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Applications Interaction

To meet the standards, an application, either has all the accessibility features built in, or it has to be compatible with assistive technology (Software Applications and Operating Systems (1194.21), 2001). In order to function together, the application and the operating system must be compatible. Software that is designed to run on an operating system is executable with the keyboard where the functions discern the text. The keyboard accesses the program's controls and functions. All actions are labeled or identified as text and must be executable from the keyboard.

The accounting software has to be compatible with the operating system to run smoothly and without disrupting other features and programs. The application program interface is the way programs communicate with each other with the input and output devices. The application and the operating system communicate with the input and output that creates the compatibility between the two. The application programming affects the way programs display information on the monitor and receives input from the keyboard. The features built into an application or operating system can be turned on or off. The features include reversing the color scheme, showing a visual prompt with an error message, and sticky keys for key combinations, such as control-C. The color scheme feature is designed to help people who have trouble viewing some colors. It can be changed to meet their needs.

The focus, or position where an action will take place, must be interactive with the interface elements as the input focus changes. The image representing a program element must also be available in text. Examples of interface elements are button checkboxes, menus, toolbars, scrollbars, etc. Each of…

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