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Describe the career that you would like to pursue after earning a graduate degree?


Describe the career that you would like to pursue after earning a graduate degree. Address issues such as whether you are entering the business world for the first time, changing fields, or advancing in a field or organization where you expect to remain. Why have you chosen this particular career?


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This prompt appears to be related to a graduate school admission essay and should, ideally, draw upon your personal experience.  It is difficult to advise you about what to write, because we simply do not have the information from you to answer those questions.  Are you going to be in the same field?  Are you entering the business world for the first time?  What has led you to choose this particular career?  Graduate school admission essays are a little different from college admission essays, because they are a little easier for admissions offices to fact-check.  

Generally, you should work with a CV or resume to help craft a personalized response to their questions.  What you want to show an admissions committee is that you have the ability to take your past experiences, learn from them, and synthesize them to create something meaningful for the field you wish to study.  For a master’s program, you can simply show a desire to continue more study, but if you are looking for a position in a PhD program, you have to be able to show how you can be innovative.

A helpful way to look at admissions essays is to consider the path-goal theory of leadership.  How has the path that you have been on led you to the point you are at, currently, and how would pursuing this graduate degree help you alter that path in the best way to achieve your stated goals?

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