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Why Do You Think it

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There are also
those nations so hungry for economic growth that they embrace any type of
commerce activity, and this has been the case in China for example, which
does not police against spamming. The U.S. government on the other hand
has been aggressive about prosecuting spammers and sending them to prison.
You are a fairly small company:
a) Should you use a firewall?
Yes, most definitely, as any hacker could get to your company's record,
even spoof your e-mail addresses and send SPAM or other e-mails using your
company's identity.
b) Should you use antivirus systems?
Yes, as any small business will have spent a large percentage of their
total budgets on PCs and laptops, and a virus could make these assets
inoperable fast. Anti-virus will save e-mail systems, the company network,
and ultimately hundreds of hours of lost time.
c) Should you use and intrusion-detection system?
Yes and many firewalls now include this feature specifically to track and
block anyone who tries unsuccessfully to break into a company network via a
website, FTP link, or any other approach to gaining access to a company's
systems.… [Read More]

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Organization's Lobbyist What Would You Like to

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organization's lobbyist, what would you like to see done by the Federal government that would be of help to your organization? This could be what the government could do or what they could stop doing. It can be all fiscal, all monetary, or a mix of each type of policy. As a lobbyist it is not your job to be concerned with the deficit, or the environment, or the general health of the financial system (unless, of course, you are lobbying for an environmental, financial, or deficit reduction group). Your answer to this question can give an interesting perspective as to how lobbying can distort economic policy and decisions

As a lobbyist for Nike Inc., the focus would fall on the elimination, or at least reduction, of the quotas imposed on imports. Nike Inc. collaborates with partners across the globe and provides employment opportunities for the people in less economically advantaged regions.

From a business perspective, the organization has outsourced all of its manufacturing processes, only conducting in the United States the management, marketing and design operations. This strategic measure has allowed the company to drastically reduce costs and as such increase its profitability levels.

Still, it has also materialized…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Carroll, A.B., Buchholtz, A.K., 2011, Business and society: ethics and stakeholder management, 8th edition, Cengage Learning

Mandia, S.A., Global warming: man or myth?  last accessed on February 15, 2012
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It Risk Management -- Cyber

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The organizations are usually run by a core group, which divides the different responsibilities of an operation (e.g. spamming, web design, data collection) among the members. The members run their own outer networks to fulfill those responsibilities -- rarely even having contact with each other online. The decentralized structure of the internet, as well as the high levels of anonymity it provides makes it difficult for law enforcement agencies to locate cybercriminal groups. A group could have networks in a myriad of different countries, whilst using servers based in numerous different countries and jurisdictions. Furthermore, many national jurisdictions lack the legislative framework required to properly prosecute online crime." (Collins, 2012)

These insights are illustrating how the lack of self-control is creating a situation where more criminals or organizations are turning to cyber crime. What makes the situation worse; is they can work anonymously and be able to conduct these activities with little to no negative effects. It is at this point, when these individuals and groups are participating in order to reap the lucrative rewards from them. This is illustrating how the self-control theory is highlighting why this becoming so common and the effects it is having criminals and other…… [Read More]

Casey, E. (2011). Digital Evidence and Computer Crime. London: Academic.

Collins, a. (2012). Contemporary Security Studies. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
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It Was Saturday Morning and

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I asked him if he felt like the commercials made him want to have the
things he saw on TV. Initially he said no, but then corrected himself and
said that many times he would see a toy or game on television on a
commercial that he would like to have, but did not expect to receive at any
time immediate since it would appear to be too expensive or the time from
birthday or Christmas was too long. He appeared to know a lot about the
toys that were on the commercials and he told me that many of his friends
would have one toy or another, and would say whether the other child liked
the toy or not, whether it was "cheap" or not. My friend and I watched two
episode of Avatar, and one episode of another show called Drake and Josh.
The latter is a live action show about two step-brothers in a blended
family. The show was typical of many of the simple situation comedies of
my childhood but my friend appeared to enjoy it as much as he did the
animated show.

I had time to sit down with my friend's mother later that…… [Read More]

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Conversation it Is Always Difficult

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Perhaps your partner is feeling the same things that you are feeling! Once your feelings are out in the open, it will be easier to come up with a solution to your problems.

One F:

First, you might want to consider the fact that you are imagining the fact that he is angry with you. Maybe things at work, in general, have not been going well. Or maybe he has a personal problem that is putting a damper on his professional life. You shouldn't jump to conclusions and assume that the way he has been acting is about only you. Second, if you really think that he is upset with you, and he has reason to be, then you should try talking with him. Tell him that you want to resolve the issue, and it will be a better learning experience if you know what he wants you to change.


After imagining the outcome of these conversations, I believe that my answers to the first, second, fourth, and fifth prompts were unproductive, while my answers to the third and final prompts were productive. The response to the first prompt was unproductive because it simply seeks to explain the issue.…… [Read More]

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IT Professionals and a Survey of Respondents

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total of 60 surveys were sent to IT professionals, with 22 respondents returning questionnaires. The questions contained in the survey were qualitative in nature. The responses varied substantially, which is not surprising given that some of the questions were open-ended in nature. Overall, the questionnaire was a mixture of open-ended and closed questions, which provided basic data on the respondents and their practices, combined with more detailed information that required deeper qualitative analysis. Qualitative analysis is a credible tool whereby a deeper understanding of an issue can be had, giving researchers a more thorough awareness of the complexity of interacting variables within a system, as they work together to produce an outcome: in other words, qualitative analysis helps "to illustrate this issue" (Cresswell, 2012, p. 74).

