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As America gradually becomes a predominantly diverse society, more and more issues are brought into fore, and this include the formulation of policies and institutions that seek to improve the lives of the 'minority' (i.e., Americans with non-Caucasian race) and provide efficient services for them. This is the greater implication that Takaki elucidates in his book: analyzing a socio-cultural problem to bring about effective solutions for it.

Takaki's discussion of this social problem is related with a more serious and crucial problem that plagues American society today: the closed-minded view of Americans concerning cultural diversity and its apparent fear for the destabilization of the status quo. This status quo was identified by Takaki as the Americans' tendency to think of the concept "American" as "white," and the destruction of this status quo would result to a new social order, wherein Americans of European descent would eventually become the minority and the ethnic minorities as the majority (2). Indeed this fear is dealt with by academicians and policy-makers by attempting to acculturate or integrate the minority in the white American culture. Acculturation is one way to gradually 'erase' the non-white American identity of the ethnic minorities -- that is, acculturation is one way of eradicating the cultural diversity and maintaining the status quo. Indeed, white Americans are "reacting defensively to what they regard as a vexatious balkanization of America" (3). In sum, Takaki's description and analysis of multiculturalism in America provided an insight into contemporary American society, where increasing diversity results to increasing conflict between the country's majority (white American) and minority (non-Caucasian race Americans).

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