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Why Do You Think it Essay

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There are also
those nations so hungry for economic growth that they embrace any type of
commerce activity, and this has been the case in China for example, which
does not police against spamming. The U.S. government on the other hand
has been aggressive about prosecuting spammers and sending them to prison.
You are a fairly small company:
a) Should you use a firewall?
Yes, most definitely, as any hacker could get to your company's record,
even spoof your e-mail addresses and send SPAM or other e-mails using your
company's identity.
b) Should you use antivirus systems?
Yes, as any small business will have spent a large percentage of their
total budgets on PCs and laptops, and a virus could make these assets
inoperable fast. Anti-virus will save e-mail systems, the company network,
and ultimately hundreds of hours of lost time.
c) Should you use and intrusion-detection system?
Yes and many firewalls now include this feature specifically to track and
block anyone who tries unsuccessfully to break into a company network via a
website, FTP link, or any other approach to gaining access to a company's
systems.… [Read More]

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Organization's Lobbyist What Would You Like to Essay

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organization's lobbyist, what would you like to see done by the Federal government that would be of help to your organization? This could be what the government could do or what they could stop doing. It can be all fiscal, all monetary, or a mix of each type of policy. As a lobbyist it is not your job to be concerned with the deficit, or the environment, or the general health of the financial system (unless, of course, you are lobbying for an environmental, financial, or deficit reduction group). Your answer to this question can give an interesting perspective as to how lobbying can distort economic policy and decisions

As a lobbyist for Nike Inc., the focus would fall on the elimination, or at least reduction, of the quotas imposed on imports. Nike Inc. collaborates with partners across the globe and provides employment opportunities for the people in less economically advantaged regions.

From a business perspective, the organization has outsourced all of its manufacturing processes, only conducting in the United States the management, marketing and design operations. This strategic measure has allowed the company to drastically reduce costs and as such increase its profitability levels.

Still, it has also materialized in drastic criticism from parties accusing the company of stealing the jobs away from the Americans. Additionally, Nike has also been accused on running sweatshops in the third world countries (Carroll and Buchholtz, 2011). In other words, the organization was accused of asking the employees in its foreign plants to work long hours, in difficult and sometimes even unsanitary conditions, and paying them minimum wage. The organizational counter agued that it did offer its employees fair wages and it created employment opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable within the respective regions.

The moral dimension of Nike's outsourcing efforts is not however to be further debated here, but what is of importance now is the fact that upon reentering the United States, the company is forced to pay tariffs on its goods. This further increases the retail price of the sports shoes and apparel. In such a setting then, the lobbying would be centered on the elimination of these quotas in order to make the…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
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Mandia, S.A., Global warming: man or myth? http://www2.sunysuffolk.edu/mandias/global_warming/global_warming_denial_machine.html last accessed on February 15, 2012
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It Risk Management -- Cyber Essay

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The organizations are usually run by a core group, which divides the different responsibilities of an operation (e.g. spamming, web design, data collection) among the members. The members run their own outer networks to fulfill those responsibilities -- rarely even having contact with each other online. The decentralized structure of the internet, as well as the high levels of anonymity it provides makes it difficult for law enforcement agencies to locate cybercriminal groups. A group could have networks in a myriad of different countries, whilst using servers based in numerous different countries and jurisdictions. Furthermore, many national jurisdictions lack the legislative framework required to properly prosecute online crime." (Collins, 2012)

These insights are illustrating how the lack of self-control is creating a situation where more criminals or organizations are turning to cyber crime. What makes the situation worse; is they can work anonymously and be able to conduct these activities with little to no negative effects. It is at this point, when these individuals and groups are participating in order to reap the lucrative rewards from them. This is illustrating how the self-control theory is highlighting why this becoming so common and the effects it is having criminals and other related organizations. (Collins, 2012)

