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Admission To Fine Arts Career Essay

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Why an NYIT Fine Arts Education

NYIT Fine Arts is a hallmark in the industry in terms of quality programs and faculty excellence. I would like to be able to draw from the knowledge that the NYIT Fine Arts' faculty artists can impart, especially since the faculty complement is recognized as the best in the industry. The same can be said for NYIT's technical facilities, which serve as benchmarks for other institutions. I know that what I have is limited and an NYIT education will definitely fill the gaps in my talents and capabilities.

NYIT's goal is directly supportive of my purpose in life. I believe NYIT Fine Arts can, and definitely will, not only "make me as good as I can be" but also "turn me into the best that I can be." I believe that NYIT Fine Arts' creative and competitive environment will make me achieve this end result. This type of academic environment will allow me to further develop my potential and, in the process, drive me to create works I could call my own. This has a very deep impact on what I would want to accomplish: create something I could call my own and be proud of and, at the same time, serve as fuel for my entrepreneurial goal.

This NYIT environment, which nurtures creativity while utilizing emerging technologies, is ideal for me because I am constantly in pursuit of learning new things. How NYIT integrates theory, technology, and practice, I believe, is the approach that I need to complement the technical background I've already acquired in my undergraduate studies.

I've always felt that I could accomplish more if I were given the right chance and if the right opportunity presented itself. My application for inclusion in the Master of Fine Arts program is the opportunity I was waiting for. I know that I am taking a very big chance. I am very sure that today is the right day. I believe that I could do so much more.… [Read More]

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Admission To Msn Education Program Essay

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Admission Letter to Wright State University

Thank you in advance for your consideration of my essay for admission. I am grateful for this opportunity and I look forward to becoming a worthy participant in your Master of Science in Nursing program.

Presently I am proud of the fact that in May, 2012, I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Ohio State University. Moreover, I am full of pride and sincerely humbled by my new assignment to teach as an adjunct clinical instructor at Rhodes College in Memphis, beginning in January, 2012. I am fully familiar with Rhodes College because I served as a preceptor for final quarter and semester students beginning in May 2009 -- and I will continue in that position through December 2012.

These opportunities have come my way because of my life-long commitment to excellence and thoroughness in everything I have done.

Indeed, in my adult life I have consistently zeroed in on one salient goal -- to achieve the credentials and experience needed for a meaningful career in education at a high level. In part I have already achieved this goal because I have served as an educator at Lima Memorial Hospital and found that service to be stimulating and exciting in many contexts.

The teaching process has always been as much a learning process for me as it has been a rewarding pedagogic experience. I can honestly say the joy I received in my Lima Hospital teaching experience was more about inspiring students to raise the bar on their career goals -- while at the same time bringing new energy and ideas into the healthcare field -- as it was about getting a paycheck.

Becoming a valuable component in the nursing education field was my original motivating factor. And now that I have actually had an opportunity to become an important source…… [Read More]

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Admission For Doctor Of Naturopathic Essay

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I am convinced that though the development of critical skills and expertise in the field of Naturopathy is critical and remains my primary goal for joining your institution, I can only be able to transform what I will learn into societal benefits through enhanced interpersonal relations with a diverse clientele.

If considered for admission for Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Program, I plan to work hard and diligently so as to achieve my goals while making relevant contributions towards the advancement of the institution's mission. To tell you a little about myself, I am a self-motivated individual with a keen interest in understanding the workings of the human body. I am also outgoing and based on comments from those who know me, I also happen to be a generous and kindhearted person who abhors any kind of human suffering. I believe that my personality, key interests and personal mission fit the scope, requirements and particulars of my career choice. My personal mission remains making my contribution (no mater how small it seems) towards making the world a better place through promoting the right of every individual to live a disease free life. I am of the opinion that should individuals live healthy lifestyles through adjusting their diets, exercising regularly amongst other things; their ability to combat diseases would be greatly enhanced. My mother knew of this concept and she tested it on us numerous times with positive results.