Data Collection Procedure

Sixty surveys were sent to the IT professionals at the two selected companies via email. There were only 22 responses, and those came in via email as well. The responses were printed out, and then tabulated in Excel. This allowed for the production of graphs and for the opportunity for statistical analysis of the results. The surveys were not sent to individuals at random -- they were chosen for their expressed…… [Read More]

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IT Systems Technology Has Now Become a

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IT Systems

Technology has now become a euphemism for the information age. As individuals, information rarely escapes our grasp as now anybody can have access to its vast array of knowledge. More importantly, in the midst of our global society, technology has a profound role on our nation's ability to participate in a more competitive environment. As the age old adage states, "Knowledge is power," and in many instances this statement is correct. Information allows individuals to make better informed decisions regarding projects that can have grave implications on society if the solution is incorrect. Further, information allows more convenience in regards to access and search of particular concepts. Technology allows humans to live longer while allowing them to live more productive lives (Gregg, 2006). The benefits that technology derives are as difficult to enumerate as they are to fully comprehend. However, it is my contention that the information age has grave consequences on society, especially if society is dependent on specialized individuals to conduct and oversee IT systems. This is particularly true if these entities lack strong ethical value or virtue. As such, it is my belief that companies should not hire experienced hackers to protect their coveted information…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
1) Bill Apro & Graeme Hammond (2005). Hackers: The Hunt for Australia's Most Infamous Computer Cracker. Five Mile Press. ISBN 1-74124-722-5.

2) Stuart McClure, Joel Scambray & George Kurtz (1999). Hacking Exposed. Mcgraw-Hill. ISBN 0-07-212127-0.
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IT Management OS Systems History OS Systems

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IT Management OS Systems History

OS Systems History and Recommendations for Use

"An OS is a program that controls the execution of application programs and acts as an interface between applications and the computer hardware," and is thus a crucial part in modern technology within a business context (Stallings 2009 p 51). Such systems help run software, provide access to needed devices, control user access to files and systems, as well as catching and responding to errors and other harmful objects like viruses or malware. The OS makes computers easy-to-use and convenient for users of all types, from the most experienced to those with little experience at all. Essentially, the user is most often not trained or interested in manipulating the actual hardware of their device. Thus, the OS helps them use the software without having to go further into the hardware and allows software developed by a programmer to be used effectively and with ease. It helps establish layers of communication and management that allows for the most efficiency in processing and user access (Ritchie 2003). The OS also results in the optimal levels of efficiency that the end user can experience, with the potential to evolve into whatever…… [Read More]

Ritchie, Colin. (2003). Operating Systems Incorporating UNIX and Windows. Cengage Learning.

Stallings, William. (2009). Operating Systems: Internals and Design Principles. 6th ed. Prentice Hall.
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It Project Management Project Metrics

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It has been widely accepted as an industry standard for project management software. Many large companies such as Intel have benefited from it to the extent that case studies were conducted on the results. Many such case studies are documented on Microsoft's website as a testament to the success of this utility. Microsoft Project allows employees, resources, and tasks to be defined. A wide range of relationships can be drawn between each of the defined entities. For example, a resource such as a server can be assigned to be used for certain tasks at certain times.

The definitions in Microsoft Project allow for a high level of analytics to be done. Each resource has a cost involved. Time constraints are also defined for the workforce and the resources. Project managers are able to use this information to track the costs to ensure that the project is running on budget and on schedule. The definitions can be further utilized when determining staffing requirements to optimize site performance and customer satisfaction.

Another feature that Microsoft Project includes is the ability to detect bottlenecks in the project cycle. If certain events must take place before the next phase of the project can resume…… [Read More]

Brown, Mark Graham (1996). Using the Right Metrics to Drive World-class Performance. AMACOM.

Fitz-Gibbon, Carol Taylor (1990). Performance indicators. BERA Dialogue.
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IT Plan as the World Continues to

Words: 2343 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26229638

IT Plan

As the world continues to evolve with technology and technological advances, certain problems arise that requires precise and involved management of these advances. The purpose of this essay is to examine the importance of information security systems and how they demonstrate their importance in the commercial world. To do this, this essay will be presented from the viewpoint of an Information Security Officer (ISO) who has been tasked to identify the inherent risks associated with a business operation and to establish physical and logical access control methods that will help minimize those risks. A scenario has been created to help explain this process where a pharmacy and its accompanying information systems scheme are presented to give an example of how this may be done.

In order to accomplish this task, this report will first identify the physical vulnerabilities that are given in the directed scenario before identifying the logical vulnerabilities and threats that require an ISO's consideration. Next, the potential impacts of all of these threats will be presented in order to formulate a solid solution to the problem. The logical threats and vulnerabilities will also be discussed in terms of their full impact on the situation. This…… [Read More]

Jackson, W. (2013). New strategy for IT security: Focus on the systems not the threat. GCN, 2 May 2013. Retrieved from on-systems-not-threats.aspx

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (2013). Special Publication 800-12: An Introduction to Computer Security: The NIST Handbook. Updated 25 Jan 2013. Retrieved from html/index.html
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IT Business Plan Club

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This is however not established in concrete terms. Such a database can then be used to analyze whether a specific age group prefers a specific time or day to visit the club. This information can then be used to differentiate the preferred entertainment, food and drink items for the specific age groups involved.


There are many strategies that can be used to drive the club's competitive advantage. The most important of this is customer orientation, as customers are the most important component of the club, its existence, and its income level. The other strategies can be used as fringe actions to enhance the customer experience.

According to Mindwhirl (2010), strategic planning is vitally important, particularly in customer-centered professions such as tourism and club management. Because customers are part of the daily operations of the business, it makes sense that they should be the focus of other strategies such as innovation and differentiation (Vaz, 2007). Furthermore, the perception of customers is directly related to the competitive advantage of the club, as customers will patronize sites that they perceive as catering best to their lifestyle and needs.

Club IT can then use its computer technology to create a database of customer…… [Read More]

Mindwhirl (2010). Strategic Planning for Competitive Advantage. Retrieved from

Vaz, M. (2007). Specific Resources as Bases for the Differentiation and Innovation of Tourist Destinations. University of Beira Interior. Retrieved from
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IT Management Challenges Business Process Reengineering Works

Words: 3024 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58873430

IT Management Challenges

Business Process Reengineering works with changes in structures and processes within the business environment. Information technology plays a highly critical part in BPR as it deals with the provision of office automation, gives an allowance for companies to make quick deliveries, work in a flexible manner, and operate in different locations. In addition, new technologies are helping organizations to have paperless transactions. In simple terms, BPR allows an efficient and effective change in the form in which work is performed (Davenport & Beers, 2005).

Describe how you see your role in integrating software, hardware, and business management capabilities.

