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Violence In American Schools Violence A Amp Essay

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Violence in American Schools


(a & b) Columbine High School is in Jefferson County in Littleton, Colorado. In the spring of 1999, two male senior students executed a plan to commit a brutal series of violent acts against their fellow students, teachers, and staff. In essence, they took the school by siege and they took every person within the school hostage. There were several aspects to the plan. These domestic terrorists definitely premeditated this attack, which included specific activities to block or hinder the fire department that was bound to arrive on scene. They ignited explosions in the school (such as the cafeteria and parking lot), but what people mostly remember are the shootings. They killed 12 students and 1 teacher. Dozens of other students were injured because they tried to flee the scene to save their lives. Eventually, the two attackers turned their guns upon themselves and committed suicide.

Local authorities were very concerned about the lives of everyone inside of the school. There was a full time uniformed deputy who worked at the school. He was with the students when the attacks started. Local authorities arrived on the scene within a few minutes of the initial gunshots. The school deputy called for assistance from the parking lot. The guard assigned to the school entered into a gun fight with the attackers. He was not harmed as a result and he requested more assistance, which, again, arrived very shortly after the attacks started. After the attack concluded (with the suicides of the attackers), there were many types of local authorities, civil and social service employees at the school. There were firefighters, and police.

There were also members of the SWAT team present because of the gravity and collateral damage of the situation. There were parents and emotional/psychological support staff for the students. Of course, the local sheriff's office was there, as they were the first on the scene, and technically a represented was already present, as aforementioned (the uniformed full time guard). The country District Attorney was also at the school where a press conference was held, even while the aftermath was in progress, including the…… [Read More]

NBC News. (2007). Worst U.S. shooting ever kills 33 on Va. campus. NBC News, Web, Available from: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/18134671/ns/us_news-crime_and_courts/t/worst-us-shooting-ever-kills-va-campus/. 2013 June 25.

Shen, A. (2012). A Timeline of Mass Shooting in the U.S. since Columbine. Think Progress, Web, Available from: http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2012/12/14/1337221/a-timeline-of-mass-shootings-in-the-us-since-columbine/?mobile=nc. 2013 June 25.
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School Shootings Case Analysis There Essay

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The facilitator spoke directly to individuals, as well as the group therefore extrapolating the true meaning behind some of the participant's comments. For the most part, the facilitator kept the personal bias out and asked tailored and appropriate questions.

Surveys and Focus Groups

Focus groups are interesting, yet hard to deal with. On the one hand, they allow the public the chance to speak, thus portraying the abstract symbolism and concentrations that drive the actions of individuals on a daily basis. Yet, on the other hand, findings can often be hard too read or inconclusive based on this high level of abstract concepts that derive from such sessions. The strengths of focus groups rest in the ability to test out certain theories, illustrate the major connections between concepts, and to test how the public reacts to certain concepts (Brophy, 2005). It is a crucial step in understanding very complex and abstract topics. However, it is not very definitive. Focus groups can help to augment earlier findings or point researchers in a general direction, but the weakness of them is that they often do not answer hypothesis with a sort of strict assertion that is needed in quantitative research.

Symbols and Metaphors

The transcripts were rich with symbolism. There was the symbol of a gun connecting to death. Also, there was strong symbolism of invoking some of the incidents that had just recently occurred. Thanks to media coverage, the parents involved had a lot of extensive prior knowledge of how the most recent shootings went down. As such, they often used these events as symbols for the senseless nature of the violence involved in school shootings and how it seems to cut short the lives of those who deserved to continue living.

Moreover, talk about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Second Amendment became very metaphoric at time. The Constitution took on a life of its own, becoming a living thing that seemed to govern over the lives of modern day citizens. The Second Amendment became the major source of the controversy, and for some was a symbol of hope and freedom, while for others was a symbol of foolishness and outdated governance.

The concept of the school also became a symbol. To the parents, it symbolized "community, learning, respect, friendship," and after all…… [Read More]

Anderson, Don. (2009). Public Policy Praxis: A Case for Understanding Policy and Analysis. 2nd Ed. Pearson Publishing.

