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Wal Mart Gender Discrimination Lawsuits

Wal-Mart Gender Discrimination Lawsuits

Wal-Mart Expanded into Florida in 1962. Now, there are exactly 191 stores all over the state. They are also planning to open 10 new, mostly smaller locations in South Florida by the end of 2013. One of the best performing stores in the state of Florida is in Winter Springs, Florida. Walmart's Board of Directors member Jim Cash lives in Sarasota. Also, members in Wal-Mart make up only 1% in Florida. When it came to politics, Walmart has shelled out at the state level in Florida legislation. In the middle of 2003 and 2010, the company spent over a million dollars in state elections. However, Seventy-eight percent of it went to Republicans. When it comes to impacts on the store operation, because of the large population of Spanish speaking people, there are Latino Wal-Marts set up in order to cater to that cultural population in Florida. When it comes to gender, women make up two-thirds of Walmart's estimated 1 million-employee workforce, less than 15% of store managers are women.

When it comes to gender discrimination, Florida has quite a bit of lawsuits in regards to Wal-Mart. For instance, the Zenovdia (Zee) Love v. Wal -Mart case. Zenovdia Love was a Wal-Mart worker with over 15 years under her belt. Throughout her experience there, Love discovered that Wal-Mart had what many would call a "glass ceiling," which stopped women from going further in their the position of Assistant Manager. In all her years with the company, Zenovdia knew of just one woman who became a Manager, and she was downgraded after 2 years. She also discovered that Women were always allocated to soft lines (health/beauty, cashier, etc.) and those that were males always had positions that were high in pay the High such as electronics, auto and sporting goods (Barkhurst, 2012).

In 2003, she made a final effort to be endorsed to a Co-Manager position. She had a conference with her District Manager where she clarified that she had a proposal for outside engagement, but would stay if there were a chance for her to be a Co-manager. The District Manager made the point, "The only thing I can do is place you at a different store as an Assistant Manager." After 15 years of management training and experience, Love understood that she would never be able to advance beyond her current station at Wal-Mart.

When it comes to Palm Beach County Plaintiff, Christina Going, the Palm Beach County plaintiff, made the decision to quit her job at Wal-Mart after four years for the reason that she was passed over for advancement a lot of different occasions in favor of less experience male submissions. She likewise observed she was making less than men with less experience, and her manager told her it was for the reason that, "Single mothers like you don't deserve to make as much, you should be in a two income home." There was also evidence in her case shows that female employees of Wal-Mart retail stores, not including Pharmacologists and Managers at Store Manager Level and above, were deprived of equal chances for equal pay and promotion (Wal-Mart Women Plaintiffs File Class Action Lawsuit in Florida Federal Court, 2012). The class action makes the allegation that Wal-Mart fosters a work environment that vigorously distinguishes against women and management was not successful in taking action to stop gender differences.

Broward County Plaintiff, Daven Miller who was a Broward County resident was also an employee at Wal Mart ever since 2007. She made the point that she was paid less than her male counterparts regardless of her seniority to them in the company. She went on to mention things such as hearing from a male manager that women could not be supervisors for the reason that they "were married & #8230; and had children" and "their tasks were to just stay at home and bring up their children, and not being worried about being promoted at Wal-Mart." Miller claims that she was overlooked several times just as other women have mentioned in their situation.

Sarasota Plaintiff Susan Midolo was a Sarasota resident who was originally deprived of the chance to work in the automotive section in spite of her experience as a mechanic. Midolo was later permitted once she established her ability to bench press 250 lbs (Musgrave, 2014). However, before all of this even took place, she was humiliated. She was demeaned because she was actually told she…[continue]

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