As the head of IT management team, I would bring transformational solutions to magnum by sharing perspectives and commissioning research. Faster deployment and lower costs would shrink IT budgets, and exert pressure to deliver quality using less. Although, the new softwares integrated in the system would come with challenges, each challenge will be properly handled. To address such concerns, I will commission a research on the best way of integrating new applications into magnum's legacy environment. I will help the company with guidance by weighing the benefits new technological applications and recommend alternative integration options. Applications such as Saas…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Chang S.L., (2000). Information technology in business processes: Business Process

Management, Vol. 6, No. 3, pp. 224-237
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IT Acquisition Version 2 0 I Have Added

Words: 2183 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39749032

IT Acquisition. Version 2.0

I have added info to the last three questions, and changed quite a bit Question #4. The area in yellow are new or changed. I did make a few corrections elsewhere too so if this works you might want to look over each completely.

What can an organization do to guard against funding proposed projects that intentionally or unintentionally underestimate the costs, do not fully communicate the risks, and/or otherwise exaggerate the likely financial benefits? Explain your answer.

If the answers provided in questions 1 and 2 above are properly followed, then the chances of these kinds of problems will be greatly diminished. The previous suggestions should ensure that our team has undertaken the due diligence needed to try to ensure that either purposeful or unintentional errors of these kinds cannot get into their proposal. We have already double and triple checked the financial and project elements and thought through (as we continue to do) many of the hidden elements that can result in other unexpected costs.

One of the most often overlooked issues is the variability of pricing in high-technology equipment and capabilities. Advancements in computer functionality and even size can often lead to the…… [Read More]

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IT Project Management Plan for Mobile Application

Words: 1082 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10743012

IT Project Management Plan for Mobile Application

The business case for adding a mobile application to Fun with Learning's overall strategy is straightforward -- extend the brand, improve competitive standing and reach new customers in innovative ways. Building a website that is optimized for mobile devices has now become an industry standard. However, "m-commerce" or branded mobile applications offer companies improved technological enhancements that extend far beyond marketing and advertising. Fun with Learning can utilize mobile apps to support online purchasing, expand social media connections, create brand loyalty programs, facilitate lead generation, offer portability and create unique value via translation tools and games that broaden the product line for those on the go.

Defining Objectives

Extending commercial reach to existing and new customers via a mobile app will offer Fun with Learning an additional retail channel ("click-and-mortar") poised to expand rapidly over the next few years. It is important that the company define its over-arching goals for investing in this strategy. The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) recommends that the project management process be based tailored around the project requirement. There should be measurable objectives in place to support this effort. The following steps should be taken:

Define the…… [Read More]

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IT Director There Are a

Words: 562 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20169947

The IT Director must also ensure the connectivity to the IT applications. Such connectivity is important because it does not matter one bit if the information has been backed up, if the information cannot be connected from the server(s) to the individuals who need it.

One other consideration for the IT Director is to have the skilled individuals available to access the data, and to repair the hardware, or write the software that will allow for a continued and smooth operation. Without the skilled individuals to access the information, other means would need to be employed that may cost unnecessary time and money. The availability of skilled and knowledgeable workers is important as a disaster happens, but it is also important throughout the months and years that follow. These individuals can ensure the operation of the systems as well as conduct backups and access through remote locations.

Last but not least, the IT Director should consider what information and systems it would take to ensure the viability of the payroll system. Paying employees is important to every company especially during and immediately after a disaster, both to ensure that they continue to work and to ease their respective frames of…… [Read More]

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IT Governance Improvement Opportunities the Institute of

Words: 520 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43204386

IT Governance

Improvement Opportunities

The Institute of Internal Editor's article discussing the role of information security management provided many important opportunities for improvement. There is always a need to keep improving ones competitive advantage and the environment that is presented in today's business world must include some inclusion of information technology strategic input. All of the technological advances made in the history of research and development appear to be taking shape here in the present day, making the future of information technology as a strategic multiplier even more pronounced.

The aforementioned article claimed that information security governance should deliver a strategic alignment, risk management, resource management, performance measurement and value delivery. In other words, the way businesses manage their information as a widespread and impactful relationship to their overall operational success. If anything area that needs to be more emphasized it is that IT governance may be the most important area in business management. Knowledge is power and keeping power sources close to home definitely serves to benefit those who can govern best.

Organizations can do a better job governing themselves by simplifying their processes as much as possible. The amount of information available today is very large and can…… [Read More]

Information Security Governance: Guidance for Boards of Directors and Executive Management 2nd edition. Retrieved from Center/Research/Documents/InfoSecGuidanceDirectorsExecMgt.pdf

Johnston, A. & Hale, R. (2008). Improved Security through Information Security Governance. Communications of the ACM, Jan 2008, 52, 1. Retrieved from Security-Governance.pdf
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It Staffing Information Technology It

Words: 729 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54975580

From the individual's point-of-view, this requires constant learning and updating and so many people steer away from this industry. "In the U.S., the number of students choosing computing science as a major between 2000 and 2004 declined by 60%. With respect to demand, an additional 1.5 million jobs will become available in computing in the U.S. By 2012." (McKeen, Smith & Jin, 2009;p.2). Another reason is the demographics; more people are aging and they are less suitable to meet the needs of the it industry.

In the light of these challenges, a company has to take many measures to be successful.

Overcoming these challenges

A national it staffing company must have a skills map or template, as a first step, to meet their changing needs. This map will give them a clear idea of their present and future needs and they can look for qualified candidates to fill these positions. This will help them to be prepared for the future and this will also given them an edge over their competitors.

The next strategy that the company must adopt is to make this industry more attractive to people in North America. This can include a mix of good remuneration, growth…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Kunsoo, Han; Mithas, Sunil. (2009). It Outsourcing and Internal it investments: substitutes or complements? Academy of Management Proceedings. P1-6

McKeen, James, D. Smith, Heather. a; Jin, Joyce, Y. (2009). Developments in Practice XXXII: Successful Strategies for it Staffing. Communication of AIS. 2009(24). p805-820
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IT Ethics -- Annotated Bibliography Bowie Norman

Words: 2227 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44165756

IT Ethics -- Annotated Bibliography

Bowie, Norman E. (2005). Digital Rights and Wrongs: Intellectual Property in the Information

Age. Business and Society Review, 110(1), 77-96.

