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Communication Individual And Group Skills Essay

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Racism in the United States is often seen as the methodical oppression of African-Americans and other people of color and the related ideology of white supremacy and black inferiority. These two aspects of racism have influenced the U.S. society from the early 1600's until the present (Bohmer 1998). It all comes down to everyone being different and people being unable to accept these differences.

I have often found myself when choosing people to date letting the fact of whether these people had any college education or not influence my decision on who to go out with and who not to. After evaluating that way of thinking, I have come to the realization that this is just silly and that this factor should not be something that I take into the equation when deciding who to go out with.

Task 3

Effective communication occurs mainly at an unconscious level and this is why the most effective communicators of all time often paid as much attention to how they were delivering their message as they did to the exact words that they were using. There are a number of strategies that a person can do in order to ensure that their communication is effective. These include:

1. Taking responsibility for the success of their communication. If the audience is not getting it, it is because you're not giving it in a way they can understand.

2. it's not about you. In order to communicate effectively, a person must learn to see the world for the other person's perspective.

3. If what a person is doing isn't working then they need to do something different.

4. Every action must have a positive intention.

5. it's better to be successful than right. It is felt that the world demands results, not excuses (Effective Communication Skills 2009).

Task 4

Communication is defined as a process by which a person assigns and conveys meaning in an attempt to create a shared understanding. This process requires a vast range of skills…… [Read More]


Why We Communicate: Three Basic Tasks, 2005, Available at:

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Communication Problem Related To Small Essay

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This is exacerbated by the problem that Carmen is close friends with the owner Kenneth. Kenneth has a similar conflict management style to Carmen. He can be extremely nice when dealing with people casually, but whenever a problem arises like Carmen he makes excuses, avoids the problem, tries to pass it on to someone else, or resorts to texting or faxing messages rather than confronting complaints. Their favorite 'nonverbal' communication strategy is simply not being there.

A failure to listen is one of the most common workplace communication problems. "When people or groups are in conflict, communication between them tends to get worse and worse. As a conflict escalates, people limit their direct contact with people on the other side, because such conflict is uncomfortable or threatening….Eventually all direct communication between parties may be cut off. Sometimes, communication is cut off in protest" (Lack of communication channels/avoided communication, 2005, OTPIC). The sense that there is no one to appeal to, given Kenneth's alliance with Carmen, has caused many employees to despair of ever improving things at the restaurant.

On several occasions, people have tried to force problems out into the open by talking to Kenneth privately, specifically framing the problem in a manner which they hope is persuasive to him (stressing that for the profitability of the restaurant and the greater good of everyone, he must ensure that there is more effective scheduling and a better way to deal with customer complaints). Kenneth's main response is to say "I'll take care of it," but 'it' never gets taken care of, of course. Kenneth needs to set up a formal schedule for all employees, with strict rules about giving the restaurant notice about calling out sick. He also needs to sit down regularly with his staff and listen to what people say about how to improve service.

There is little secret that tensions run high in restaurant kitchens. Even at the cafeteria at the Olympic Training Center (OTC) in Colorado Springs, according to the publication the Restaurant Door, there was recently a knife fight in the kitchen. "The OTC was an on-going operation whose dining program was in need of major surgery. In fact, the foodservice had consistently been the leading source of complaints from the athletes about their training experience" (Marvin…… [Read More]

Craig, Suzanne. (2012). What restaurants know (about you). The New York Times. Retrieved:

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Communication Prompt 1 Transforming Conflict Essay

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B: No you didn't.

A: You just weren't listening.

Nonviolent Communication:

A. The trash still has not been taken out. Would you like to do that?

B. Oh, uh, no but I will if you want me to.

A: Thank you

Prompt (2) Stereotypes:

Stereotyping comes from a deeply rooted survival mechanism for self-protection that helps us to identify friends from foe. It is based in the synthesis of sensory awareness. There are three sub-process of perception that help us to understand what our senses are telling us.

The three sub-processes of perception include subliminal perception, external attention factors, and interpretation.

Impressions lead to an implicit personality theory. Describe.

We develop an implicit personality theory by generalizing about certain traits, or assuming that the presence of one trait necessitates the presence of another trait.

Stereotyping leads to totalizing. Describe Stereotyping leads to totalizing, or the act of blurring out any individual or specific traits. Instead of perceiving the other person as a complex set of traits, the stereotyper projects a total set of traits. The totalizing generally occurs as a process of labeling.

Stereotypes create several communication barriers with diverse peers. What are they?

Communication barriers that result from stereotyping are numerous. For one, stereotypes prevent us from viewing the other person as an individual. Second, stereotyping leads to totalizing and therefore prevents us from seeing that person's strengths and weaknesses honestly. Third, stereotyping reflects prejudicial attitudes and creates antagonism as well as bias and mistrust.

How is double consciousness affected by stereotyping?

A double consciousness is fostered by stereotyping, as the individual develops an identity that is a reaction to prejudice. In some situations, the individual lives up to the stereotypes in a self-fulfilling prophesy. The person might develop low self-esteem too. In other cases, the individual becomes antagonistic and this prevents clear communications.

What is the best way to talk in freedom from racial bias?

It is difficult to be totally free from racial bias in a country that seems to perpetuate stereotypes. However, the best way to talk in freedom from racial bias is to pay attention, observe, and listen. Treat the other person as an individual and have no preconceived notions of who they are based on their ethnicity.

How do ethnocentric and cosmopolitan…… [Read More]


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