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, 2003). This coupled with the ability to identify how previous trauma, recognized or not, impacts the stressors inherent in the aging process. This is particularly difficult in the age of managed care when assessments and interventions are geared toward brief treatment for presenting problems. However, being able to ask the right questions regarding veteran status as well as identify trauma that was experienced and how the individual has re-integrated into society may provide invaluable information for the treatment process. It is important to keep in mind that a veteran often presents him/herself to the social worker due to other sociological stressors (Sherwood et al., 2003). However, identifying veteran and trauma status cam insure that appropriate interventions and services are implemented.

Sherwood et al. (2003) point out particular steps that social workers can take in order to assess the level of trauma that a veteran is experiencing including evaluating how current traumatic world events are impacting them or their previous exposure to trauma. Social workers must keep in mind that just as manifestation of trauma is individualized, the same can be said for the type of intervention that will be effective with the presenting problems and specific needs of the individual (Sherwood et al., 2003). Sherwood et al. (2003) point out that termination of services may need to be particularly planful and supportive for veterans who are already facing great loss and end of life issues.

The cruel and violent experiences of combat can impact not only the person who has fought in the war but also those others who are impacted by their stories (Sherwood et al., 2003). Counter transference can occur in professionals due to the significant feelings that are associated with the client's situation. Professionals must work hard to create an environment of listening and accepting, without judgment, the emotions that the client is feeling and how this is impacted by past traumatic events.


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