Norman Bowie takes great pains in his peer-reviewed article to point out what is legal an what is not legal when it comes to recording / taping from television and from the Internet. In fact Bowie uses an illegal issue (downloading music from the Internet)

to present a moral issue: young people and students know it is illegal to download copyrighted music and movies, but they don't see it as immoral.

While Bowie zeros in on students and young people for their lack of morality vis-a-vis getting copyrighted music for free, his overall argument goes further than that copyright laws are justified when protecting "artistic creativity." He points to the fact that between

1999 and 2005, "...downloaders…reduced industry revenues by at least $700 million" and as many as 600,000 movie files are shared each day" on file-sharing networks

(Bowie, 88). The bottom line here is that it's certainly about money, not just morality.

Yet, Bowie's piece is aimed directly at the lack of values young people exhibit: "…As

morality becomes more demanding, students seem to…… [Read More]

Bowie, Norman E. (2005). Digital Rights and Wrongs: Intellectual Property in the Information

Age. Business and Society Review, 110(1), 77-96.
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IT Strategy Bike Sales and Service List

Words: 860 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3873629

IT Strategy

Bike Sales and Service

List 3 strategic goals for Ted's business and provide an explanation of each.

Reduce Overhead -- lower his expenses

Make better use out of part-time employee scheduling

Match supply and demand in the various locations

Identify 5 specific types or categories of information that Ted needs to run his business and explain why they are important to him.

Sales data -- he needs to know specifically what drives his revenue

Employee costs -- he also needs to understand how to optimize his workforce

Customer data -- he needs accurate information about his target market

Seasonal data -- he needs better information about how the seasonal aspect of his business affects him

Capacity Planning -- he needs better estimates in understanding the sales and services he needs to offer at each location as well as better inventory management.

Identify and explain three business processes that Ted likely uses in his business and explain how a technology solution could help each one of them.

Inventory management -- technology could let him know where is inventory is held at all times

Human resources management -- he could keep some better records with technology that manages employee productivity.…… [Read More]

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It vs Thou Let Us

Words: 918 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56571552

If everything is an it you end up being an it. Does this imply a cold awareness of the self as a perishable being with limited powers or does it lead you to believe you can be a perfect robot able to manipulate nature and the world according to your specific needs and desires? Being an it means having no soul. Having no soul implies being immortal. Being immortal implies that God does not exist. At that point man-it becomes the most powerful existing agent.

But reality contradicts this assumption and the failures of the man-it can do nothing more but hurt him. Furthermore, the lack of faith and the failure of reason to provide answers regarding the questions " What is the truth? What is essential? Why do I exist?, etc." leads to strong alienation. Having such an attitude as a life philosophy is unhealthy and very dangerous.

The other alternative is treating everything as a thou. Thou is a synonym for you and has a strong respectful connotation this respect may be of religious nature. From this point-of-view, it could be stated that seeing the world in terms of "you" installs a strong sacred dimension. It is important…… [Read More]

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IT Managers Influence of Changes in Information

Words: 1643 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51665961

IT Managers

"Influence of changes in information technologies on knowledge auditing and knowledge management"

Human resource is one of the most essential and valuable asset for an organization. Effective and efficient human resource enhances the overall performance of an organization. Having a well educated and a strong knowledge management system can be a key asset for an organization. Knowledge plays a vital role in the performance of an organization; this can be reflected through achievement of varies strategic objectives of an organization. Knowledge is an intangible yet a highly effective asset for an organization. Earlier, organizations did not understand the need of knowledge-based organization and the need of well- train employees but over the years it has been proven through many research's that knowledge play a vital role in long-term. With an effective knowledge management, the technical staff such as IT staff can easily communicate with the top management. It provides an organization with a competitive edge that is difficult to be followed by other organizations. Knowledge management if used appropriately can be a valuable asset for an organization. This technique focuses on organizations to have a powerful workforce that is highly effective and efficient.

"Knowledge management encompasses both the…… [Read More]

Armbrecht, F.M.R. Jr.; Chapas, R.B.; Chappelow, C.C.; Farris, G.F. (2001) Knowledge Management in Research and Development. Research Technology Management. 44(4), 28

Chowdhury, N. (2011) Knowledge Audit: Overview and Sample Questionnaire. KMTalk. Retrieved February 17, 2011, from
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It Logistics From the Data

Words: 508 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17680471

Comparison of Companies

The logistics services that UPS offers its clients, according to its website, include route planning, real-time dispatching services and GPS tracking, and strategic territory planning. These are all logistical services involved in increasing the efficiency of route planning and operation, allowing for overall strategic planning and real-time vehicle-specific adjustments. Vehicle telematics and web-based reporting are also offered as well as a variety of other services to numerous to list here, enabling easier and more immediate access to information for clients. Schneider offers a similarly wide array of services, and places an emphasis on the scalability of its offerings in transportation and supply chain management processes and services. The company appears to primarily operate as a broker, able to find appropriate and cost-effective transportation for a variety of shipment sizes and on a variety of different transportation modes; while this might be more cost effective, this also means that there will be less ultimate control in the actual transportation of goods.

Given these considerations, UPS seems like a better choice for helping companies and clients in managing their supply chains. Though Schneider might be able to broker more cost effective transportation in some instances, it will never actually…… [Read More]

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IT Value BP Like All

Words: 930 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77542237

Secondly, the monopoly supplier would be replaced by a varied list of mixed sourcing. Outsourcing in this way would guarantee the best prices for the highest quality and efficiency of technology. Thirdly, narrow business standards in IT would need to change to wider industry standards. Other transformations include decentralized bias to the more efficient centralized topsight, replacing systems analysts with business consultants - systems are already in place; the next step is to learn how they need to be used to optimize business. The final two include the change of IT personnel from craftsmen to project managers, and finally to create a lean team of IT specialists rather than the large functioning department that has been involved with IT to date.

These above strategies are all aimed at the desperately needed focus within BP's IT department. While several challenges lay in implementing the seven transformation strategies, BP succeeded in improving both their profit margin and an efficiency that would ensure the maintenance of this profit margin.

