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Performance Appraisal

The organizations that aim at having higher performance are often noted to be investing in performance appraisal at al levels of the organization structure, this is because they know that there are measurable advantages that come from performance appraisal. One importance of performance appraisal is that the measuring of performance accurately will allow for the formulation of a reward system that will take care of the efforts put in by the individual employee hence acting as a motivator as well. appraisals that allow the participation of the employees are seen as a source of motivation for the individual employees hence helping in keeping the organization in an all time high motivation status. The organization will also be targeting better outcomes by appraising performance since the top achievers will be rewarded making them to work even harder. The appraisal is also seen to foster cooperation among employees since the grouping of employees into various categories will encourage them to work together as a team to maintain their performance and also to help pull up those who are performing lesser than they are.

Performance measuring is one of the cornerstones of a stakeholders as they strive to meet their goals. The measurement of performance also helps in correctly justifying the organizational projects and the funding that goes alongside it (Kennerly M. & Nely A., 2008).

Performance measurement

In the case given, the power outage in the middle of a busy session in an ice cream shop will mean that clients will most likely assume that the operations within the shop will be stopped since the shop depends on electivity for its product. The first step would be to assure the clients that the shop would remain running and operational amidst the power outage, I will however make it clear to the clients the reason or the source of the power loss, this way they will give the shop the much needed few minutes of patience instead of walking away immediately. Then…

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