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¶ … Delegation

Leaders who are effective in delegating responsibilities receive a number of personal benefits as well. Most notably, assigning tasks to their subordinates leaves them with sufficient time to perform their own tasks effectively. On account of managerial work's hectic nature, time is one precious commodity for managers. Efficient delegation ensures that managers are free to concentrate on planning, control and other managerial functions. Thus, delegation represents the process of allocating job tasks and relevant authority to certain employees in the firm. Delegation is associated with the following potential benefits;

It Leaves Enough Time for Managers to Plan and Organize

A majority of managers would be glad to get more time carrying out organization and planning activities. Therefore, company managers choose to delegate work, for easing their workloads.

It Facilitates Learning, as Well as Employee Development and Management

If somebody is uncertain of their personal team development ability, the ideal way to begin would be through delegation. Ascertaining what is to be accomplished and knowing how tasks are to be delegated is one key step towards a more effective team, and towards becoming an effective team manager.

Delegation of Profits to the Team, the Department, as Well as the Overall Company

Delegation cultivates trust,...


It decreases personnel turnover, while simultaneously furnishing the company with a more skilled and better-qualified workforce

It Fosters Trust and Openness in Communication

Delegation of tasks to members of the team and being receptive to any queries makes them feel the company trusts them, and company managers can be easily accessed. A team founded on open communication and trust is on the right path to success.

It Will Be Able to Show Organizational Managers a More Efficient Way

Personnel taking over a job or process might take an entirely new approach to it; at times, they may bring with them significant improvements and different approaches, ideas, improvement plans, and other such potential innovations (Baker, n.d).

Part B:

1. Delegate, rather than Dump

Managers ought to delegate unpleasant as well as pleasant jobs. Followers need a varied experience.

1. Expectation and Goal Clarity

Managers must establish explicit guidelines and goals in regard to limitations and expectations.

1. Offer Assistance and Authority

When delegating a task, employees must be accorded the requisite resources (training, time, advice,…

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