In short, value was created by focusing on transformation in BP's processes, personnel and skills basis. There are five specific essential elements that the company implemented to ensure the success of their IT transformation.…… [Read More]

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IT Professionals Managing and Motivating

Words: 909 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33159885

3). Thus, one of the ways to meet the unique challenges posed by IT professionals is to encourage them to develop their contributions to a field they love while also allowing them to advance appropriately. By encouraging these professionals to operate independently, they are prepared to contribute to the company most efficiently through their innovative and solo work. This helps managers deal with the unique role that IT professionals play in companies. Managers do not need to motivate their employees through job-related threats or business-related rewards, as well as encouraging them with the company's hierarchy. Instead, it is wiser for managers to motivate their IT professionals through an appeal to their professional and scientific integrity.

While the special challenges provoked by IT professionals must be dealt with in order effectively motivate this group, Katz (2005) notes that motivating these professionals is not completely different than motivating other professionals. Indeed, Katz (2005) suggests that all employees like to feel like their jobs are important; they all can be motivated through enjoyment and appreciation and the promise of notoriety if they make real strides. Other common problems that all employees face include challenges that occur when diverse ethnic groups and different genders…… [Read More]

Katz, Ralph. (2005). Motivating technical professionals today: to thrive, scientists and engineers need an ambidextrous environment that can support motivational dualism. Retrieved August 1, 2009, from All Business:
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IT Outsourcing Is Only as

Words: 1739 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14396155

Listed at the bottom of the rankings were: (1) Flexible contract terms; (2) Geographic location; and (3) cultural fit. Schaffhauser, 2006)


The methodology of this research has been of a qualitative and interpretive nature in a review of relevant peer-reviewed material.


Collection and analysis of data is conducted in an interpretive nature through review of literature on the subject.


Findings of this study include the fact that the IT company providing outsourcing and the company hiring the services should fully communicate on all matters. Performance management can be measured from the (1) financial perspective; the (2) customer perspective; (3) the Internal Business Process; and (4) Innovation and Learning Perspective. Quality and the vendor's reputation are important to businesses when considering outsourcing IT. Customers do not like subcontractors within the outsourcing framework while flexible contracts, geographic location, and cultural fit are found unimportant.


Koh, C., Ang. S. And Straub, D.W. (2004) IT Outsourcing Success: A Psychological Contract Perspective, Information Systems Research 15(4): 356-373.

Poyhonen, Seppo (nd) Factors that Influence the Success of IT Outsourcing - TU 91.167 Seminbar in Business Strategy and International Business

Schaffhauser, Dian (2006) Outsourcing Survey 2006, Part 3: Success Factors…… [Read More]

Koh, C., Ang. S. And Straub, D.W. (2004) IT Outsourcing Success: A Psychological Contract Perspective, Information Systems Research 15(4): 356-373.

Poyhonen, Seppo (nd) Factors that Influence the Success of IT Outsourcing - TU 91.167 Seminbar in Business Strategy and International Business
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IT Outsourcing This Discussion Is

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For instance a client without much expertise may make decisions that will lead to a lock in and not even be fully aware of it. Such decision making can be evident in scenarios where the client commits to a long-term contract without clauses that allow for ending the contract if the performance of the supplier is not adequate.

(2) Contractual Amendments- Amendments to contract can be extremely expensive, which creates a sizable risks for the client company. The costs involved is associated with redrafts, alterations of original contracts when either the supplier or client believes that such changes are necessary. Because contracting parties cannot anticipate changes that may need to occur as it pertains the contract, contractual amendments is always a risk that companies face. As such this is simply an issue that companies must make provisions for. Costs associated with altering contracts include the "direct costs of communicating new information, renegotiating agreements or coordinating operations in order to reflect new circumstances (Walker and Weber, 1984). Contractual amendments are mainly due to the uncertainty about future events and the other party's actions (Bahli & Rivard, (2003)." The three common types of uncertainty include environmental volatility, technological discontinuity, and nature of…… [Read More]

Bahli, B., Rivard, R. (2003) The information technology outsourcing risk: a transaction cost and agency theory-based perspective. Journal of Information Technology

(September 2003) 18, 211 -- 221
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Like Most of Western Europe

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[15] The United States saw that this must be prevented at all
costs due to Greece's connection to the economies of Western European and
United States. Furthermore, with Greece's strategic position in the
Mediterranean region and proximity to the Middle East, it and Turkey could
be vital allies in the future of global politics.[16]
Greece, Turkey, and Iran were part of the so-called Northern
Tier which was a buffer zone designed to stop the USSR from getting to the
Middle Eastern oil reserves and the Persian Gulf. Some have suggested that
these nations were used as pawns in a much larger political game. Since
those nations needed assistance, they were given it, but with certain
expectations about their future allegiances. This was certainly what
Truman with his famous doctrine was expected to have happen in this region
of the world.[17]
The aid package that Truman proposed and that was approved on May 22,
1947, by the U.S. Congress was valued at $400 million. Some sources state
that Greece was to receive $350 million and Turkey the remaining $50
million.[18] However, others suggest that the split was somewhat more even
with Greece receiving $300 million overall. The distribution of the money…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Bernaris, Anthony. "Oral History Interview with Anthony Bernaris" By
Philip C.
Brooks. Truman Presidential Museum and Library. 30 April 1964. 19
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Normal Size You Face Mob the Scores

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normal size). You

Face Mob

The scores of teenagers and adults who have turned the character and film Scarface into a universal symbol of a cultural icon would more than likely be shocked to know that there is nothing new about Tony Montana, his relish for his enemy's girlfriend, or several other facets about the motion picture that has earned a devout cult following in the several years since its opening. Scarface is actually a fairly liberal remake of the 1932 original film of the same name, written by Ben Hecht and directed by Howard Hawks, respectively. The original depicted another "Tony" (last name Camonte, not Montana) and his involvement in the illegal mob world of Chicago's notorious south side, rather than south Florida. The cocaine floundering around in the contemporary version was originally illicit alcohol, while Tony's lust for his rival's girlfriend, and his overbearing, fairly Freudian overprotection of his sister (and yes, she does end up having a relationship with the booze boss's best pal are all included. The primary difference between the two is that the original creators had the ability to condense their story into a respectable 90 minute movie, whereas the running time for the…… [Read More]

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Night the Crystals Broke Write Where You

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Night the Crystals Broke

Write where you got inspiration from?

