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Worry Bout Audience Analysis Word Count 1000-1250 Essay

Words: 1385 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88467511

worry bout audience Analysis Word Count: 1000-1250 words (This word count refers ONLY essay . It include audience analysis Works… [Read More]

Goudreau, Nicole. "The 10 worst college majors." Forbes. 11 Oct 2012. 25 Jan 2013.
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Construction Site Safety Meeting Essay

Words: 1261 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93771855

Safety Meeting

Conducting an informative safety meeting can seem like a large task. The purpose of a safety meeting is to effectively convey safety information to employees. Effective communication of safety guidelines and rules can help to reduce the chance of injury on the jobsite. Safety meetings are most often conducted by supervisors, the foreman, or even the company owner. Like everything else, if you follow a plan it can be done with minimal stress. Here is a detailed, step-by-step plan for conducting an informative safety meeting, using a construction company as an example.

The first step in the process is choosing a place to hold the safety meeting. You will want to choose a comfortable area, so the employees can focus their full attention on you and the information you are conveying. It can be hard to focus if an area is too hot or cold, or if there is a lot of background noise. Also, consider the information to be presented. A source of electricity will be needed to demonstrate proper use of electric tools.

Once you have chosen where to hold the safety meeting, your next step is to gather, prepare, and setup all necessary tools and equipment needed for the safety meeting. You will want a prepared list of the company's standard safety guidelines. The company may have safety handbooks ready to distribute, but if not you will need to prepare this yourself. Simply make a list of the safety guidelines employees need to be aware of. This can be done on a computer, or even by hand. Make sure to use clear, concise phrasing and fully explain any specific terms. You will need enough copies of the safety guidelines to distribute one set to each employee at the meeting, and having a few extras is recommended. Besides the list of safety guidelines, you will need to gather any safety gear specified in the safety guidelines. On a construction site these can be items such as hardhats, safety lines, and safety goggles. Also, you will need to gather and setup for demonstration any tools used that can be hazardous to safety, such as a nail gun, electric saws, and a hammer. When setting up the tools, make sure they are placed in the…… [Read More]

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Mastery Over Nature Exotic Animal Trade Essay

Words: 1388 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92993858

Mastery Over Nature and the Exotic Animal Trade

Humankind has always had a fascination with nature and specifically animals in nature and even more specifically with conquering the animal or gaining mastery over the animal. The exotic animal has been the focus of great aspiration of humankind to attain mastery over. The reasons for this are varied in nature with some individuals obtaining exotic animals for their own pleasure and as examined in this particular informative study there is desire for obtaining exotic animals so that human beings can experience the animals of nature.

Adelaide Zoo, Adelaide, South Australia

The setting examined in this study is that of the Adelaide Zoo, located Adelaide, South Australia. The work of Kay Anderson entitled "Culture and Nature at the Adelaide Zoo: At the Frontier of Human Geography" reports that in the suburban backyard, people unknowingly "make their more routine interventions in nature by clearing ground and arranging space for 'gardens', they simultaneously create 'habitats' in which some species of bird and animal life thrive while other lose out." (Anderson, 1995)

The suburb is reported by Anderson to have become an ecosystem of its own. However, just as people create habitats for animals, Anderson states that they also "often tend to misrecognize as 'natural' the settings that have been deliberately set aside for human recreation and contemplation." (Anderson, 1995) Included according to Anderson are "the parks and reserves where an ill-defined and unspecified 'nature' has been converted into cultural experience and spiritual commodity. It is the metropolitan space of the western world's zoo-logical gardens, however, that people encounter a nature that has been most complexly and culturally contrived by, and for, humans." (Anderson, 1995) Anderson reports that the zoological gardens are such that are "…an illusion is created from scratch and re-presented back to human audiences in a cultural performance and achievement…" (Anderson, 1995) Nature is stated by Anderson to be while remote and distant from the human cultural society is "in some sense at least, socially constructed." (Anderson, 1995)

II. The Zoo…… [Read More]

Adams, G., Fisher, L., Le Blond, D., Mazur, N., McMahon, C., Peckover, T., Schmiechen, J. And Sharrad, N. 1991, The role of the Adelaide Zoo in conservation, Report prepared for the Royal Zoological Study of South Australia, Mawson Graduate Centre for Environmental Studies, The University of Adelaide.

Anderson, K (1994) Culture and Nature at the Adelaide Zoo: At the Frontiers of Human Geography. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers. N.S. 20(3) 275-294. Retrieved from:
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Art of Having a Guest Essay

Words: 470 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69111059

The author of "The Art of Cookery" made a similarly wise decision by using a time order as this reflects the style of the piece. The piece is meant to present a very formal topic, and using time order reinforces the point that the formality of this process is contained in its timeliness. Furthermore, the author's secondary development method of informative process was necessary in order to make the essay what it is -- a how to piece.