The Routine Theory

The routine theory believes that crimes will occur when there is an intersection between the time, space, motivated offenders, attractive targets and a lack of effective law enforcement. This creates the perfect environment for someone to conduct illegal activities and it increases the odds that they will be able to get away with it. When this occurs, they will continue to commit these crimes over and over based upon the rewards they are receiving from them. According to Walsh (2010), this will encourage these activities to become more frequent, until there is some kind of effective deterrent in place to stop them. (Walsh, 2010)

Evidence of this can be seen with Walsh (2010) saying, "It does not so much matter why individuals are motivated to commit crimes, what matters is that an individual with the inclination to commit a crime is in the right place to move against his or her target at the right time when there is no one around to stop the offender. The absence of any one…… [Read More]

Casey, E. (2011). Digital Evidence and Computer Crime. London: Academic.

Collins, a. (2012). Contemporary Security Studies. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
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It Was Saturday Morning and Essay

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I asked him if he felt like the commercials made him want to have the
things he saw on TV. Initially he said no, but then corrected himself and
said that many times he would see a toy or game on television on a
commercial that he would like to have, but did not expect to receive at any
time immediate since it would appear to be too expensive or the time from
birthday or Christmas was too long. He appeared to know a lot about the
toys that were on the commercials and he told me that many of his friends
would have one toy or another, and would say whether the other child liked
the toy or not, whether it was "cheap" or not. My friend and I watched two
episode of Avatar, and one episode of another show called Drake and Josh.
The latter is a live action show about two step-brothers in a blended
family. The show was typical of many of the simple situation comedies of
my childhood but my friend appeared to enjoy it as much as he did the
animated show.

I had time to sit down with my friend's mother later that afternoon, and we
watched cartoons as well. She is 42, and told me that when she was young
cartoons were on for a short period of time in the afternoon (usually re-
runs of old Warner Brothers cartoons) and on Saturday morning until about
noon. She explained that while she did not like her son to watch TV
excessively, she noticed that he would sometimes go for a period where he
did not want to watch television at all, and then want to watch several
hours at a time. She remarked that this experience was similar to friends
of hers. I asked her how she felt about the character dying on the Avatar
show. She explained to me that she had seen several violent cartoons in
her childhood and she did not feel that she was a more aggressive person
for it. She said that sometimes…… [Read More]

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Conversation it Is Always Difficult Essay

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Perhaps your partner is feeling the same things that you are feeling! Once your feelings are out in the open, it will be easier to come up with a solution to your problems.

One F:

First, you might want to consider the fact that you are imagining the fact that he is angry with you. Maybe things at work, in general, have not been going well. Or maybe he has a personal problem that is putting a damper on his professional life. You shouldn't jump to conclusions and assume that the way he has been acting is about only you. Second, if you really think that he is upset with you, and he has reason to be, then you should try talking with him. Tell him that you want to resolve the issue, and it will be a better learning experience if you know what he wants you to change.


After imagining the outcome of these conversations, I believe that my answers to the first, second, fourth, and fifth prompts were unproductive, while my answers to the third and final prompts were productive. The response to the first prompt was unproductive because it simply seeks to explain the issue. The conversation would have probably ended with the person who had the problem still insure of a positive response. In addition, my answer to the second prompt, telling the speaker that he or she should wait for a romantic relationship, most likely would have been met with abrasiveness and impatience. This was not what the speaker was looking for. Similarly, in advising the speaker to stay in school in the fourth prompt, I have not really helped his dilemma and have probably made it harder by repeating what others have been saying, making the person with the problem feel as if he or she is being ordered to take a certain action. This is much like my response to the fifth prompt, where I advise the speaker to do, most likely, the opposite of what he wants to do.

