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Use two examples from the letter to support your arguments.

Throughout the letter written by Melville to Hawthorne, in A Letter to Nathaniel Hawthorne, one gets a sense that Melville feels a sort of connection to Hawthorne because of their radical views for the time. It is Melville that feels a warm, affectionate bond with Hawthorne because they both want to write about so many more things that were currently banned at the time, and it was their belief in going against societal expectations that connected them. He describes their relationship as being one where they share in the same views, the same radical views that neither one of them could actually express because of the times that they live in.

Melville desires to spend some time with Hawthorne in a way where they could both exchange ideas and talk about what it is that they believe together. His affection for Hawthorne can be seen in the quote, "If ever, my dear Hawthorne, in the eternal times that are to come, you and I shall sit down in Paradise, in some little shady corner by ourselves...then, O my dear fellow-mortal, how shall we pleasantly discourse of all the things manifold which now so distress us..." Melville desires a closer relationship with Hawthorne because he believes that they can share with each other the things that make them outcasts for everyone else, for society.

Melville expresses the deep connection that he perceives unites them in the quote, "yes, let us look forward to such things. Let us swear that, though now we sweat, yet it is because of the dry heat which is indispensable to the nourishment of the vine which is to bear the grapes that are to give us the champagne hereafter." He expresses his desire to celebrate with him at a later date when their work in making a…

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