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¶ … Foundations Book) And Chapter 3 (Myths Book) Of the Two Books Below:

Samway, K and McKeon D. (2007). Myths and Realities: Best Practices for Language Minority Students. Heinemann. ISBN 13: 9780325009896

DeJong, E. (2011). Foundations for Multilingualism in Education: from Principle to Practices. Caslon Publishing ISBN: 978-1-9340000-06-9

According to the latest research, dual language (DL) instructions are more expensive than transitional bilingual education program. By comparing the DL instruction with transitional bilingual education, it is worth noticing that despite being expensive, the DL programs play a significant role in creating a national resource, which is inevitable for a successful and progressive world economy, usually embryonic in the United Sates -- a culturally vibrant and bilingual population. Despite the fact that providing bilingual education is expensive, if not provided, the effect can be more damaging on both the economy and humans. When it comes to dropout rate, it is proven that there are few dropouts in Hispanic students, who are also English language learners (Samway and McKeon, 2007). Other than the short period of restrictive assimilationist policies, prior and after the World War I (1941-1918), in the whole American history, the federal and state language education policies have continually showed pluralist and assimilationist propensity. These policies show views of this specific (national) community and the importance of it to them. In developing national identities conventionally...


Language is an effective marker of community association, and is also used to develop ideological dialogue about the nation itself. Beliefs about language and the aspect of national language for national integration are the elements of this 'mega' narrative. In America, assimilationist communication produces strong connection between English mastery and academic advancement. This connection is significant to the image of America, which is an immigrant nation, and emphasizes the usefulness of English as a consolidating power. Simultaneously, pluralist dialogue has emphasized the multilingual backgrounds of the nation and the vitality, regarding and developing from the linguistic and cultural variety already present in this country. Generally, language policies cause intense dialogues because they understand various narratives and different unreal (national) societies (DeJong, 2011).

Bilingual Education before WW1 & Changes Made by Theodore Roosevelt

The era of late 18th and early 19th century is usually neglected in analysis of educational policy for language minority students in America, which historically commenced after World War II. This period is quite significant as…

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