The inspiration from this poem comes from my grandmother and her family, who lived through the pogroms and just before the Nazis took over Hungary. The title refers to the Kristallnacht, the event in which the Nazis burned synagogues and their religious items, and broke the windows. They also broke the windows of the local businesses. This poem also refers to the journey that was scary and arduous, over the Atlantic in the ship to Ellis Island. The statue at the end of the poem is the Statue of Liberty, which welcomed the "poor" and "hungry" masses, like my grandmother's people.

(2) Which author and poem did you refer to when writing this poem?

There is no one author or poem I referred to here. This is a completely original work. However, it is written in the form of a ballad. The ballad type of poem is appropriate for use when speaking of a historical person or event. Because I was writing about the events of the Nazi era and of my grandmother and great grandmother, this is in a ballad form.

(3) What did the poem mean to you…… [Read More]

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Vacation it Wasn't the Skinned Lamb Carcasses

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It wasn't the skinned lamb carcasses that greeted me as I walked through the door. Nor was it the short, dark-tanned man with the cigarette hanging out of his mouth proudly showing me the assorted viscera stacked high on his stall. It wasn't even in the next hall where the seafood was so fresh I thought for a brief moment that I was snorkeling. What struck me the most about the whole experience was the narrow coffee shop tucked into a wall in between tripe soup vendors. I joined the old men at their Formica-clad tables, their glares a mix of disdain for my intrusion and curiosity at my boldness. I motioned the grey-haired bowling ball of a lady behind the counter like a pro, and before long I had my coffee in front of me. I'm not a big coffee drinker, to tell you the truth. But I was fighting off some fierce jetlag, and I needed it bad that morning.

I'd come in red eye the day before. The trains were on strike, of course, and our cab driver had duly ripped us off I have no doubt. I'd sworn that vacation would be my last with…… [Read More]

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Lifespan IT's Very Interesting to Discuss an

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It's very interesting to discuss an individual's life in detail, especially when done so in a thoughtful manner. Through these conversations, one garners a distinct appreciation for life and the obstacles it presents. It also provides a great sense of the importance of perseverance in regards to success. Allen exemplifies the term "perseverance," in his behaviors throughout life. I personally had to the opportunity to meet Allen during a job fair. He was representing Macy's and immediately seemed approachable. He is warm hearted and very engaging. Little did I know that his background was one that was anything but warm.

Family background

Not much is known about Allen's father, who was appropriate named Allen himself. As the third, the younger Allen never made physical contact with his father. From the information garnered from his mother, Allen Sr. was an expert guitarist. His hobbies included playing instruments and teaching music. His profession was that of a truck driver. As such, his profession called for many months on the road. Sadly, at Allen Jr.'s birth, his dad was appropriately absent. Since that time, the younger Allen has never seen his original fathers face, ever. This presented numerous problems in regards to…… [Read More]

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Gentle Lena I Find it Particularly Interesting

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Gentle Lena

I find it particularly interesting to research the circumstances in which authors conduct their literary works. In conducting my critical review of Gertrude Stein's "The Gentle Lena," the circumstances prevailing during this period become immediate. In particular, the role of women in society becomes immediately apparent when reading this shirt story. When comparing the context of this work with the women's rights movement in recent memory, society has come very far in regards to equality. In this document, I will examine Gertrude Stein's "The Gentle Lena," in both a historical and social context. I will then examine how the prevailing sentiments of the time influenced many of the character interactions with the short story.

To begin, Lena's gentle and often submissive behavior was very typical of women during the early part of the 20th century. Women, during this period were considered inferior to men in many respects. They were expected to adhere and acquiesce to any request from their male counterparts. In hindsight, this thinking was obviously absurd and ill advised. However, given the circumstances prevailing in the early 20th century, it was effective for both the family and society in general.

During this period, the world was…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
1) Stein, Gertrude. "The Gentle Lena." Three Lives. 1909. New York: Penguin, 1990.

2) Werner, Sollors, Ethnic Modernism (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2008), p. 2-26
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Where Are You Going Where Have You

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Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? A failure to communicate

The heroine of Joyce Carol Oates "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?" is a young woman who has only just begun to understand the power of her sexuality. Like so many young girls, fifteen-year-old Connie is simultaneously an adult and a teenager: "Everything about her had two sides to it, one for home and one for anywhere that was not home: her walk, which could be childlike and bobbing, or languid enough to make anyone think she was hearing music in her head; her mouth, which was pale and smirking most of the time, but bright and pink on these evenings out; her laugh, which was cynical and drawling at home" (Oates 1968). Connie knows how to flirt with older boys but she is unaware of the potential consequences of doing so. Tragically, at the end of the tale she is -- Joyce Carol Oates is ambiguous -- either raped or murdered, or both, by a man named Arnold Friend. Arnold spotted Connie when she was 'coming on' to older boys and easily dominates her emotionally before he dominates her physically. An older man, he is…… [Read More]

"Communication." Ed.Gov. 11 Sept 2003. [13 Jul 2012] 
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Where Are You Going This Assignment Did

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Where Are You Going

this assignment did not pass the instructors critique-her comments below: anthony, Thank sharing group project contributions. Your team a good job discussing text managing responsibilities group tasks group discussion board / group live chat,

Suburban tragedy: The character of Connie in Joyce Carol Oates'

"Where are you going, where have you been?"

In her short story "Where are you going, where have you been?" Joyce Carol Oates describes the fate of a young, highly provocative girl named Connie. Connie is beautiful and only just emerging into a state of fully sexualized adolescence. "She was fifteen and she had a quick, nervous giggling habit of craning her neck to glance into mirrors or checking other people's faces to make sure her own was all right" (Oates 1966). Connie looks for approval from boys, but has a confident, cool air at home, as she easily manipulates her parents so she can go out late at night with her friends to the mall. Connie's combination of brashness and vulnerability give her roundness and complexity as a character that transcends a stereotype of a typical teenage victim. Connie's plight is particular to her circumstances; she is not simply a young…… [Read More]

University of San Francisco. First published in Epoch, 1966.

