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If someone returns a questionnaire with identifying personal information, then it will not be used in the study and will be destroyed. The questionnaires will also be constructed so that there will be no questions that could potentially violate the participants privacy in any way. For instance, there will be no questions asked about the particulars of the child's suicide, where the mother works, what particular community she's from and what church she is a member of, etc. Questions such as these could deter the target audience from responding because of fear that their privacy could be jeopardized.

The introductory letter sent with the questionnaire plays an important role in weeding out any ethical issues that may arise. The letter will clearly define the survey and discuss why the prospective participants were chosen. They will know that none of their personal information was used in order to send them the survey and that they were randomly chosen based on the area in which they live. The letter will also explain that we believe that this issue (suicide) in their community hasn't been properly researched so that it can be properly addressed within their community. It will be stressed that they are not to provide any identifying information and their survey will not be used if they include such information or if they do not return it in the envelope provided.

There are many issues that can arise even with what may be considered the simplest research instrument to use. An ideal situation would be to do face-to-face interviews or a focus group. but, since we do not have a clue as to who our target sample will be until we send out the questionnaires, interviews and focus groups would be ineffective to our study. As the literature states, we must also be mindful of the trust issues that the African-American community deals with as a whole. Throughout history, African-Americans have participated in studies they believed would help them only to find out the studies were to the benefit of the researchers and of no help to them. The Tuskegee Syphilis study is a prime example.

Overall, the findings are expected to produce favorable results that support the literature review. The sampling method is appropriate for this type of study since the potential participants are considered a part of a hidden population. The questionnaire used will be carefully designed and ethical issues will be addressed in ways that are described in this paper. It is expected that this research study will bring this issue to the forefront so that possibly more research can be done.

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