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Educated Nurses

Matching nurses with the right situation is problematic for medical professionals in today's world where health care demands have taken over many segments of the culture and economy. The ability for quick and easy global travel has also created a new environment where foreigners are working in countries not of their native origin. These ideas meet in Neff et al. (2013) article that examined the utilization of non-U.S. educated nurses in U.S. hospitals and how these actions affected patient outcomes, and specifically hospital mortality as the primary outcome.

The problem associated with this research deals with determining how and under what circumstances U.S. hospital employment of non-U.S. educated nurses is associated with how that hospital performs. The problem is that there is little to no information regarding this immigrant workforce being employed in this scenario. According to the authors "concerns about the potential impact of non-U.S.-educated nurses on


Many non-U.S.-educated nurses are from countries with transitional economies, such as the Philippines, where the health care system is substantially different from that of the U.S.A. Nurses from countries with transitional economies have RN licensure exam pass rates significantly lower than that of U.S. nursing school graduate."

Protection of Human Participants / Data Collection

The design of this study took place in the form of an observational study of primary data taken from three sources: (i) a 2006 -- 2007 survey of registered nurses who were employed by hospitals in the four states; (ii) patient discharge data that was available from state agencies and; (iii) the American Hospital Association Annual (AHA) Survey of hospitals. The data nor the data collection methods impinged upon the human participants, or nurses, who gave their data that was used in the analysis of this study.

Data Analysis, Data Management

Both data from nurses and patients was used to help guide the research into the correct and proper areas of inquiry. "Non-U.S.-educated nurses were self-identified from a survey item that asked nurses about the country where they received their basic nursing education. We estimated the percentage of non-U.S.-educated RNs per hospital by dividing the number of non-U.S.-educated nurses in each hospital that responded to the survey by the total number of RNs that responded in each hospital." Nurse job satisfaction was also analyzed in this research with one single question, asking the nurses to rate their job satisfaction and how that impacted patient results. Data from the…

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Neff, D.F., Cimiotti, J., Sloane, D.M., & Aiken, L.H. (2013). Utilization of non-U.S. educated nurses in U.S. hospitals: implications for hospital mortality. International journal for quality in health care, mzt042.

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