If considered for admission for Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Program at your institution, I will use the skills and knowledge gained to make a contribution towards the alleviation of unnecessary human suffering through the promotion of health principles aimed at making the world a disease free planet. In my opinion, reconciling both naturalistic and modern medical approaches will be a critical step towards health restoration.

Thank you for your consideration.… [Read More]

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Admission Letter Management Personal Statement I Appreciate Essay

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Admission Letter Management

Personal Statement

I appreciate this chance to let you know a little bit about myself, my career aspirations, my educational plan, and what admission Regent's College would mean to me. For as long as I can remember I wanted to study business management. My family has a long history of entrepreneurship. My father is in the fashion industry and owns Harvey Nichols, Mothercare, Laura Ashley and Brandrom stores in Turkey. My career goal is to become an integral part of the family business and continue in my father's footsteps. To accomplish this I plan to spend the next four years studying business management.

While in high school my interest in the family business led me to work closely with my father in order to learn as much as possible. I spent many hours learning the intricacies of the fashion industry and began the process of gaining the knowledge and skills necessary in order to achieve success in business. I believe a bachelor's degree in management will help to solidify the foundation in business management practices I need to enhance my skills and make me a business professional.…… [Read More]

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Admission Letter Babson College Have Essay

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This passion of mine showed up early; my mother still tells the story of how at four years old I managed to take the back off of a portable radio. I did not tear apart the insides, but sat there studying them for a very long time before slowly beginning to pull the individual pieces out. I was not able at the time, of course, to understand what was happening inside the radio, but my quest to figure everything out had begun.

My passion for thinking continued to lead me into many interesting observations and discoveries, and my favorite pursuits have always been those that have practical applications in the real world. During my brief stint as a paperboy, I spent two hours my first day riding my bike around my route and deciding on the most efficient way to deliver the papers. It only took me half an hour to actually deliver them, and the difference among the various routes I considered was admittedly negligible. Still, I did not consider the time I spent mapping my route wasted -- it was the aspect of my job that I enjoyed the most.

Babson College has an excellent reputation for turning out its graduates well equipped for the world of business. Its leading ranking among school for entrepreneurship means, to my mind, that it prepares its students not only with the necessary knowledge for success in the business world, but also that it fosters the independent thinking and innovation that is necessary for starting and running a business. For these reasons, I believe that my passions are uniquely matched to the learning environment at Babson College. Not only will your school be of great benefit to me in achieving my goals in my life and career, but I believe that I will be an asset to the school as well. My passion unleashed in the real world can only reflect positively on Basbson College in the future.… [Read More]

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Admission For Environmental Science Program Essay

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On the successful completion of the programme, I will also be well prepared to undertake careers in other areas including consulting, education, planning and design as well as green business. In the long run, I seek to be a recognized figure on the international front on issues relating to environmental sustainability. To be an environmental leader of the future, I will need proficiency across disciplines concerning themselves with both environmental and ecological sustainability in addition to having a bias on management skills and analytical techniques. An MSc in Environmental Management will be a timely step towards this end. It is important to note that the environmental management arena is fast changing based on the growing complexity of the highly dynamic modern world. By undertaking an MSc in Environmental Management, I will be able to play a critical role in the enhancement of the quality of the environment in which human beings live.

At a professional level, the programme will equip me with the necessary skills so that I can appreciate the relevance of a number of environmental management issues including but not limited to the need for environmental legislation as well as control of pollution. The programme will also sharpen my skills when it comes to impact assessment associated in one way or the other with a wide range of organizational functions. Further, on completion of the programme, and most particularly some key modules, I will be better placed to apply for membership in a number of professional global bodies including but not limited to the Institution of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). As a member of IEMA, I will in addition to attending special workshops also gain access to a number of events at both the national and regional front. This will be of great benefit to my career.… [Read More]

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Admission To Law School Essay

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Admission Law School

EDUCATION: the University of Miami, BA communications major with a minor in psychology and sociology (year)



When I was just eight years old, I fell in love with law after watching the hit American TV show Matlock. That was the year my mother signed me up to play the violin and I hated. I can still remember putting my hand on that brass instrument wanting to gag myself with a silver spoon. I say all of that because this is how bad I hated practicing with it because all I wanted to do was watch law television shows. As I grew up, so did my desire to want to become lawyer. Even though I had a father that was a successful cardiologist with a practice in New York, one older sibling, a sister currently in medical school (dermatology), I still was determined to become that future attorney and did not care about anything else.