Still, my answers to the third and final prompts were productive. In the third prompt, I explained to the child, in terms that he or she would understand, why the parents need to have a night out. By using the analogy involving the child at school,…… [Read More]

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IT Professionals and a Survey of Respondents Essay

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total of 60 surveys were sent to IT professionals, with 22 respondents returning questionnaires. The questions contained in the survey were qualitative in nature. The responses varied substantially, which is not surprising given that some of the questions were open-ended in nature. Overall, the questionnaire was a mixture of open-ended and closed questions, which provided basic data on the respondents and their practices, combined with more detailed information that required deeper qualitative analysis. Qualitative analysis is a credible tool whereby a deeper understanding of an issue can be had, giving researchers a more thorough awareness of the complexity of interacting variables within a system, as they work together to produce an outcome: in other words, qualitative analysis helps "to illustrate this issue" (Cresswell, 2012, p. 74).

Data Collection Procedure

Sixty surveys were sent to the IT professionals at the two selected companies via email. There were only 22 responses, and those came in via email as well. The responses were printed out, and then tabulated in Excel. This allowed for the production of graphs and for the opportunity for statistical analysis of the results. The surveys were not sent to individuals at random -- they were chosen for their expressed willingness to participate in the study. In the end, the 22 who completed the surveys self-selected to be the individuals that participated in the survey. There was no intent to randomize the sample -- the population of this study is basically the 22 participants in question.

Description of the Sample

The sample of the 22 participants was drawn from the larger population of 60- participants there were initially selected to participate in this study. As noted in the methodology section, the initial sample was 12 participants, and these twelve were asked to identify other participants that might also be willing to participate. That is how the original set of 60 participants was generated. The participants then self-selected from there whether they would participate. The sample was therefore not randomized, but built from a list and the snowball sample technique, so it neither does represent all industries nor represent particular geography. The 22 participants…… [Read More]

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IT Systems Technology Has Now Become a Essay

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IT Systems

Technology has now become a euphemism for the information age. As individuals, information rarely escapes our grasp as now anybody can have access to its vast array of knowledge. More importantly, in the midst of our global society, technology has a profound role on our nation's ability to participate in a more competitive environment. As the age old adage states, "Knowledge is power," and in many instances this statement is correct. Information allows individuals to make better informed decisions regarding projects that can have grave implications on society if the solution is incorrect. Further, information allows more convenience in regards to access and search of particular concepts. Technology allows humans to live longer while allowing them to live more productive lives (Gregg, 2006). The benefits that technology derives are as difficult to enumerate as they are to fully comprehend. However, it is my contention that the information age has grave consequences on society, especially if society is dependent on specialized individuals to conduct and oversee IT systems. This is particularly true if these entities lack strong ethical value or virtue. As such, it is my belief that companies should not hire experienced hackers to protect their coveted information systems. If experience is indeed needed on the part of companies, strong oversight, and protections should be used to guard against fraudulent activities. By hiring experienced hackers, evidence has proven that more harm can potentially be done than any amount of potential good (Hammond, 2005).

One aspect constantly neglected when discussing the issue of IT protection, are the values and virtues of the individuals who oversee the system. Those in charge to protect confidential information should possess characteristics that make them suitable for the position. Two such characteristics are honesty and integrity. By hiring experience hackers, companies are violating this principle by placing questionable individuals in positions of power. This concept is akin to putting an alcoholic in a room full of liquor but requiring him no to partake of the substance. It simply doesn't make sense from a logical standpoint. I understand the opposition's argument, that hackers have a unique skillset that other IT professionals lack. Due in part to this skillset and advanced knowledge, hackers will provide utility to companies who attempt to guard…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
1) Bill Apro & Graeme Hammond (2005). Hackers: The Hunt for Australia's Most Infamous Computer Cracker. Five Mile Press. ISBN 1-74124-722-5.