Brophy, Joseph F. (2005). Focus groups: You can't afford not to use them. State Bar of Texas. Web. http://www.bishoplondon.com/documents/focus-groups-you-can-not-afford-not-to-use-them_paper.pdf
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School Shootings By Adults Or Juveniles Essay

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School Shootings by Adults or Juveniles

[Criminal Justice]

The increased number of school shooting incidents in America during the last two decades has gained public attention. Authorities are very much concerned regarding how to control these tragic incidents in the schools of different states. These shootings in schools conducted by adults or juveniles; have created an impression that schools are not a safe place for students.

However, in reality the situation is not that dangerous as perceived by public and most of the schools have been greatly successful in keeping their students safe. In contrast, many of the schools do face serious problems due to school shootings; which need to follow the effective evidence-based strategies in order to keep their schools safe and free from violence.

Why will an adult or juvenile bring a weapon to school or open fire on his colleagues and teachers? Are these adults and juveniles angry or have any psychiatric problem? Do they want attention? Are they frustrated or simply want to take revenge?

These are the questions that are very complex to answer. Different thinkers, psychologists and sociologists have answered them in different ways but there is not a single reason that can be considered as the cause of school shootings.

A committee of National Research Council performed a case study in 2001 in which six school shooting incidents were considered. It was accomplished in the study that it is impossible to "reach firm scientific conclusions" (Moore, Petrie, Braga, & McLaughlin, 2003, p. 3).

Statistics show that in the past several years, there have been many deadly shootings incidents in schools of Colorado, California, Pennsylvania and Ohio that resulted in deaths and injuries of students and teachers. Therefore, this problem has become an important issue for rural, urban as well as suburban communities of United States. Since 1992, more than 40 schools have faced the situations of multiple shootings; most of which never imagined that it could happen there.

If we look at…… [Read More]

American Psychological Association Zero Tolerance Task Force. (2008). Are zero tolerance policies effective in the schools? An evidentiary review and recommendations. American Psychologist, 63, 852 -- 862.

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. (2010) Fact Sheet. Understanding School Violence, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control.
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School Based Bullying Prevention Programs The Essay

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They predict age and gender variations relate to bullying concerns. Of the 25 cartoons implemented in the study, two depict characters with different shades of skin color where skin color appeared to be an issue. One cartoon relating to sexual orientation was not used in several countries. Smith et al. report Olweus to assert bullying to be characterized by the following three criteria:

1. It is aggressive behavior or intentional "harmdoing"

2. which carried out repeatedly and over time

3. In an interpersonal relationship characterized by an imbalance of power. (Smith et al., 2002, p. 1120)

In their study, Smith et al. (2002), participating researchers in the 14 countries to completed the following

1. Listed and selected bullying terms as well as social exclusion in the applicable language.

2. Used fundamental focus groups with participating children to confirm usage and extensive comprehensive of terms.

3. Using cartoons, sorted tasks to describe ways terms relating to bullying are used.

Figure 1 depicts four samples of the 25 cartoons Smith et al. (2002) used in their study.

Figure 1: Four Sample Study Cartoons (Smith et al., 2002, 1123).

In Figure 1, cartoons 3 and 10 depict cartoons from the boy's set. Numbers 14 and 21 reflect cartoons from the girl's set.

Findings they retrieved from their study, Smith et al. (2002) assert, depict a" historical snapshot." They conclude that no significant gender differences exist in the participants' perceptions of the types of social situations the cartoon sets depicted. This suggests that even though boys and girls may differ in the varieties of bullying they implement or acquire at a particular age, they do, albeit, allocate common perceptions as to what bullying actually means.

Even though considerable overlap exists in results, boys, according to the study by Smith et al. (2002) may directly experience more physical bullying, while girls on the other hand, may experience less direct bullying. Both boys and girls likely to observe significant bullying that involves both same-sex and opposite-sex children.

Smith et al. (2002) also report that their study results indicate that 8-year-olds possessed a less discriminating perception than the 14-year-olds. The English term "bullying," which participating school children understood, does not completely match the definitional concept many researchers ascribe to the term;…… [Read More]

Retrieved March 03, 2010 from HighBeam Research:

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School Safety And Security Plans Essay

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"It was tested on almost 600 kids in a desegregated Indianapolis middle school where there are a lot of aggressive kids," Bosworth says. "Those who used the computer were more aware of their own coping strategies and violence presentation. They also showed a decrease in the belief that violence was a way to solve problems" (quoted in Singer at p. 41).

