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¶ … prohibiting employee discrimination based on sexual orientation. Sexual Orientation Defined

As the new assistant to the human resources director, I would define the term sexual orientation as an individual's patterns of romantic, sexual and emotional attraction, as well as his/her sense of social and personal identity founded on these attractions. The sexual orientation of an individual is no black-and-white aspect. Rather, it lies across a continuum, and undivided attraction towards the same and opposite sexes lies on opposite ends of this continuum. Homosexuality (attraction towards individuals of one's own gender), heterosexuality (attraction towards people belonging to the opposite gender) and bisexuality (being attracted towards individuals of either gender) represent the three sexual orientation categories most widely discussed. However, they are, in no way, the sole categories of sexual classification labels across the globe (Sexual Orientation -- Psychology Today). (For instance, the umbrella term 'queer' is helpful for being non-specific to orientation). Not many subjects are debated as hotly as that of how an individual's sexual orientation is determined. Though a majority of scientists accept the fact that 'nurture' as well as 'nature' have complex roles to play, factors underlying sexual orientation remain poorly understood. Modern-day studies...


It has a fairly significant role to play with regard to the American principle of constitutionalism, in a manner of speaking. In case of countries that need to be run over man by a fellow man, the challenge is doing it such that the government as well as the governed are effectively controlled. Constitutionalism, in the U.S., is based on the idea the government's aim is protection of individual liberties and preservation of the natural rights of humanity (Rosenbloom,, 2010 page 11). One such liberty that must be safeguarded is sexual orientation. It is forbidden to discriminate against employees on grounds of one's perceived or actual sexual orientation, gender expression or gender identity (Personnel Directive). The state governmental FEHA (Fair Employment and Housing Act) currently safeguards a worker's gender expression, sexual orientation, or gender identity from illegal employment discrimination. Our company's employees can now lodge their complaints within a year of being sexually discriminated with their Bureau, the State FEHA department, the Management Employee…

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