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University Of Phoenix Lawsuit University Of Phoenixeeoc Essay

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University of Phoenix Lawsuit

University of Phoenix/EEOC Lawsuit

In 2006, the Equal Employment Opportunity Council (EEOC) sued the University of Phoenix, alleging that enrollment counselors who were non-Mormon were discriminated against. The federal lawsuit states that employees who were not Mormon (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) were not treated favorably when it came to reprimands, tuition waivers, and leads on new students (Gilbertson, 2006). There are 4400 enrollment counselors in the school, including 2600 in Phoenix itself. It is owned by Apollo Group, Inc., which is a publicly-traded company. According to Mary Jo O'Neill, who is the regional attorney for the EEOC, there has been a pattern of practice seen with the University of Phoenix and how it favors LDS workers over those who are not LDS, which is a violation of anti-discrimination laws (Gilbertson, 2006).

Joe Cockrell, spokesman for Apollo Group, said that he had not seen the lawsuit but that the company has always had respect for others and equal opportunities for everyone (Gilbertson, 2006). The company has both anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies, and there is a zero-tolerance stance taken on the issues. For years, University of Phoenix and the Apollo Group have had rumors of Mormon influence swirling around them (Gilbertson, 2006). The long-time President of the company was Mormon, and left unexpectedly in January of 2006. The new President is non-LDS, as is the founder of the company (Gilbertson, 2006). The EEOC says that there is a growing trend of intolerance when it comes to other religions in the workplace. Some of the former workers at the University of Phoenix are named in the lawsuit and are asking for damages and back pay, to which they feel they are entitled (Gilbertson, 2006). They allege that they were fired based on their non-Mormon influence and that the best leads (which kept up tuition numbers and allowed them to keep their jobs) were only given to Mormons (Gilbertson, 2006).

The EEOC is a federal watchdog agency that addresses complaints in the workplace such as harassment and discrimination. It generally protects against you being discriminated against…… [Read More]

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University Students Engaged In Paid Employment Apa Essay

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University Students Engaged in Paid Employment

APA- 6th Edition

For various reasons, there has been an increase in employment in university students. One reason for this shift is a change in the demographics of university students. No longer are university students primarily composed of young adults who transition immediately from primary education to the university setting. Instead, many university students are non-traditional students. Many of them are older, have families, and have been actively involved in the workforce for significant periods of time prior to entering the university setting. Other students may enter universities at the traditional change, but face financial challenges requiring them to work to either support themselves or pay for the education, which reflects a cultural shift in both the willingness to subsidize education and the class requirements for higher education. For example, "reductions in financial support for higher education students have taken place in the UK since the 1980s" which has led to the abolishing of maintenance grants and substituting them with tuition and educational loans (Moreau & Leathwood, 2006). These types of changes are taking place worldwide, which is leading to a shift in the expectations for college students.

One thing that this shift has impacted is the number of students engaged in the workplace. Moreover, because of the greater number of students engaged in the workforce, one would expect to see changes in how this working environment impacts students. "Evidence from recent studies strongly suggest that there is likely to be an impact in each of these areas because the pattern of full-time students' engagement with higher education has changed over the past decade and especially in the last two or three years" (McMinnis & Hartley, 2002).

Generally, when one discusses how paid employment might impact a student's experience of the work environment, there are two hypothesized impacts. The first way that people believe paid employment will impact school is by impacting academic performance. The theory is that paid employment will interfere with students' ability to study and result in an overall decline in academic performance. However, a focus on grades ignores the fact that the university experience is not solely based on academics. Instead, the university experience is a holistic experience that involves a significant amount of social activity. Some studies have examined how paid employment impacts the overall university…… [Read More]

Applegate, C. & Daly, A. (2006). The impact of paid work on the academic performance of students: A case study from the University of Canberra. Australian Journal of Education, 50(2), 155-166.

McInnis, C. & Hartley, R. (2002). Study and work: The impact of full-time study and paid work on the undergraduate experience in Australian universities. Canberra: Department of Education, Science and Training.
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University Of Cambridge International Examinations Cambridge International Essay

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University of Cambridge International Examinations

Cambridge International Diploma In Management

Higher Professional Level

All work submitted for assessment must be accompanied by an Assignment Cover Sheet. Fill in your Candidate and Module details on this form, sign the declaration and attach this Cover Sheet to the front of your work. Your tutor or responsible person at your centre must sign the declaration that this is all your own work. You must state the number of words in your assignment, excluding bibliography and appendices.

CIE Unique Candidate Identifier

Centre No

Cand No



Candidate Name

Alaa Eddin Al Jabban

Indicate which module the enclosed work relates to by ticking the box in the last column.

