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Business Research Methods

The company selected for this particular analysis is Samsung Group. This public company is one of the biggest companies in the mobile industry. The following table will outline the SWOT analysis of the company.


Easy integration with different operating systems and software

Customer loyalty

High level of innovation and design

Low production costs

Strong brand marketing

Significant share market in many products


Too reliant on other software companies

Place emphasis on too many products

Patent infringements

Minimal profit margin

Key rival companies are largest buyers


Increased growth in tablet market

Developing mobile advertising market

Great prospects for diversification

Growing Indian market


Rival companies place emphasis on one product

Price wars

Change in innovation and technology

Depletion of one product line impacts the others

Competition from Chinese commodities


1. Easy integration with different operating systems and software: Samsung places great emphasis on creating products that are compatible with numerous software and OS. This gives the company an upper hand over Apple.

2. Customer loyalty: Samsung has a loyal customer base that sticks to its products and this is a


High level of innovation and design: Samsung in recent years has been awarded and acknowledged for the innovative products that it has unveiled into the market.

4. Low production costs: The manufacturing firms for Samsung are located in low cost areas making the production costs to be minimal and at the same time generating high profit margins.

5. Strong brand marketing: Samsung has been able to market the brand in different approaches and this has created a greater growth in market share for the firm.

6. Significant share market in many products: Samsung is known for its diversity in different products that it offers. This in turn means the company enjoys market share in these different product lines.


1. Too reliant on other software companies: Unlike Apple Inc., Samsung does not have its own software or operating system and therefore relies on the other companies.

2. Place emphasis on too many products: Samsung offers a wide variety of products and this deters them from focusing on one product to produce more quality.

3. Patent infringements: Samsung has been sued numerous times and even lost because of the infringement of patents of other firms. This ruins the brand as well as the financial health of Samsung.

4. Minimal profit margin: Due to price cuts, the company enjoys very low profit margins, which is not healthy financially for the firm.

5. Key rival companies are largest buyers: Major competitors such as Nokia and Apple are the key buyers of Samsung products. This implies that the buyers have bargaining…

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