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¶ … art is "the creation of beautiful or thought-provoking works" according to the World English Dictionary

It is with that definition in mind that I argue that theatre is most definitely an art form. Theatre can be defined as when someone chooses to make dramatic performance (acting) their profession much as a dancer chooses the ballet as their profession. The roots of theatre can be traced as far back as the ancient Roman Empire, through the Renaissance in Europe and finally to the 20th century, which saw the emergence of commercial theatre such as musicals that are performed in such venues as...


Likewise, few people can really draw or paint, dance, write, sing or play music. These are all considered art forms and the theatre is a culmination of all of these in one way or another. To try and argue that writing great prose alone is art, but that acting out that prose is not art doesn't make logical sense. For example, take a Broadway play such as The Lion King. Obviously, this musical has music in it, along with singing and dancing. It also involves elaborate costumes, colorful stages and props and creative lines…

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