Peacemakers Program. Violence Prevention for Students in Grades Four through Eight. This program uses role-playing to forge problem-solving, anger management and conflict resolution skills. Fifteen lessons are designed to be taught by teachers and counselors, and there is a computer games component starring an alien in a scenario based on the film it's a Wonderful Life. Unlike similar programs, says Jeremy Shapiro, vice-president of research for Applewood Centers, a non-profit, child-serving agency in northeastern Ohio, Peacemakers "does not assume kids want to learn these skills." Program testing showed a substantial decrease in disciplinary incidents related to aggression and in suspensions for fighting, Shapiro adds. Weinheimer recommends that school administrators should ask whoever is representing the program they're interested in for evidence. "Look for change in behavior or attitude, or issues like school attendance or completion rate," she says. "Where it has been shown to be effective and at what grade level. "Also, they should not be afraid to develop something on their own based on what they know works, because many of the best ways of handling issues match the needs and resources within the local community" (emphasis added) (quoted in Singer at p. 41).

Part II: Review of Safety and Security Plan for a School Corporation.

A review of the school corporation in question's safety plan from the employee handbook reveals a number of shortcomings. The current safety plan is as follows:

It is the responsibility of each employee that all tasks be conducted in a safe and efficient manner complying with all local, state and federal safety and health regulations, programmatic standards, and with any special safety concerns identified by Company XYZ for use in a particular are or with a client.

Although most safety regulations are consistent throughout each department and program, it is the responsibility of…… [Read More]

Limber, S.P. & Small, M.A. (2003). State laws and policies to address bullying in schools. School Psychology Review, 32(3), 445.

Liu, C.Y. (2000, March 4). Train for school emergency. Daily Herald, 4.
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Violence Against Teachers Essay

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Violence in schools has been at the forefront of media attention for some time now. One of the main reasons for this is the apparently increasing incidents of violence against and among children. Media attention and the sociological issues stirred up by the situation regarding violence have prompted several studies around violence in schools, especially when directed by children and teachers against children. Violence against teachers, on the other hand, has not received similar research attention. This is therefore the focus of an article by Espelage et al. (2013), with the title "Understanding and Preventing Violence Directed Against Teachers: Recommendations for a national Research, Practice, and Policy Agenda."

The introduction of the article begins by acknowledging existing focus points for studying violence in schools. It explains its research focus by claiming that not much has been done to study the phenomenon of violence against teachers within the school context. The thesis of the article is therefore to provide solid grounds for researching the phenomenon, while also creating policies and procedures for handling it. In order to accomplish this, the body of the work begins by defining school violence. The basic concepts within this definition is that violence can be physical or non-physical and that it takes place within complex social situations. Existing, if limited, literature has revealed some of the basic causes and effects of violence against teachers, including emotional impacts for teachers and social impacts for school. Interactional and social-ecological theories are examined to determine predictors of violence. In terms of prevention techniques, suggestions are made for students and teachers at various levels, including leadership and community-level interventions. The final part of the article contains recommendations for research and policy to help address the problem of violence against teachers.

The article concludes by offering several suggestions, including increasing funding and support for education and…… [Read More]

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Violence In The Education System Essay

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School Violence

Schools have more Responsibility to Prevent School Violence than ever before

Issues related to school violence have become an increasingly salient issue in modern society. This issue affects schools on many levels. On one level, there rise in the number of tragedies such as mass shootings have increased and these incidents clearly illustrate the need for safer educational environments for children and adolescents. However, there are also more subtle examples of violence that can occur in school environments such as bullying. The evidence that bullying is severe physical and psychological detriment to students has become increasingly clear. Furthermore, technology has also offered new platforms in which violence can occur between students. For example, there have been many cases of online bullying that have occurred on social networks. This analysis will provide a brief overview of different types of violence that can occur in schools as well as a discussion about a school's responsibility to students and the local community within this environment.

Overview of School Violence

There are many extreme cases of school violence that have flooded mass media channels in recent years. While the number of extreme incidents of school violence remains relatively small, extreme incidents cause the most concern for parents, teachers, law enforcement, and educational administrators (Crews, 2014). For example, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was among the most tragic events in U.S. History to date. This incident represents the second deadliest mass shooting by a single individual in U.S. history (the first was also a school shooting, but at a college at the 2007 Virginia Tech shootings).

