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Security Valuation Report

Select Harvests Competitive Analysis

Select Harvests Limited is a leader in the almond industries not only in Australia, but also globally. In addition, for a number of years now, the company has operated a global competitive almond operation, bringing about strong revenues and proceeds to the stakeholders. Global competitiveness and additional prospects to leverage systematization and scale invigorated the company to additionally increase its acreage (Bird, 2015). The Select Harvests faces great competition from the industry, including numerous Almond Manufacturers that are yet to be listed in the stock exchange, for instance, Nut Producers Limited, Almond Co Limited, and also Olam International. Select Harvests has a competitive edge in the industry. For starters, approximately 50% of the revenue generated by the company emanates from the management fees of third parties, in addition to the capital financed in the past three decades or so, in research and development, in almond production. One of the strong suits and competitive edge that Select Harvests has is the technology and expertise in the management of orchards. The entrance of a new competitor into the industry might not have the capability to re-produce similar expertise in such a minimal time period to surpass Select Harvests in the management of orchards in the nation. For this reason, Select Harvests is a leaders and trailblazer in the companies would leverage on the capital of prospective investors to buy and acquire plots of land or orchids for the purposes of partaking in agriculture, with an assurance to the investors of a certain amount of money in proceeds or returns. These two companies also purchased lands for growing almonds. However, owing to the letdown of the model for managed investment schemes, and their massive debt, Great Southern Group and Timbercorp were forced to sell off their land properties. For instance, in recent periods, Timbercorp retailed its 29,500 acres of land to Olam International (Select Harvests, 2010).

However, with the most recent development of global investors, for instance, Olam International acquiring massive tracts of land for almond plantation, Select Harvests faces increased competition in increasing its prices and market share. In particular, Olam International has the biggest market share in the Industry at 40% while…

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