a difficult marketplace. However,, any local companies have not yet made the commitment to environmentally friendly methods of pest control, so Berry's has the opportunity to move into that niche. The threat is that new pest control companies can move into this niche, and more established providers have a greater amount of capital to make changes that will mark them as green.



The company has a goal to be an innovator within the industry, and to maintain an ethical and compliant workplace. Companies across the United States have been striving to improve both customer and employee relations by committing to an initiatives that will promote equal opportunity workplaces where all workers are heard and encouraged to bring their best to the job (Dawkins, 2007). The threat is that company managers will depart from the values expressed by the founders of the company into something that they consider more fiscally expedient.


Berry's Bug Blasters will maintain a workplace that is safe for both employees and customers. This requires that the company's managers listen to line employees regarding the products they use and to customers about the service that they provide. Poorly translating this information to management from any source could result in lost customers and/or employees, or fines if it results in a dangerous situation. If the company departs from the structures originally set in place, competitors will find it easier to take over market share that once belonged to Berry's Bug Blasters.

Processes and Systems

A feedback system is in place by which employees and customers can talk to managers regarding both complaints and compliments. This system allows managers to tweak the system constantly and make the company better from within. Communication is a key to good business and must be maintained on all levels. A breakdown in communication could potentially result in lost revenue over the short-term and bankruptcy over the long-term.


Berry's Bug Blasters has recognized that there are many organizations that are willing to help small businesses begin with financial and other tangible resources. The company will take advantage of the environmental knowledge available to them, and use any resources that continue to come available whether in the realms of pest control innovation or financial services. The threat is not continuously searching for new resources that are available and can help a new business survive in the current marketplace.


The stated goal of the company is to use environmentally safe products and processes to assist customers in the elimination of pests. This goal can be further refined to include new trends required by customers and state/federal guidelines as they come available. The danger of losing touch with this goal is that the company could face stiff fines if they are not environmentally compliant, and they could lose customers if the products and processes are unsuccessful in eradicating pests.

Strategic Capabilities

The management of Berry's Bug Blasters is a group of seasoned pest control professionals who saw an industry niche that could be exploited for the good of the environment. This trend within the industry gave way to the largest strength and opportunity for the company. However, many of the technologies that have worked in the past are unavailable using this paradigm, so the company will have to make sure that the processes they use will be able to effectively complete the job. Other companies with better strategies for pest control management could easily eat market share if Berry's proves unsuccessful.


The culture of any business is determined by all of the individuals within the company (Stelter, 2010). The values of the company will set a culture that is respectful to both the people who work for Berry's Bug Blasters and the…[continue]

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