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All of the streets in Belmar begin at the Ocean and ends at Shark River. The open trolley cars in summer ran the streets with people hanging from the cars clustered like grapes.

VI. The Train Station in Belmar

The train station in Belmar was the hub of the entire world one believes after having fully researched the history of Belmar's square mile and the surrounding area on the Jersey Coast. Although the railways of New Jersey may not have survived for long in the humanity packed area that comprises New Jersey and the adjacent New York area the "complex social foci" Roper (1978) contained in the element of the railway station is one worth giving consideration to. During the 1920's the average individuals abandoned use of the railway for intercity transportation and this was after dependency on the railways for service for more than 75 years. Pictured below is an artist's rendition on linen of the "new" 1924 railway station in Belmar.

The above picture of the railroad station in Belmar is a representation of the new" 10th Avenue pavilion in Belmar, New Jersey which was pictured on linen from 1940.

Belmar Shark River Inlet Bridge SEQ Belmar_Shark_River_Inlet_Bridge * ARABIC 1

The railroad station in the Borough of Belmar is presently located adjacent to the Shark River Bridge.

Recent picture of the Belmar Train Station

The following description is given on the website located at http://www.thortrains.netJersey/RR/belmar1.html:

Belmar is an old Pennsy-type station which currently houses businesses. It is one of the busier stops along the shore. Belmar is a favorite vacation community during the summer, offering fine beaches, a marina and excellent amenities. Because of its proximity to Route 35, Route 70 and U.S. 195, it is also favored by commuters.

The station itself has two platforms. Be sure you're on the right platform, because once the train is coming in there is NO way to get to the other one. In fact, when trains stop they must block the intersection. You can easily see trains approach from either direction. Just north of the station is the Shark River, crossed by three roads (Route 35, Main Street - Route 71, Ocean Avenue) and the railroad's bascule bridge. How and when bridges open is a simple formula: first trains, then boats, then cars. For convenience, however, the bascule bridge is usually open except when a train is scheduled. Car bridges generally open hourly during slow hours, and on the half hour during the busy season."

The station is the site of the Belmar open-air Farmers Market as well as being a central site to the yearly seafood festival in Belmar. Pictured below is a recent illustration of the railway station in Belmar.

Above picture taken at present day Farmers Market which is held weekly at the present site of Belmar Train Station taken from the Farmers Market Homepage Online

Pictured above is the railway station area during a grant announcement

Belmar 11th Avenue View 1930's

Summary and Conclusion:

The Borough of Belmar and the surrounding and outlying areas are rich with history in the areas of science, military, government, social history and architectural history as well. It is the opinion of this researcher that due to the small area of land that composes the Borough of Belmar, the age of the building which constitute the Belmar Railway Station, the location of the station, the going price of real estate in the area of Belmar on the Jersey Coast as well as the immeasurable historical value of the station that any expenditures toward the preservation of the architectural structure of the station which is nearly 100 years of age is a sound investment and should be strongly considered as a place of designation for historic structure grants.


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History of the Railroad Station of Belmar, New Jersey[continue]

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