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Can you help me to write an essay based on topic alcohol consumption APA reference style writing?


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There are a number of different subtopics you could explore when writing a paper about the general topic of alcohol consumption.  How to choose the right topic depends on what type of paper you want to write about alcohol consumption.  If you are looking to write an informative essay, then you could write about the impact of alcohol consumption on the body, while an argumentative essay might focus on whether having 21 as the legal drinking age is logical given that 18 is considered an “adult” for all other purposes.  So, it is important to keep in mind that the type of essay you want to write should help you pick your specific subtopic.

Here are some of the subtopics that we think would make an interesting basis for an essay about alcohol consumption.

Many people report an increase in binge-drinking episodes on college campuses; is there really an increase in this type of behavior or is there simply greater awareness of it? 

The relationship between early alcohol consumption and alcoholism or problem drinking behaviors later in life; does when you start drinking matter as much as how and why you start drinking?

Are humans the only animals who regularly consume alcohol, and, if not, which other animals consume alcohol and how do they consume it?

Semi-sobriety: is there room for casual drinking in the recovery programs of people who have been problem drinkers?

Alcohol consumption and religion; what are the religious norms surrounding alcohol consumption and how did those norms develop in the context of their religions.

Alcohol consumption and crime; are victims and perpetrators who have consumed alcohol prior to a crime treated the same way as victims or perpetrators who were sober?  If not, what are the differences?  Do the differences impact victims and perpetrators in the same way?

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