4. Both of these essays are alike in many ways. The fact that they are both expository essays makes them very similar, as both have the purpose of explaining. Since both essays used, at some point, the informative process, they can both be described as how to essays. Furthermore, both essayists took into account their audiences when penning this work, deciding on the style that would best suit the audience. These essays are also different, however, in their presentation. "The Art of Cookery," is very time-oriented, a series of numbered maxims that drips with authority. Poyssick's essay, however, is organized around the love of a topic, and suggests that the reader has can do what he or she feels most comfortable doing. In addition, Poyssick's essay is much more detailed than "The Art of Cookery,"…… [Read More]

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Wild Oats Promotion of Wild Essay

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Finally, by offering purely informational material on its Internet site, it draws additional traffic from web-surfers who may be looking for information regarding the benefits of 'going organic,' and after becoming persuaded about the general superiority of such produce, decide to make their next grocery store trip at Wild Oats.

Types of sales promotions used

Like most grocery stores, Wild Oats pulls customers into the store through the weekly promotion of different, popular seasonal items. One blurb on the website reads: "What's on sale." Click onto the link, and the web-surfer can type the zip code of his or her local store, and find out what is on sale. Also, Wild Oats offers consumers weekly email notifications of popular sale items, usually on seasonal or locally grown produce -- but also on vitamins and natural body products. The fact that customers also can type in their store's location, as different locations may have different offers customizes this feature that is generically offered to all Wild Oats shoppers.

Types of publicity used and for what purpose

Thus Wild Oats uses traditional on-site promotions, such as sales and short informative blurbs about their foods, but it also combines these real-life strategies with Internet promotions, such as the Wild Oats email newsletter and the website's informative articles about the advantages of organic products, buying local produce, and other information designed to subtly convince the customer of the superiority of Wild Oats' specialty goods. Wild Oats also makes use of non-threatening sales pitches like increasing the health IQ of children by offering factory tours. These do not specifically promote the business, but increases the number of positive associations parents will have regarding the market.

How Wild Oats achieve Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)

Organic, sustainability, buying locally -- keeping the customer informed of what is healthy for the mind and body (and stealthily promoting products that just happen to be found at Wild Oats) are reinforced in every aspect of Wild Oats promotional materials. All of these associations are confirmed at every juncture through both the web-based and onsite promotion of Wild Oats. The tone of the marketing is not overtly persuasive. It deploys subtly persuasive informative…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Field Trip: Factory." Wild Oats Official Web page. [6 Aug 2006]
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Advertising and Personal Selling Essay

Words: 945 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49903028

Marketing Mix for Panera Bread Company


Advertising refers to any form of non-personal communication meant to persuade, inform, and remind customers to buy a product (Shapiro, 1984). Panera Bread Company has adopted the informative approach as a way of winning and retaining customers. In this strategy, the aim is to let the clients get to know the features of the products being offered. These features include the price, quantities sold, the quality as well as how the products are consumed. Some information to the effect of the ingredients used to bake the breads as well as how the bread needs to be consumed (Peter and Donnelly 2013).

The informative objective also involves teaching the clients about the hazards of overconsumption of the product. Panera Bread Company has warned the clients of over consumption of bread -being a processed food in its adverts. The action seeks to comply with the government directive and as a good public relations exercise of not endangering the lives of the clients. The people who usually make the choice to purchase the products from this company are often well informed about all the features of the products they are buying. The information is desirable, and the company has since the adoption of the informative approach to advertising experienced a robust boost in its annual sales (Peter and Donnelly 2013).

The third angle in which the company has achieved the informative agenda is with the interactive sessions that they often have either in the usual print or electronic media previews. The company has also lately gotten to the social media to provided informative messages to the consumers (Scott 2007). The advertising budget has always been as low as possible. With the advertising strategy, the company has employed the print and electronic media while seeking to reach all the potential customers. The message of the adverts has always been to highlight the best side of the product to the eyes of the clients. Panera's most preferred media…… [Read More]

Peter, J. Paul and Donnelly James H. Marketing management: Knowledge and skills. 11. ed. New York: McGraw-Hill Higher Education, 2013. Print.

Scott, David Meerman. The new rules of marketing and PR: how to use news releases, blogs, podcasting, viral marketing, & online media to reach buyers directly. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2007. Print.
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English Usage of Language Essay

Words: 1593 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26679930

female of a dog or other animals of the dog family e.g. fox a gray hound *****. However, when used as slang it implies derogatory characteristics of a woman especially a cruel and unpleasant one. In terms of relating it to something or somebody it implies 'making bad or critical comments about someone/something or complaining' inclusive of 'unpleasant situation etc.'.