Retrieved from:
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Claude Perrault and Why it Supports Perrault's

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Claude Perrault and why it supports Perrault's ideas which marked the origins of modern reflection on the theory of architecture. The paper also presents fundamental proves and the reason why Perrault's theory of architecture were very controversial in the past. The paper also talked about Parallel and the buildings measured According to Claude Perrault's Theory and it achievement which led to the establishment of modern reflection of architecture.

The concept of architecture theory has been in existence for many decades. It takes the whole point of architecture as a matter of understanding the application in the field which belongs both to the practice and to the knowledge. However, as stated by (Onefrei, 12) architecture theory can be defined as the action of coming up with an idea, discussing and writing about certain architecture. The theory attempts to offer more details on why certain structures look unique and the reason why architects normally decides to give a certain building a particular design. It also provides reason for sudden change in the architectural design from old to modern architecture, theexpectation and the architect's attitudes which have made them to change the way they think during particular periods and led the kind of…… [Read More]

Herrmann Wolfgang. Theory of Claude Perrault, A journal of the Society of Architectural Historians. Published by the University of California Press on behalf of the Society of Architectural Historians Stable on the 3 October 1976, pg 2-24.Vol. 25.

Louis Marin, "Classical, Baroque: Versailles, or the Architecture of the Prince," Yale French Studies 80. Baroque Topographies published on Nov. 20, 1991, pg.24.

Onefrei Daniel, The history of the beauty and theory of architecture during the early times printed on March 5, 12.
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Blow the Whistle on What You Heard

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blow the whistle" on what you heard in the garden? If so, how will you blow the whistle? If you decide to blow the whistle, what are your reasons for doing so? Your discussion should reflect knowledge of what Boatright says about issues, problems and justifications for whistle-blowing. Also, in discussing the answers to these questions you should include the following: 1) you should evaluate real and potential conflicts of interests that confront you in your decision 2) you should explain how your reasoning is consistent or inconsistent with the three following moral theories: Kantian moral theory, utilitarian moral theory and virtue theory.

The situation

Our MBA is not really aware of what is going on; all he has is assumptions, guesses. He has no actual proof. In the first case, he has had suspicions of several transactions -- their accounting practices seem suspect - and he has pointed out his concerns to the CFO. He has then been assured that all is fine and that they know what they are doing. In the garden, you hear the CFO speaking with some high-ranking person from Arthur Andersen. They speak about the practice of inflating Enron earnings and transferring debt to…… [Read More]

"Behind the Enron Scandal - Multiple Articles." TIME 2002. 27 Apr. 2006 .

"BBC NEWS | Business | Enron Scandal At-a-Glance." BBC News. 22 Aug. 2002. The BBC. 27 Apr. 2006 .
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Personal Childhood Story From Cuba it Is

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Personal Childhood Story From Cuba

It is a night I will likely never forget. My sister and I had flown in to Cuba for a Quinceanara, which is the 15th birthday party for a young woman of Latina descent. We were very excited because the girl whose party it was a close friend of both my sister and I as well as of our extended family in Cuba. I remember my sister looked really pretty that night. She wore purple polka dotted dress with a lace frock that flared at the bottom. Her hair was pinned up in a bun and, at 14 years of age at the time, I thought she looked like it could have been her rite of passage/coming to womanhood birthday party instead of my friend's.

Quite possibly my sister had the same thought because, for some reason, she decided to drink alcohol for the first time that night. I had never drank before (and still have not), and it was the first time she had ever done so. Although she did not consume much, she became extremely inebriated and soon began to slur her speech, stumble around, wobble when she attempted to stand still. She…… [Read More]

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Postsecondary Program Important to You

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I will be the first to graduate, and so I owe my parents a great debt. My mother has always expected me to do my best and excel at whatever I do. I have struggled in this country and with some of my classes, but I feel that my 3.30 grade average at UMASS in Boston is a good representation of my abilities and my determination. I want to continue in my studies because I know that to excel in my career, I must graduate and continue with an advanced degree, and this is part of my plan for the future. I hope to teach, to make a difference with my students, and to continue with my education to learn and grow as much as possible. I think that education is the key to the future, for both my future students and me, and so, continuing my education is a natural progression of my goals, dreams, and hopes for the future.

How will a StraightForward Media Dale E. Fridell Scholarship help you meet your educational and professional goals?"

The Fridell Scholarship will help me achieve my educational and professional goals in a number of ways. First, it will allow me…… [Read More]

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I'd Tell You I Love You but Then I'd Have to Kill You by Ally Carter

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love you but then I'd have to kill you by Ally Carter

Modern girls are caught in a bind: how can they have a social life yet still be talented, intelligent, and athletically amazing, all at once? This dilemma is starkly illustrated in Ally Carter's I'd tell you I love you but then I'd have to kill you. The book is set in the Gallagher School for Girls, a boarding 'spy school' modeled on Harry Potter's Hogwarts for young wizards The heroine Cammie (alias 'the Chameleon') can speak fourteen languages and engage in covert operations (including making herself invisible) but has no idea how to talk to a 'normal' boy she likes. The book stresses that the support of your fellow girls is the only way to navigate the treacherous waters of female adolescence.

Throughout the book, Cammie's best friends support her, even during the strangest aspects of 'spy school.' The first example of this can be seen in the fact that although they are accomplished spies themselves, Bex and Macey always make her feel like a regular girl, whether they are giggling in the dining hall with her or getting her out of bed on time for class. A…… [Read More]

Carter, Ally. I'd tell you I love you but then I'd have to kill you. Hyperion, 2009.
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New Nurse Graduate Position Like Most Nursing

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new nurse graduate position.

Like most nursing students, when I was growing up I began to see myself as a caretaker; I always wanted to help people any way that I could. In middle and high school I volunteered at the local hospital from time to get a feel for what nursing would really be like, and this experience only made me want to pursue the career more. Now my dreams are becoming a reality -- I was accepted into a two-year BSN program at UNC, and I have been working as a nursing assistant on the general surgery floor at UNC Hospital since May, 2010. I love my job and can't wait to continue my education and gain more experience.

Please describe a time when you provided exceptional patient care.

