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There are also
those nations so hungry for economic growth that they embrace any type of
commerce activity, and this has been the case in China for example, which
does not police against spamming. The U.S. government on the other hand
has been aggressive about prosecuting spammers and sending them to prison.
You are a fairly small company:
a) Should you use a firewall?
Yes, most definitely, as any hacker could get to your company's record,
even spoof your e-mail addresses and send SPAM or other e-mails using your
company's identity.
b) Should you use antivirus systems?
Yes, as any small business will have spent a large percentage of their
total budgets on PCs and laptops, and a virus could make these assets
inoperable fast. Anti-virus will save e-mail systems, the company network,
and ultimately hundreds of hours of lost time.
c) Should you use and intrusion-detection system?
Yes and many firewalls now include this feature specifically to track and
block anyone who tries unsuccessfully to break into a company network via a
website, FTP link, or any other approach to gaining access to a company's

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