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This has also helped them recognize and demystify the problems that learners face in terms of unfamiliar contexts and how to tackle such challenges. Through these new acquired skills, learning environment for most students has become favourable because they exploit learning skills from other institutions, other than the skills they know (Institute of International Education, 2009).

These new methods have triggered a variety of response from students, which has enhanced the introduction of new learning skills and approaches for local learning institutions. American Universities are encouraging students to further their studies by offering these online learning programmes in every profession. The universities also have favourable programmes to the working class individuals who only get to learn part time. The students transition project is made possible by the data linked from a person's information regarding their education background. The data is assigned to every student who is entering the transition learning programme. This way, all records are stored safely and can be accessed from any place (Adams, 2012).

These strict procedures have to be followed to ensure individual privacy is protected, and also genuine performance from all students. This information has helped the administrators and course instructors to give student awards according to their abilities and achievements. This way, the administrators, course instructors, and lecturers are able to manage and plan programmes in their institutions to ensure effectivity in the higher education system (Adams, 2012). From the interview I conducted with a student who takes the transitional learning programme online, it is evident that transitional graduate students are equally achieving success like other students.

Interview with Mrs. Sarah, a PhD student at Harvard University

Me: Why choose online learning?

Mrs. Sarah: I had a good job offer, and I wanted to further my studies and be with my family too. Harvard was offering part time online classes that seemed favourable to me in terms of when I leave work.

Me: How effective is it in achieving your goals?

Mrs. Sarah: It is effective because I have access to all the materials I need online. The lecturers are very strict in managing their time, so I try to make it on time for the lesson. We have class discussions weekly, and whenever I need to speak to my lecturer I can just log in to the class web page. He is always online.

Me: How do you access the materials for your research activities?

Mrs. Sarah: As a registered student, I have a code that I use to access any material in the University online. Most times I prefer to do my research from other institutions. It helps me gather more information that I can use outside the class. It is easier I can access information from many sources so as to compare, analyse, and summarize the research outcome. Whenever I am busy with work and family, I outsource my research, but I prefer to do my research on my own because only then do I get explore the many options I have in learning.


In conclusion, transitional graduate students have experienced learning challenges because of the learning cultures from other institutions. While it has challenges, this programme enhances greater responsibility in students, for the constitution and direction of studying progress; making participation in collaborative learning environment easy. This learning programme is also acceptable to many people because materials and resources are accessed easily at all times. Advanced technology has supported this programme in terms of ensuring success in performance of students and lecturers. Through technology students have network building activities such as online class discussions and learning forums. Despite this, transitional learning still remains a preferred way of furthering studies in America for most postgraduate students because they get to learn new approaches and skills.


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Waters, J.…[continue]

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