Thus, its literal meaning is quite different from its common usage. How the literal meaning fell devoid giving birth to a totally new, informal and derogatory meaning is questionable. Although the formal version of the term is still used to imply the gender difference a male dog and a female dog, the informal term still prevails. There lies no apparent connection between the two meanings and it is not easy to comprehend how the two evolved simultaneously for the same word. Attitudes play a major role, the term '*****' is the classification of female dog, but the general public prefers to use it otherwise. As per the informal definition, the term '*****' implies to be a derogatory remark directed towards that female section of the society, which is unpleasant for an individual. Assuming a relationship between the literal meaning and the slang use would be a sheer mistake yet advancing on the same it is visible that the only link present is that both pertain to the feminine gender. This further form the basis of sexual discrimination denounced openly in the society but welcomed here. Last but never the least is that third meaning of the term, this extends to situations and circumstances that are unfavorable to an individual and the expression used sums up his feelings.

Another, difference visible between the literal meaning and the informal / slang definition of the term is that the former simply names a certain species of animals while the other is used to express disgust. That is, disgust or dislike of a woman, situation or something/somebody. In the present day world the term '*****' is rather considered fashionable in the society, be it the young or the old. Its use is also very common to the extent that for many it is a habitual phrase necessary in every conversation.

Thesis statement:

The analysis of how and why terms like '*****' are misused in their literal and slang context with respect to the practical world.

Informative and Affective Connotation of certain…… [Read More]

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Fiscal Policy What Are the Three Major Essay

Words: 1369 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47350353

Fiscal Policy

What are the three major categories of revenues for the federal government? Please comment on each and indicate their relative importance to each other. Relative importance can be indicated by dollar amounts, percent of total revenue or expenditure or, though less informative, by ranking.

The three categories of revenues for the federal government include: individual income taxes, corporate income taxes and social insurance taxes. These areas are interconnected to each other based upon: the strength of the economy and areas they are focused on. For example, in 2009 individual income taxes were $1.01 trillion. This is the largest category for revenues received. While corporate income taxes were $223 billion and social insurance receipts were $915 billion. In the case of individual and corporate incomes taxes, the total amounts were impacted by shifts in the economy (which were down from the previous year). While social insurance receipts were up modestly. These areas are showing how individual and corporate income tax revenues are subject to changes in the economy. Whereas social insurance taxes; are protected from these adjustments. The combination of these elements will have an effect on the total amounts of revenues that are received (from year to year). ("The Budget and Economic Outlook," 2009)

What are the three major categories of expenditures for the federal government? Please comment on each and indicate their relative importance to each other. Relative importance can be indicated by dollar amounts, percent of total revenue or expenditure, or, though less informative, by ranking

The three categories of expenditures of the federal government include: mandatory spending, discretionary spending and net interest. All three areas are interconnected from their ability to impact the national debt. Mandatory spending is the biggest category with this accounting for $2.164 trillion (in 2009). Discretionary spending is the second largest category coming in at $1.184 trillion. While the net interest; is accounting for $195 billion in expenditures. These different areas will have an impact upon the total amounts of increases or decreases on annual basis. ("The Budget and Economic Outlook," 2009)

Assume you are the Chief Economic Advisor to the President of the United States and the President has asked you…… [Read More]

The Budget and Economic Outlook. (2009). CBO. Retrieved from:

Chinese Military Spending a Threat. (2012). Yahoo News. Retrieved from:
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Internet Advertising Forms a Critical Part for Essay

Words: 1825 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7581684

Internet Advertising

Advertising forms a critical part for the operation of any business. The business owners rely on advertising in order to get in touch with their customers. This brings the need for an efficient way of reaching the potential customers with information about the products. Consequently, many of the business owners have turned to the internet as media for advertising with the main aim of reaching their potential customers faster than before. The adoption of online advertising (internet use) has triggered a hot debate on whether the internet has changed the image of advertising in the market. Some people argue that the internet has benefited advertising while others have their own views about the internet limiting advertisement. Some of the services offered by the internet include e-mail advertising, display advertising, affiliate advertising, behavioral marketing and semantic advertising. This article supports the view that the internet has benefited users in terms of advertising. Internet has various benefits to the users. The benefits include wider coverage, targeted audiences, affordable, speed and informative. Every user would like to associate to this benefit in order to ensure their operations are productive. The thesis of the article is internet advertising has benefited the user owners through increasing their productivity in the market.

The use of internet in advertising allows the user owners to reach a larger number of people within a short time. The higher the number of potential customers that a user relates to is the higher probability of the business being productive in its productive. The main aim of any user is to reach many customers to make them aware of their products in the market (Mojgan p. 218). The growth of technology has triggered an increase in the number of people accessing the internet consequently there are high probabilities that the user will get many customers. The people accessing the internet represent the potential customers to the products in the market. This makes online advertisement to be better than offline advertisement whereby the latter does not present many audiences to advertisement. Further, the internet advertising proves to be faster in terms of how it reaches the audience. It presents the users with the chance to start sending out their ads to a wider audience, the moment they start advertising their campaigns (O'Guinn et al., 535). Time is always of importance to the users…… [Read More]

Gwyn, David. The Key Benefits Of Online Advertising. 2002. Retrieved from: http://david-