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American Involvement in International Affairs Between 1890-1905:

The United States of America emerged as the world's super power in the decade of the 1890s and has exercised that power throughout the 19th Century. Since the beginning of the 19th Century, the United States has continued to be the world's super power through which it is considered as the pre-eminent power and country across the globe. The main reason for the country's emergence and development to become the most powerful nation on earth is her involvement in international affairs. The United States has obtained its prominence through her foreign relations strategy that has had considerable impact on global affairs. In addition, there are numerous examples of United States involvement in international affairs since the beginning of the 1890s and throughout the 19th Century.

The United States and World Affairs:

The basis for United States emergence and development to become the most powerful nation on earth has primarily been influenced by the country's foreign affairs strategy that has provides the basis for her involvement in global affairs. Before 1890, America followed isolationism policy in relation to international or global affairs (Churney, 2014). The country's neutrality and isolationism policy was brought by George Washington's advice in his Farewell Address to stay away from entangling alliances. This policy enabled the United States to deal with a myriad of internal problems that were facing the growing, fast-changing nation of the 19th Century. During this period, the America expanded its borders to the Pacific, Mexico, and Oregon as part of addressing the internal challenges.

In the 1890s, Americans started shifting considerably from its isolationism and neutrality policy following its ability to deal with the tremendous...


These factors made America to change its foreign policy in light of the development of new ideas and interests. During this period when the world was changing, Americans shifted considerably from series of the past due to emotional factors and assumed new responsibilities across the globe. The country had intervened mainly for idealistic reasons rather than an actual appraisal of the underlying conditions since many of its students would not recognize the country's new obligations.

The role of the United States in global affairs changed significantly with the debate over imperialism that troubled the country for over the next five decades because of its associated controversies between proponents and opponents. The opponents of imperialism raised various concerns including the likelihood for America to lose its religious and racial purity and highlighted the dangers of transforming the country through this method.

The first example of American involvement in international affairs based on changes in the foreign policy took place in 1898 during the Spanish-American War. There are various causes for the war including economic interests that fueled government intervention in Cuba, public opinion and pressure, and the nation's morality. Actually, America…

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