2) Stuart McClure, Joel Scambray & George Kurtz (1999). Hacking Exposed. Mcgraw-Hill. ISBN 0-07-212127-0.
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IT Management OS Systems History OS Systems Essay

Words: 1218 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71998280

IT Management OS Systems History

OS Systems History and Recommendations for Use

"An OS is a program that controls the execution of application programs and acts as an interface between applications and the computer hardware," and is thus a crucial part in modern technology within a business context (Stallings 2009 p 51). Such systems help run software, provide access to needed devices, control user access to files and systems, as well as catching and responding to errors and other harmful objects like viruses or malware. The OS makes computers easy-to-use and convenient for users of all types, from the most experienced to those with little experience at all. Essentially, the user is most often not trained or interested in manipulating the actual hardware of their device. Thus, the OS helps them use the software without having to go further into the hardware and allows software developed by a programmer to be used effectively and with ease. It helps establish layers of communication and management that allows for the most efficiency in processing and user access (Ritchie 2003). The OS also results in the optimal levels of efficiency that the end user can experience, with the potential to evolve into whatever that user may need in the future. Overall, the OS helps manage computer functions and processes, which helps allow less experienced users still get the maximum output of their devices. Thus, the right OS is extremely important, because it must match up to individual business and user needs in order to provide the maximum amount of benefits.

Operating systems have come a long way from the modest beginnings. As technology and knowledge of computers continue to evolve, OS systems are becoming more complex and intricate, allowing greater functioning with ease for the end user. Back in the earliest days of computers, in the 1940s and 1950s, all computers relied on the user to control and interact with the actual hardware…… [Read More]

Ritchie, Colin. (2003). Operating Systems Incorporating UNIX and Windows. Cengage Learning.

Stallings, William. (2009). Operating Systems: Internals and Design Principles. 6th ed. Prentice Hall.
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It Project Management Project Metrics Essay

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It has been widely accepted as an industry standard for project management software. Many large companies such as Intel have benefited from it to the extent that case studies were conducted on the results. Many such case studies are documented on Microsoft's website as a testament to the success of this utility. Microsoft Project allows employees, resources, and tasks to be defined. A wide range of relationships can be drawn between each of the defined entities. For example, a resource such as a server can be assigned to be used for certain tasks at certain times.

The definitions in Microsoft Project allow for a high level of analytics to be done. Each resource has a cost involved. Time constraints are also defined for the workforce and the resources. Project managers are able to use this information to track the costs to ensure that the project is running on budget and on schedule. The definitions can be further utilized when determining staffing requirements to optimize site performance and customer satisfaction.

Another feature that Microsoft Project includes is the ability to detect bottlenecks in the project cycle. If certain events must take place before the next phase of the project can resume or if there is a conflict over the availability of resources, it will be detected as early as possible. This helps prevent inefficiencies that are caused by the current business processes and allows the managers to make the needed decisions early to keep the project running smoothly. This feature has especially been utilized in fields where inspections or testing are a necessary component, as these factors can be more accurately taken into account and applied to the scenario. In this same vein of utilization, Microsoft Project Manager provides prioritization software that will allow for analysis and prioritization of all current tasks and projects. This ensures that large-scale projects with smaller sub-projects are properly time-lined and can be efficiently supervised.

Additionally, Microsoft project enables project managers to keep reports clear, concise and transparent to other departments through department networking. In one case study from Revlon, the company was able to reduce meetings by 30% and integrate departments that were throughout the world. This saved the business considerable time and money.

As previously mentioned,…… [Read More]

Brown, Mark Graham (1996). Using the Right Metrics to Drive World-class Performance. AMACOM.

Fitz-Gibbon, Carol Taylor (1990). Performance indicators. BERA Dialogue.
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IT Plan as the World Continues to Essay

Words: 2343 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26229638

IT Plan

As the world continues to evolve with technology and technological advances, certain problems arise that requires precise and involved management of these advances. The purpose of this essay is to examine the importance of information security systems and how they demonstrate their importance in the commercial world. To do this, this essay will be presented from the viewpoint of an Information Security Officer (ISO) who has been tasked to identify the inherent risks associated with a business operation and to establish physical and logical access control methods that will help minimize those risks. A scenario has been created to help explain this process where a pharmacy and its accompanying information systems scheme are presented to give an example of how this may be done.

