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¶ … Acceptance

Business Legal Case

The author of this response is offered a business legal case and is asked to give an opinion on whether one firm has a case against another. The author of this report will offer a response and will back it up using arguments going either way. In short, the answer up front is that ABC Corporation probably does not have a case but Mr. Jones acted quite carelessly and can get himself into quite a legal pickle in the future if he is not careful because he is leaving his fate to judicial review when he makes decisions like the one he made here (USLegal, 2013).

Points against Mr. Jones

Jones has two things working against him in this case. First, he was foolish enough to not have an expiration time and date for the counter-offer he made. ABC had one and...


If no expiration time is noted, then if/when legal challenges occur against the enforcement (or non-enforcement, in this case) of a contract, it is left to judicial review which can encompass prior dealings between the firms, industry standards, and so forth (USLegal, 2013).

The second miscue that Mr. Jones made is that he acted with XYZ Corporation without first retracting the offer he made to ABC Corporation. If he truly did not want to deal with ABC anymore and the offer was still potentially valid, he should have told ABC it was off the table. ABC, even if it didn't stand up on judicial review, had every reason to believe the offer was still valid because Mr. Jones had not communicated retraction of the offer. The only reason that would not reasonably hold true under the law is that a month passed between the offer and the acceptance, and that is quite a long time (USLegal, 2013).

Points against ABC Corporation

The main thing in…

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