These are clear and obvious examples of extreme violence that has occurred on school campuses and sparked a national debate about how to best protect children from incidents of extreme violence. This has prompted many to consider how guns are ending up in the hands of unstable individuals and as a result many people and politicians have demanded more effective gun regulations. The visibility of these school shootings has been wide spread and have dominated much of the discussion about school violence in recent years. The response to these evident have ranged considerably in different schools from doing nothing to increasing many school security measures such as introducing metal detectors and school security personnel on some campuses.

However, there are many more examples of violence that are not as extreme as…… [Read More]

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Violence At Schools In South Essay

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..This perspective is from the U.S.A.; in Europe, violence in school and the concern about violence may not be at similar levels, but it is undoubtedly a topic of major concern (Smith, 2003, p. 1).

This article also makes the important point that school is intended as a developmental and educational environment and that violence in its various forms negatively effects and detracts from the goals of education.

Another general work that adds to the underlying body of knowledge on this topic is Stealing the Show? Crime and Its Impact in Post-Apartheid South Africa by Mark Shaw and Peter Gastrow (2001). Among others, this study makes a cogent assessment of the way that crime and violence is measured and reported in South Africa.

Most researchers assume that official crime statistics -- that is, those collected and released by the South African Police Service -- provide a poor indication of levels of crime in the country. This is because official statistics never seem to match the personal experiences of citizens (and their friends and neighbors), and because crime statistics are often, unsurprisingly, manipulated to serve political purposes (Shaw and Gastrow, 2001, p. 235).

The emphasis here is on "...personal experiences of citizens (and their friends and neighbors)" (Shaw & Gastrow, 2001, p. 235). This is an extremely important point that will be incorporated into the methodological strategy of this thesis. This useful study echoes the findings of many other reports and studies that stress the high level of general crime in the society. The implication in much of the literature is that this ethos of violence and crime influences children and adolescents. Shaw and Gastrow, (2001), also state that;

The country appears to have more serious levels of violent crime than states that have a comparable socioeconomic status, such as Brazil or Argentina. Thus, South Africa has, on the recorded statistics, the highest murder…… [Read More]

Abbink, J. & Kessel, I.V. (Eds.). (2005). Vanguard or Vandals: Youth, Politics, and Conflict in Africa. Boston: Brill. Retrieved January 3, 2009, from Questia database: http://www.questia.com/PM.qst?a=o&d=114080610

Bility K.M. (1999) School Violence and Adolescent Mental Health in South Africa: Implications for School Health Programs. "http: Sociological Practice, Vol. 01, No, 4, pp. 285-303 www.questiaschool.com/PM.qst?a=o&d=5002024684
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Violence In The Public Schools Teen Violence Essay

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violence in the public schools. Teen violence in general has become a major concern in America today. One of the reasons for the issue being so prevalent is the number of school shootings in the last few years, especially the shooting at Columbine High in Littleton, Colorado. While the welfare of young people is always of concern, much of the fear being generated at the present time is excessive. For one thing, teen violence is not the new phenomenon many people seem to think it is, and an analysis of our history shows that violence in the schools has always been a problem and that in fact it is diminished at the present time. In truth, though, any school violence is too much, and ways of eliminating it and protecting students in school must be found. Several "solutions" to the problem have been offered.

One such recommendation is school uniforms, seen as a way of defusing tensions created by envy over the ability of some students to wear designer clothing, such as expensive sneakers. There are cases where clothing has led to violence. Another reason given is that administrators and teachers see the primary purpose of school a learning and believe that clothing differences are only a distraction to students. They note that at the elementary and intermediate school levels, students are not mature enough to understand the reason for clothing differences and for the ability of some students to dress better than others.

LaFalce states that when we send children to school, we expect them to learn and play with friends and return home happy. We expect them to be safe at school:

We do not anticipate that they should worry about being beaten up or shot at for their sneakers or designer jacket, or bullied for their supposedly unfashionable clothes, or robbed of valuable personal effects and jewelry (LaFalce).

School uniforms are not a new idea and have long been used at Catholic and military schools, as well as in certain school districts across the country. Uniforms are considered a way to promote academics…… [Read More]