In order to accomplish this task, this report will first identify the physical vulnerabilities that are given in the directed scenario before identifying the logical vulnerabilities and threats that require an ISO's consideration. Next, the potential impacts of all of these threats will be presented in order to formulate a solid solution to the problem. The logical threats and vulnerabilities will also be discussed in terms of their full impact on the situation. This report will then move into a mindset that attempts to thwart and lessen these threats as controls are introduced to help mitigate each risk presented.

Background Scenario

This particular scenario revolves around a pharmacy store and their associated information and computing systems that are being utilized by the leadership at this store. As the ISO for this organization, it is my responsibility to ensure that these systems are safe, secure and, most importantly, fall within the larger strategic concept of the firm. The pharmacy itself contains several important details that will help shape and define the controls that will eventually be implemented.

The pharmacy is a standard square store with some unique features. The front entrance of the store, leading from a larger mall, is where most of the interaction with customers begins. There are three windows in this store that have…… [Read More]

Jackson, W. (2013). New strategy for IT security: Focus on the systems not the threat. GCN, 2 May 2013. Retrieved from http://gcn.com/articles/2013/05/02/it-security-strategy-focus- on-systems-not-threats.aspx

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (2013). Special Publication 800-12: An Introduction to Computer Security: The NIST Handbook. Updated 25 Jan 2013. Retrieved from http://csrc.nist.gov/publications/nistpubs/800-12/800-12- html/index.html
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IT Business Plan Club Essay

Words: 964 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24889140

This is however not established in concrete terms. Such a database can then be used to analyze whether a specific age group prefers a specific time or day to visit the club. This information can then be used to differentiate the preferred entertainment, food and drink items for the specific age groups involved.


There are many strategies that can be used to drive the club's competitive advantage. The most important of this is customer orientation, as customers are the most important component of the club, its existence, and its income level. The other strategies can be used as fringe actions to enhance the customer experience.

According to Mindwhirl (2010), strategic planning is vitally important, particularly in customer-centered professions such as tourism and club management. Because customers are part of the daily operations of the business, it makes sense that they should be the focus of other strategies such as innovation and differentiation (Vaz, 2007). Furthermore, the perception of customers is directly related to the competitive advantage of the club, as customers will patronize sites that they perceive as catering best to their lifestyle and needs.

Club IT can then use its computer technology to create a database of customer needs and demands. Club patrons can for example be invited to complete an online questionnaire related to the club to identify possible shortcomings and make suggestions. The results of these questionnaires can then be entered into a database for the information of the club's owners. There are a variety of ways in which this can be done. Customers can for example complete the questionnaire at the club by means of computers installed at strategic places at the club, including entrances and exits.

Customer suggestions can be handled in the same way. A competition can be held with the best customer suggestion winning prizes such as free food and drinks for a night, the opportunity to be a DJ, or a similar reward.

The club can further differentiate its services by furthering its friendship paradigm. The club owners can for example make an effort to visit various groups of customers and having conversations with them that extend beyond the usual questions regarding whether they are having a good time or whether the food is of good quality. Servers and other personnel…… [Read More]

Mindwhirl (2010). Strategic Planning for Competitive Advantage. Retrieved from http://www.mindwhirl.com/101_strategic_planning.html

Vaz, M. (2007). Specific Resources as Bases for the Differentiation and Innovation of Tourist Destinations. University of Beira Interior. Retrieved from http://mpra.ub.uni-muenchen.de/3866/1/MPRA_paper_3866.pdf
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IT Management Challenges Business Process Reengineering Works Essay

Words: 3024 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58873430

IT Management Challenges

Business Process Reengineering works with changes in structures and processes within the business environment. Information technology plays a highly critical part in BPR as it deals with the provision of office automation, gives an allowance for companies to make quick deliveries, work in a flexible manner, and operate in different locations. In addition, new technologies are helping organizations to have paperless transactions. In simple terms, BPR allows an efficient and effective change in the form in which work is performed (Davenport & Beers, 2005).

