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While the research paper could
perhaps elaborate further on why some of the vehicles that interfere with
librarian visitors are present, if considering that those vehicles
identified are in fact problems, the paper does have a convincing design
proposal. The design proposal of this report is very straightforward in
purpose and procedure, and is complete in its scope. I found it
particularly interesting that the solicitors outside the library were
noted. This aids to a complete collection of data. It could, however,
perhaps have been noted the cases of interferences or the number of
vehicles that used the library drop off point that could potentially cause
interference. But some of the proposals, like the ten minute drop off
parking spots, can help to correct some of the problems and thus the
research paper accomplishes its main goal.
The strongest point of this research report is its clarity. It is
very clear in its purpose, intent, methods, and findings. The second
strongest point is the visual evidence. Pictures are presented to show the
findings so there are no questions as to what is being described. Another
strength is the clarity and proper grammar of the report. This contributes
to impact of the report. A fourth strength is the significance. The one
sentence is very strong and leads the read to believe the report is
necessary. A fifth strength is the graphics created by the researcher.
The graphics that help to illustrate the points being made, contribute to
the understanding of the report. The photos are also well labeled with
corresponding graphics and this contributes to the report's clarity and
very professional appearance.
There are also weak points to this research report. One weakness is
found in the introduction. The introduction lists the types of traffic
that come to the front of the library and it lists positive traffic.
However, it then goes on to list negative traffic and it does so in the
same manner it lists the positive traffic. There should be some sort of
break between the two as the change is very abrupt. A better transition is
necessary. Another problem with the research study is the time of the day
the observations were made- they are all midday around lunchtime. The
study would be more complete with a variety of times used to make
observations. A third weakness is that the design concepts could be better
articulated. Potential signs and graphics are presented, and further
elaboration could help to make the points more clear. A fourth weakness is
the aforementioned problem of connecting the research design to the
findings to allow for better clarification on the categories chosen for the
findings. The fifth weakness in this report is that the problem, while I
was convinced that it is a problem, seems to become less of a problem after
the research. The obstacles to the library entrance were not major.

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