Adoption Letter Informational And Persuasive Essay

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All of Bernard and Lisa's friends have followed them through this long journey of trying to conceive, then to simply have a child. No child could be more wanted or welcome -- moreover, as individuals who are experienced with children, they go into the process with open eyes as well as open arms. They know that babies are not perfect, and that being a parent is a 24-7 job from which you can never resign. Of course, when parents make the choice to adopt a child they are taking a new human being into their home whom they must get to know, who may have different issues or challenges based upon his or her personal history. But these parents see the ability to harbor the child and all of his or her unique gifts as a blessing, regardless of the race, ethnicity, gender, or previous or present circumstances of the child. They simply...


A network of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins would be able to serve as additional caregivers. These parents have a wide and expansive home and heart.
I asked Bernard and Lisa what would they say when their child first asked them "where did I come from?" They said they would tell that child that he or she was specially chosen, and born of a special kind of love. This couple shares a kind of bedrock stability, love, and security and I hope your agency can give them the privilege of sharing all of these qualities with a baby.

A sincere friend

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