Describe how you see your role in integrating software, hardware, and business management capabilities.

As the head of IT management team, I would bring transformational solutions to magnum by sharing perspectives and commissioning research. Faster deployment and lower costs would shrink IT budgets, and exert pressure to deliver quality using less. Although, the new softwares integrated in the system would come with challenges, each challenge will be properly handled. To address such concerns, I will commission a research on the best way of integrating new applications into magnum's legacy environment. I will help the company with guidance by weighing the benefits new technological applications and recommend alternative integration options. Applications such as Saas would be of immense benefit to the company: it needs less cost in order to function; payments can be predicted based on usage, quick implementation, and minimum needs for IT support staff. This application provides the best security, recovery and back up procedures in place (Cunningham & Froschl, 2009).

I will use the Saas application in order to manage any security risks. Magnum worries that information and data that live on shared infrastructure such as websites can be hacked by other users of the infrastructure. However, experts have raised concerns over the issue that the availability of this software. Unlike other softwares, which are traditionally installed, and are available once the computer is switched on, Saas can only be accessed if the computer is connected to fast internet. This concern is not justified because a simple business email containing company information and data can be violated. As a Saas expert, I will be able to secure information and data either within or outside the company using disaster recovery procedures. I will manage issues associated with hacking and privacy by designing…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Chang S.L., (2000). Information technology in business processes: Business Process

Management, Vol. 6, No. 3, pp. 224-237
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IT Acquisition Version 2 0 I Have Added Essay

Words: 2183 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39749032

IT Acquisition. Version 2.0

I have added info to the last three questions, and changed quite a bit Question #4. The area in yellow are new or changed. I did make a few corrections elsewhere too so if this works you might want to look over each completely.

What can an organization do to guard against funding proposed projects that intentionally or unintentionally underestimate the costs, do not fully communicate the risks, and/or otherwise exaggerate the likely financial benefits? Explain your answer.

If the answers provided in questions 1 and 2 above are properly followed, then the chances of these kinds of problems will be greatly diminished. The previous suggestions should ensure that our team has undertaken the due diligence needed to try to ensure that either purposeful or unintentional errors of these kinds cannot get into their proposal. We have already double and triple checked the financial and project elements and thought through (as we continue to do) many of the hidden elements that can result in other unexpected costs.

One of the most often overlooked issues is the variability of pricing in high-technology equipment and capabilities. Advancements in computer functionality and even size can often lead to the need for new items (which can add some costs) or can even result in dramatic cost reductions. It is particularly important to see that the proposal reflects and awareness of this and is able to be adjusted accordingly. If the costs go up as new elements are added, the original planning should allow for this to stay within budget constraints. Then too the proposal should anticipate reductions and either redirect that money or reflect it in lower costs over time.

However, at this point we would also look at making much greater use of the "just in time" budgeting, such as is now being used by some levels of the federal contracting services. Not a new concept since parts of the government and business have been using it for years, there has been a resurgence in the idea during these volatile economic times. The basic idea is that project…… [Read More]

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IT Project Management Plan for Mobile Application Essay

Words: 1082 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10743012

IT Project Management Plan for Mobile Application

The business case for adding a mobile application to Fun with Learning's overall strategy is straightforward -- extend the brand, improve competitive standing and reach new customers in innovative ways. Building a website that is optimized for mobile devices has now become an industry standard. However, "m-commerce" or branded mobile applications offer companies improved technological enhancements that extend far beyond marketing and advertising. Fun with Learning can utilize mobile apps to support online purchasing, expand social media connections, create brand loyalty programs, facilitate lead generation, offer portability and create unique value via translation tools and games that broaden the product line for those on the go.

