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Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market

Company management and operation is a lucrative feature that covers several sections and avenues of management. In the production avenues of every organization, equitable establishment of the management strategies is fundamental to good and sustainable productivity. As done in Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market, many business and organizational strategies are of immense significance when it comes to the achievement of the set goals and precisions. In this study, there will be an endeavor to feature into the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market and its significance with application of the porters five forces model. These five forces are found within the risk of entry, bargaining power of suppliers, threat of substitutes, power of complement providers and bargaining power of buyers in relation to analyze the external environment of the company. The research paper has endeavored to demonstrate on the key features and mechanisms of operation within the competitive advantage of the business by analyzing why some companies are or might outperform Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market.

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market is a great and universal company that has been in the market for a period now. The paper has endeavored to explore and discuss on how the three main levels of strategy (functional, Business and corporate) can help to achieve efficiency, innovation, customer responsiveness and enable a firm to compete effectively in the marketplace. Competition is a key feature that is found in many organizations in the world. The immediate avenue of performance is directed at having a solid foundation that is geared at having the best forms of operations in the market. The market is one of the critical fields that should be handled within the immense care and retribution from the company.

Background of the company

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market is commonly called ADCB. The company is found in the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market was formed in 1985. Initially, the company was formed as a public shareholder company that had a limited access to liability. The company then merged with the Commercial Bank and the Khaleej Commercial Bank that was formed in 1975. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market Has a basic hold of 65% of the company shares amongst other merger companies in the market. The other amount is shared by the other institutions. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market is among the largest in the UAE with respect to the shareholder funds and capitalization of the market. The company operates in different perspectives and with the use of different protocols of performance in the market. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market provides a number of services through its retail, investment activities, commercial activities, merchant brokerage, and management of funds in the region. The company has 48 branches in the UAE and some others in India and in the United Kingdom.

The porter's five forces analysis on Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market

Risk of entry

The entry of new companies and other bank organizations is one of the biggest threats to the existence and productivity of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market. The entry organizations are part of the strategic considerations in matters related to growth and development of competition in the market. In order to have a clear facet in the management of the threats and other competitive measures, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market has involved several mechanisms of dealing with it. For instance, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market has an advanced technology service mechanism that is used to cater for the varying capabilities of the organization in managing its creativity in the market. For instance, online applications and use of the present technology is an overdue that is directed at making Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market as one of the competitive avenues of management in the market (Ciampi 76). Al-Amine (2012) adduces,

"Indeed, Islamic financial markets are becoming more and more sophisticated and competitive and in order to exploit this fast changing market environment and face increasing competition, financial engineering and innovation are a must."(p.6).

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market understands the fact that it is very possible to have challenges when it comes to the management of the different categories of management in the field. In order to cater for the difference in ten competitive markets, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market has ensured that it has existed within the competitive nature of the market together with the varying avenues of productivity in the market. Threats from new entrants into the banking systems offer significant threats to the existing performances and productivity within Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market (The Report: Abu Dhabi 2010 65).

Bargaining power of suppliers

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market has a well-established operating base where its major operations are well integrated and range from programming to distribution of products and services. The company offers video, phone and programming services leveraging its signal communication sites, fundamentally antenna towers and head-ends, fiber-optic cables, microwave equipments, and other related telecommunication equipments. These are part of the product that dictates the bargaining power of the suppliers in the market.

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market has also open regional data centers with telecommunication that is used to offer web services, emails, and news for high-speed internet clients and digital phone services to clients. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market has succeeded in maintaining two network operation centers with devices to check and monitor its high-speed internet network. Market operators operate their business systems through nonexclusive franchises provided by local or government franchising authorities. This enables flexibility and the capability to have cable services at various sites.

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market enjoys array and specialized range of telecommunication products and services in its commercial portfolio, with its unique and differentiated brands in the market. This is contributed by the fact that the company's mission is aimed at efficacy on its commitment of provision of quality services and products that meet customer's demands. The quality services and products in the market are because of company's constant research and development. Such facets of operation are related to the general performance indexes in the market.

Leading Market Position

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market has evolved over time to be a leader in marketing where it produces high-speed internet, video, and phone services that are used to manufacture and trade its products in the market. The company also offers different services, which include entertainment, communication, and information services to both residential and commercial clients in UAE.


At the present, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market has a strong programming system in its five national programming networks, which includes E! Style; the Golf Channel; G4; and VERSUS. The company's marketing division provides approximately 95% of their total consolidated income. The company furthermore has shifted and embraced digital marketing. The company's digital services range from a digital starter service that can access almost 40-50 channels, to complete digital service that can access over 250 channels.

"Despite this development, the company still uses provide analog service that can access about 20-30 channels. The company also provides both individual and online home cable boxes" (Report: Dubai 2008 0-54).

Threats of substitutes

Substitutes refer to products and services that have a likeness with the products and services offered at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market. For instance, new substitutes could come in the use of the modern new approaches of managing finances and other corporate advances in the market. In most cases, it has become a common facet to have differing avenues of productivity and management in the market without the entry of substitutes. Substitutes reduce the efficiency, productivity, and the general growth and development of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market in the market. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market offers many avenues of productivity and management of the financial responsibilities from the clients. In order to have a regular method of managing the available sources of productivity in the market, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market has advanced its production services. Nonetheless, entry of substitute services and products is a dangerous aspect that is likely to lead to irregular management of the available products and services offered at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market.

Power of complement providers

Complement providers are another sector of competition in the market as experienced by Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market. In most cases, the complement providers lead to inadequate competition in the market because of the varying avenues of production and goods that are realized from them. These providers open the market and enable it to have a regular avenue of managing the available materials and services as provided by Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market.

Bargaining power of buyers

The buyers are the main determiners in the market. They are part of the agents or entities that hold the existence and performance of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market in the market. The bargaining power is an instrument that is used mostly by the buyers in the market. For instance, when customers come to the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Market in order to access and make choices over…

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