Module Code

Module Title


Assessment Method

Management Skills


Management File

Financial Management


4000-word assignment

Information Systems Management


4000-word assignment

Strategic Management


4000-word assignment

Human Resource Planning


4000-word assignment

Organizational Behavior and Change Management


4000-word assignment

Customer Relations Management


4000-word assignment

Strategic Marketing


4000-word assignment

Case Study


8000-word assignment

Please tick the box if this is a resubmission

Tutor Comments (Optional):

Candidate Declaration: I confirm that the enclosed assignment is all my own work. Any work taken from another source has been appropriately referenced and acknowledged. The number of words is

Alaa Eddin Al Jabban


Tutor Declaration: I verify that this assignment is the candidate's own work.

Arijit Bose

Tutor Name

Arijit Bose


Table of Index:

Executive Summary

42. Research Methodology

43. Organizational Background:

43.1 Industry Background

43.2 Company Information, Market Coverage and Services

Source: Eurosec Automation & Security.

53.3 Vision

53.4 Mission

53.5 My Role

53.6 My Department

54. Organizational Strategy and Human Resource Planning

54.1 HRP and Its Strategic Objectives

54.1.1 Definitions and Background

64.1.2 Strategic Importance and Objectives

64.2 Strategic Plans and Objectives

74.3 HRP Best Practices and HR Policy

85. HR Planning Process

85.1 Internal Analysis

85.1.1 SWOT Analysis

105.2 External Analysis

105.2.1 PESTLE Analysis

105.2.3 Economic

115.2.4 Social

115.2.5 Technological

115.2.6 Legal

115.2.7 Environmental

126. HR Plan

126.1 Demand and Availability…… [Read More]

Balanced Scorecard Basics. (2011). Retrieved from http://www.balancedscorecard.org/BSCResources/AbouttheBalancedScorecard/tabid/55/Default.aspx

Cherry, Kendra. (2011). What Is Reliability? Retrieved from http://psychology.about.com/od/researchmethods/f/reliabilitydef.htm
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University Comparison Two Universities The Educations System Essay

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University Comparison

Two Universities:

The educations system in the United States is said to be, many times, unique. This education system seems to stress practically over everything else, and this is something good, but many times, other ideas may benefit from consideration by education authorities in America. This paper will thus focus upon two universities in order to see their similarities and differences, namely University of Ghana and Georgia State University, and see which, if either is better suited or a better institution in which individuals can learn.

The very first difference, from the simple names of the universities shows that one of them is a state university in the United States, and the other is a national university of a country in Africa. This, however, does not mean that there are not similarities. For example, both universities have beautifully built websites, that give a detailed history of the particular university. The "about" page of the University of Ghana, for example, describes how the university was built, and when. Furthermore, it includes statistics on its graduation and enrollment, its associations and links, and its institutional affiliations.

The other nice thing about this organization is that it provides detailed descriptions of its colleges, which include: College of Health Sciences, which has a medical, dental, allied health services, public health, and nursing school, the College of Agriculture and Consumer Sciences, with a school of agriculture and a research center, as well as arts, law, science, business and engineering divisions, and also describes Research Institutes. These institutes include the Institute of African Studies, the Institute of Adult Education, the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research, the Memorial Institute for Medical Research, and the Institute for Population Studies. Further, the about page also gives insight as to the research and learning centers, and states that it works with 17 of…… [Read More]

All information from: "About." University of Ghana | Legon. Web. 15 Oct. 2011. .

All information from "Welcome -- Georgia State University." Georgia State University. Web. 15 Oct. 2011. .

All information from "Welcome -- Georgia State University." Georgia State University. Web. 15 Oct. 2011. .
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University Of Central Florida Ucf Essay

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Some notable alumni of UCF are today successful managers, entrepreneurs as well as professionals in their own right. Others like Dick Batchelor and Bruce Antone, both of whom at one point served as Florida's State Representatives, have held senior public offices. By seeking to undertake a graduate program at UCF; I will be looking forward to joining the ever expanding list of notable UCF graduates. Also, as an alumnus of UCF, I will in addition to flying the institution's flag high also have a chance to excel in the various facets of life given the skills I will have gleaned from a world-class team of staff, faculty as well as administrators at UCF.

My Five and Ten-Year Career Objectives

I have several objectives I seek to accomplish both in the short-term and in the long run. Quite a number of these objectives are pegged on my completing of the MBA program. To begin with, within the next five years, I plan to be serving in the middle level management of a reputable corporation. An MBA program in this case will give me the much needed edge to scale the crowded corporate ladder. Further, on the side, I plan to establish a medium sized consultancy startup. In this case, I am convinced that an MBA program will further sharpen my business skills in relation to the formulation as well as implementation of business strategies amongst other capabilities. Regarding my ten-year career objectives, I plan to be either in the top management position of a fortune 500 entity or fully running my consultancy firm. In both scenarios, the relevance of an MBA cannot be overstated especially when it comes to the enhancement of both professional and business skills. I am certain that an MBA will help me develop the necessary skills critical for survival in the business world. Also, while undertaking an MBA program…… [Read More]