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Cultural Diversity in the Professions

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is global investment banking, securities and investment management firm that provides a wide range of financial services geared towards a substantial and diversified clientele, which comprises of firms, financial organizations, governments as well as high-net-worth people (Forbes, 2015). This paper would focus on the company's cultural diversity that is reflected in its content, design and graphics of the website.

Accessibility of the Diversity-Related Material on the Website

There is a link for "Careers" on the website, in which there is a sub-section for "Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action" (Goldman Sachs, n.d.). Also, the homepage has a link "Who Are We" in which there is another link leading to "Diversity and Inclusion." By typing the word "diversity" in the search bar of the webpage, the results yield "Our commitment to diversity" and the company's culture that has an in-built inclination for promoting diversity at workplace. It is revealed that the company is committed to encourage diversity since it is a multinational company that deals with international clients belonging to various cultures and having diverse workforce working within the company is the firm's strength.

It seems that the company does not want to risk its success by the exclusion of those people who can be of benefit to its business. For example, if an LGBT prospect who has a strong financial background and various other certifications for his skills is ignored just on the basis of his sexual orientation then this might affect the company's earning as he might be lured away to the competitors. The website shows a picture of the office where Goldman's employees are working together inclusive of the LGBT individuals. Goldman Sachs' website is evidence that people are welcomed regardless of their age, race, ethnicity, color or gender so that the firm can benefit from these people's abilities and also emerge as an example of promoting diversity within its organizational culture.

Usefulness of the Diversity Information

The usefulness of the diversity related information for the potential employees, customer or suppliers is of high significance since these stakeholders will become aware that the organization cares for their supporters and followers. The diversity related material is mentioned in the firm's commitment section where the company ensures diversity due to its favorable impacts on the business. Both the primary and secondary dimensions are indicated on the web pages of the company. The website does not show when the data on the webpage was last updated; that makes it difficult to guess when the company incorporated the diversity-related material.

Diversity is essential for the growth and prosperity of the companies, especially for the multinational firms (Walter, 2014). A business like Goldman Sachs is the proof of the fact the fostering diversity and inclusion can reap greater profits than expected. By mentioning the diversity related material on the website, the company is already promoting equal employment opportunity so that all the employees feel safe while working for a company that is a strong advocate of a major aspect of the workplace.

Appropriateness of the Graphics Material Relating to Diversity

The graphic material linked to diversity is displayed on the website in the form of photographs. The pictures show black and Indian person working together along with the white people as well. It is deducted that organization fosters diversity with the verbal content on certain web pages. The firm clearly emphasizes that it is committed to diversity for three reasons: for the firm, for its people and for its clients.

For the firm, the company wants to have a broad spectrum of people so that best people with exceptional skills are recruited by the company for the betterment and future long-term growth. Secondly, the firm facilitates a…

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