Defining Objectives

Extending commercial reach to existing and new customers via a mobile app will offer Fun with Learning an additional retail channel ("click-and-mortar") poised to expand rapidly over the next few years. It is important that the company define its over-arching goals for investing in this strategy. The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) recommends that the project management process be based tailored around the project requirement. There should be measurable objectives in place to support this effort. The following steps should be taken:

Define the ultimate objective. Success hinges upon understanding the end goal. For example, if lead generation is the ultimate goal then customized "Request Info" forms should be included so that prospective customers can leave contact information for later follow-up and marketing outreach. If public awareness is desired, content should tout recent successes and press release information and allow people to "like" the Fun for Learning Facebook page or register for periodic newsletters.

Define content messaging and image. Appropriate content should be identified that harmonizes with the current advertising and marketing campaign and brand image. The app should be embedded with existing logos and links to blogs, YouTube channels and all corporate Facebook and Twitter pages. The messaging should also be driven by the end goal. Visual content, videos and images can also enhance the app and provide a pleasant user experience.

Define target audience and how to interact with them. The Fun with Learning mobile application should target the existing customer base of educators, parents, and young people and engage them in new and creative ways. Developing customer loyalty programs and customer promotions are…… [Read More]

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IT Director There Are a Essay

Words: 562 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20169947

The IT Director must also ensure the connectivity to the IT applications. Such connectivity is important because it does not matter one bit if the information has been backed up, if the information cannot be connected from the server(s) to the individuals who need it.

One other consideration for the IT Director is to have the skilled individuals available to access the data, and to repair the hardware, or write the software that will allow for a continued and smooth operation. Without the skilled individuals to access the information, other means would need to be employed that may cost unnecessary time and money. The availability of skilled and knowledgeable workers is important as a disaster happens, but it is also important throughout the months and years that follow. These individuals can ensure the operation of the systems as well as conduct backups and access through remote locations.

Last but not least, the IT Director should consider what information and systems it would take to ensure the viability of the payroll system. Paying employees is important to every company especially during and immediately after a disaster, both to ensure that they continue to work and to ease their respective frames of mind.

Servers containing such items as payroll, accounts payable and email systems need to be maintained in order to ensure a company's continued viability, therefore the IT Director needs to consider items like; where to locate the server (either remote or onsite), what information needs to be contained on the server, and who has access to the information and at what times.… [Read More]

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IT Governance Improvement Opportunities the Institute of Essay

Words: 520 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43204386

IT Governance

Improvement Opportunities

The Institute of Internal Editor's article discussing the role of information security management provided many important opportunities for improvement. There is always a need to keep improving ones competitive advantage and the environment that is presented in today's business world must include some inclusion of information technology strategic input. All of the technological advances made in the history of research and development appear to be taking shape here in the present day, making the future of information technology as a strategic multiplier even more pronounced.

The aforementioned article claimed that information security governance should deliver a strategic alignment, risk management, resource management, performance measurement and value delivery. In other words, the way businesses manage their information as a widespread and impactful relationship to their overall operational success. If anything area that needs to be more emphasized it is that IT governance may be the most important area in business management. Knowledge is power and keeping power sources close to home definitely serves to benefit those who can govern best.

Organizations can do a better job governing themselves by simplifying their processes as much as possible. The amount of information available today is very large and can be overwhelming at times. Strategic management plans should incorporate their IT plans in the simplest way possible. There is a great temptation to confuse and go overboard when trying to manage such a large problem, forcing leadership to encourage simple approaches. The future of IT governance will no doubt be a tug of war between complex and simple ideas where…… [Read More]

Information Security Governance: Guidance for Boards of Directors and Executive Management 2nd edition. Retrieved from http://www.isaca.org/Knowledge- Center/Research/Documents/InfoSecGuidanceDirectorsExecMgt.pdf

Johnston, A. & Hale, R. (2008). Improved Security through Information Security Governance. Communications of the ACM, Jan 2008, 52, 1. Retrieved from http://thecenter.uab.edu/media//2011/12/Improved-Security-through-Information- Security-Governance.pdf