One incident from my clinical experiences stands out in my mind as a quintessential example of what nursing is all about. During this time, I provided care for a 70-year-old Caucasian male, Mr. R in the Cardiac Care Unit at VA Hospital. This patient came to CCU because he had ST elevation after undergoing a colostomy. Since he was only one day post-op he was still in a lot…… [Read More]

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Kids Are Different it Does

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The NIM study probably took a more proportionate cross-sample of students all over the country to come up with a percentage, and I would be more inclined to believe that the NIM number was more accurate that the school district number. The NIM number, however, does seem like it is a bit high, and may still not be completely representative of what is accurate.

In order to know whether the school district numbers are true for that district and whether the NIM numbers are accurate for the overall student population in this country, more study would have to be done. How these 'random' students were chosen and how the data was analyzed are things that would need to be studied more closely because the numbers clearly do not add up. The fact that there is that much of a discrepancy between these numbers shows that something has not been addressed properly and needs to be investigated. It is…… [Read More]

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Cinderella Archetype Is Manifest in Characters Like

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Cinderella archetype is manifest in characters like Mathilde Loisel in Guy De Maupassant's "The Necklace," Cinderella in Charles Perault's "Cinderella," Wassilissa in Russian folktale "The Beautiful Wassilissa," and Princess Ann in the 1953 film Roman Holiday. Guy De Maupassant's short story "The Necklace" is about a working class woman, Mathilde, who longs to be wealthy but learns a hard lesson about the illusion of glamor. Perrault's Cinderella is about a young woman raised by an abusive stepmother and finds upward social mobility by meeting a handsome prince. Wassilissa of "The Beautiful Wassilissa" folktale meets a powerful sorceress Baba-Yaga, who helps her use supernatural power and a magic doll to achieve her upward social mobility. Finally, Princess Ann in Roman Holiday is an actual princess who longs to be a normal woman. Therefore, Roman Holiday is a fun reversal of the traditional Cinderella story. Each of these stories has elements of gender and how it relates to social status. These stories highlight what Elizabeth Cady Stanton claims in her History of Woman Suffrage: "He has endeavored, in every way that he could, to destroy her confidence in her own powers, to lessen her self-respect, and to make her willing to lead…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
De Maupassant, Guy. "The Necklace." Retrieved online: 

Perrault, Charles. "Cinderella." Retrieved online:
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Love You but Then I'd Have to

Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10976195

love you but then I'd have to kill you by Ally Carter offers a brief look at one of the most exciting and incredible occupations, spies. A young spy-in-training by the name of Cammie Morgan is stuck between a "rock and a hard place" as she attempts to live her life at Gallagher Academy and deal with a romantic awakening. Not only is her crush interest a boy outside of the spy world, but he's a regular, normal, average guy. The book does a great job of not only showing the explosive and genius level world of spies, but it also shows a young girl and her battles with love. The lesson learned from this book is how to be honest and truthful even when hiding an important secret. That is, reveal actual details from one's life rather than just maing up stories.

Cammie is a student from Gallagher Academy and the courses the girls there take are insane. From hacking the CIA to making explosive substances, anything under the roof of the academy is strictly confidential. However when Cammie meets a cute boy named Josh, a series of internal battles begin with her wanting to tell Josh the truth…… [Read More]

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Death of IT -- Readings and Responses

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Death of IT? -- Readings and Responses

The end of history. The death of the American nuclear family. The uselessness of IT. There is no better way to establish one's reputation as a controversial commentator than to make a sweeping, however unjustified pronouncement about the death of something, regardless of whether one has the data to back it up or not. Charles H. Duell, the director of the U.S. Patent Office, did so in 1899 when he said, "Everything that can be invented has been invented." (Evans 2004) Duell was wrong about technology, but right in the way he went about making quotable quotes and a public relations 'splash.'

Nicholas Carr's 2003 Harvard Business Review article "Does IT Really Matter," which he subsequently turned into a book, certainly roused accusations of stimulating more heat than light upon the issue. However, Carr's central thesis deserves the merit of further examination. Carr states, historically, from a business perspective, that when one examines the evolution of information technology in commerce, the technology will likely follow a pattern similar to earlier commodity technologies like railroads and electric power. For a brief period, as these infrastructure technologies were being built into the evolving networks of…… [Read More]

Evans, Bob. (19 May 2004) "IT is a Must." Information Week. Retrieved 26 Feb 2005 at

Keefe, Patricia. (14 May 2003) "IT does Matter." Computerworld. Retrieved 26 Feb 2005 at,10801,81094p2,00.html
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Music Make You Fee Strung

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Additionally, with seven different movements in this one composition, this 'song' had the time and the build-up to really work through some climaxes. I believe that the sixth movement of this piece, Nocturne 2, actually did resemble the feel of the night. The types of strings that I typically appreciate are certainly indicative of night time, with their dark, spooky feeling. Although Dutilleux's Nocturne 2 was not quite as scary sounding as some of the modern day compositions I like, it certainly sounded good and came the closet to the type of music that I usually listen to.

Oddly enough, while Ainsi la' nuit was the piece that had elements in it that moved me the most, it also contained movements that helped to alienate me from the music -- and from this type of music -- the most as well. I found both of the litanies in this composition to be boring. They served their place, of course, by creating the lull that the ensuing Constellations (the fifth movement) and Nocturne 2 (the sixth movement) were able to capitalize on with their vibrancy and energy. But those liturgies were really conservative, to the point in which they began to…… [Read More]

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Love Women Like to Be

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Share the experience of watching the sunset over Lake Havasu.

Hearing and learning the unique stories and interesting facts about the lake and its surrounding sceneries only enhance the sunset sight-seeing activity. This will be a fun and romantic way to enjoy the afternoon.

To cap off the romantic day, you can catch a romantic movie at Movie Havasu. The movie, Time Traveler's Wife is currently being shown. Like all other women, Filipinas like romantic movies. Try to take note and remember the parts which she liked and enjoy the movie with her so that you can talk or laugh about it in later conversations.

A visit to the Lake Havasu Museum of History is also an off-beat way of enjoying an afternoon which can also be turned into a fun experience. It is not a very romantic activity but learning about the history of Lake Havasu might provide an interesting shared experience.

There are a number of restaurants in Lake Havasu with different cuisines to choose from. There are restaurants catering to American, Asian, Italian, and Mexican cuisine. Research about the kind of cuisine that she loves and surprise her with a romantic dinner for two which features her…… [Read More]