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" This song is a call to fight. It notes that the English have plundered their houses and causes their families to run from their home. They refer to the villains as murderers and state that they should have no mercy because of this. The chorus of the song says, "Then chop with your swords, and constantly sing, Success to our Troop, Our Country, and King." Here the song is calling the country its king, implying that there is no other ruler for them than their own country. The song is a song meant to rally the people and show them that they all can be volunteers for the cause.

In Jonathan Mayhew's, "A Discourse Concerning Unlimited Submission and Non-Resistance to the Higher Powers," the minister notes that it is "weak and trifling and unconnected" for the people to show obedience to a tyrannical and oppressive ruler. He comes to his speech from a religious perspective and states that to be obedience to oppressive and tyrannical rulers does not perform the pleasure of God. He states, rather, that this is the pleasure of the devil because they are doing evil. He states that for those who should not believe in just authority go against the word of God. God does not want people to obey a ruler that is cruel and one that subjugates its people. "Common tyrants, and public oppressors are not entitled to obedience from their subjects, by virtue of any thing here laid down by the inspired apostle."

Moreover, Mayhew notes how illogical it is when one considers that millions of people should be subjected to the "arbitrary, precarious pleasure of one single man," which, of course, is the king of England. How can all these people be at one man's disposal? These are the questions that Mayhew asks and he answers with arguments that illustrate the un-Godlike nature of the English rulers.

In the Virginia Declaration of Rights, it starts out by saying that all men are by nature created equally free and independent. The text comes from the perspective that the power is in the people because of their inherent freedom and nothing can take this away. There are not any men who are above other men, who can take away the rights of another individual. What this text does is lay out the cause for the rights of people, which includes not being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment, having the right to trial by jury, having a militia for self-defense, having the right to a uniform government, and having the promise of "justice, moderation, temperance, frugality, and virtue." This Declaration of Rights comes to the topic of freedom from a legal perspective and puts the rights of people above all…

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