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Sales Techniques

Selling is an art form that requires utilizing various techniques to connect with buyers. This means that a certain amount of flexibility should be applied in determining how and when to utilize them. These factors will decide how effective the approach is, the ability of the salesperson to close deals and the satisfaction of the client after the sale. (Ingram 2007)

The various sources are showing how there a number of techniques which are utilized. The most notable include: collaborative, traditional, social and cold calling. Depend upon the audience and approach; the salesperson will use any one or combination of them. The basic idea is to guide the customer towards making decisions that address specific needs. Once this happens, is the point they are motivated to buy and will return in the future. (Ingram 2007)

Collaborative selling involves working with the customer to understand how a specific product or service is useful to them. According to Barrera (2006), in these situations, the individual will look at the way it can achieve the client's objectives, the benefits it provides and if it is worth the


As a result, this approach is not about persuading the customer to buy. Instead, it is concentrating on matching the product to them and allowing the person to make the best choices for their situation. This is illustrating how these techniques are useful in identifying and addressing the needs of the cliental subtly. (Barrera 2006)

Traditional selling is when the salesperson is taught to ask the customer different questions. The primary strategy is to persuade the person to start saying yes. This is the point they are more willing to buy, as they have made up their mind and see the benefits it provides. To achieve these objectives, the salesperson will focus on using closing techniques and out maneuvering the other party. This is accomplished through overcoming their objections and then talking about the benefits of the product. It is at this point, when they will reclose customer until they say yes or the person leaves. In every situation, the most reluctant buyers are placed into a position where they will say yes and purchase the product or service. (Lamb 2012)

Social media evolved over the last ten years. It is using sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging, article writing and forums to connect with cliental. The basic idea is create topics of…

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