Fast forward, years later, I graduate from high school and that dream to become a lawyer kind of went sour somehow. Somewhere along the line I had lost that passion. I began looking for a career that would appeal to me. For my first two years of university, I searched for a calling, a class that would change my life and direct my studies. I enrolled in a wide variety of courses in a wide variety of departments. I learned about cubic functions and cubism (calculus and art history), similes and syllogisms (English and logic), brain structure and post-structuralism (psychology and politics) and much more.

However, there was something that was missing. I went home one Tuesday afternoon turned on the television and there it was my favorite television show Matlock, right in front of me. My life changed in about five minutes and the passion came flowing back. Now, those classes mentioned earlier really did teach me a lot about the world but the most valuable things…… [Read More]

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Admission Letter To Pursue Economics Essay

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Appeal Letter for Admission to UC Department of Economics

Following the successful completion of my last semester of my schooling in spring, I am writing to apply for a vacancy in UC to further my studies in Economics. Initially, I had applied for a vacancy in UC department of economic although I did not qualify. My academic performance during the time for application was lower than the required qualification in the institution. However, after the academic removal and the completion of the TAG program, there was a significant change in my performance from 3.08 to 3.39. Additionally, the results from my final semester during spring were impressive because I manage to score GPA of 4.0. For this reason, am writing to request a review of my current academic status because I feel I have satisfactorily met the qualification. I am 22 years old and a citizen of Switzerland yet I feel satisfied to do all my studies in California.

My desire to know more about the economics begun after I completed the GE with some economics from CC. The compulsion within me and the experience in economics are the two forces pushing me towards furthering my studies in economics. I have been to UC, and I found the nature of the environment to be supportive of my studies. It is clear from a distance and within the institution that the environment of UC is peaceful and thus can support research and in-depth concentration. After reading about the existing unity and habit of handwork in the department of UC, I felt the compulsion to give my contribution as well. Despite my exposure to the many institutions around the globe, California remains one of my best choices to further my studies.

Initially, I had applied for the vacancy but…… [Read More]

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Admission Into Graduate School Personal Statement Essay

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Personal Statement: Admission Into Graduate School

With a lifelong passion for community services, I spent the better part of my two years in America looking out, and just being there for the weak and the underserved in the community -- people who, even when there seems to be no hope, no future in the offing, would still struggle to beat their ultimate limit and achieve their prescribed objectives. As a volunteer in the American Cancer Society and the Relay for Life program, I rubbed shoulders with struggling cancer patients, who had to go through chemo, hair loss, and all the pain, but who, despite the odds, would still be thankful for each day and stay determined to face the next in the face of so much uncertainty. This perseverance and determination to challenge their ultimate limits fascinated me and I realized that all that is needed to be able to take full advantage of the opportunities life presents is a positive mindset. At this point, I'd rightly argue that a positive mindset and the determination to have a more promising tomorrow have been the driving factors behind my academic success this far. Every success I have achieved has come through persistence and strong willpower, and I strongly believe that even though I am not the smartest in the current list of interested applicants, these two elements definitely set me apart from the rest. I feel that the journey to academic success and professionalism is long, and my current application for the MSF program in a world-class university is a logical step in my quest to pursue my wildest dreams.

I chose XXX University for this program because of its comprehensive curriculum, particularly the IME and CIRM applied learning programs, which I learnt about when conducting my final year research on the topic of financial risk management. These programs not only reinforce the knowledge that I gained in the course of my research,…… [Read More]