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painting takes on a two dimensional form. The shapes within the paining are organic as none of them appear symmetrical and are irregular in outline. Although the images in the painting are realistic as they are a snapshot of what would happen on an average day in an open road, the manner in which it was painted makes it seem a bit surreal. The darkness enveloping the road and the cars as well as the focus coming from the view where the cars are behind almost evokes a sense of being in a dream.

The position or perspective from which one sees the road behind provides emphasis on the headlights of the cars but also removes focus from the road. The character can either be interpreted as the cars or the trees. The cluttered background deters from the main subject focus confusing the viewer. The lines seem jagged and harsh perhaps due to it being a finger painting.


This oil on canvas painting portrays a darkening day with the road and cars being the focal point. Although the subject is supposed to be the landscape as described by the artist, the road and the cars appear to also bring in focus. Scott mentioned the sounds of noisy cars as being part of her inspiration, the use of cars on the road looking quiet amidst the dark background seems to play opposite of that. Perhaps the quietness of the road brings to life the sounds of the moving cars more so than possible honking or anything else like that.

The trees were also a focal point. When looking at the images, the serene solitude it evokes springs to life the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind. The artist discusses trees in the description and the noise they make in the wind. Because the subjects clash in terms of whether or not the intended focus were the trees or the cars, the overall aesthetic is gloomy yet peaceful.


The artist, Iris Scott visited a town in Jackson Hole, Wyoming to go to her friend's wedding. There she was caught by surprise when she witnessed the beauty of the various landscapes. All of them to her seemed visually stunning and complex, as well as majestic and compelling. She was so drawn to the land that it inspired her to paint this oil painting. One other element she witnessed in Wyoming was movement. The way the leaves blew, noisy cars rushing past, and even how the branches rustled in the breeze. All of these sounds and images create for her, a sense of open space, thus creation of the road in the painting.


It is an oil on canvas painting.


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