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Apple Company Background

Apple: Executive Summary

Company Background

Vision Statement

Although Apple does not explicitly state their vision, it can be assumed from their mission statement and values that its vision for itself is structured in the continuation of its innovations in modern technology. The company has a clear vision for both the present and the future. It envisions being a major force in the technology and entertainment markets. The company now wishes to expand its market dominance into the entertainment industry, with a vision of greater success in bringing more music and entertainment innovations to consumers. Apple sees itself as the main innovator within both the technical and entertainment market genres, thus furthering its dominance over its major competitors.

Mission Statement

Apple has a very prestigious mission. It wants to deliver the highest quality products in the consumer and business markets by utilizing its incredible innovation capabilities. The company strives to present the consumer market with the highest quality personal computers, while still providing stellar software for commercial use. Utilizing this same innovational spirit, Apple retains another mission to provide consumers with the latest in technologies to satisfy every entertainment desire. The company aims to provide the best technology experience to all sectors of the market from a hardware and software perspective.

Values Statement

In accordance with its vision for the future and current mission, Apple's values are based on its own ability to provide the highest quality product to consumer and business markets. Apple prides itself at generating the greatest value for the product. The company does drive a hard bargain, with some of the highest prices in the industry. Yet, Apple is still confident that it provides…

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