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The topic of artificial intelligence (AI) is one that has gotten a lot of attention recently.  However, it is fairly complex and there is a lot to understand when it comes to AI.  So when it comes time to write an essay on the subject, an artificial intelligence essay outline can be your best bet in making sure you don’t go off-track or leave out some crucial information that your reader needs.

Outlines work because they keep you the writer on topic.  Writing without one is like driving in an unknown part of town without GPS.  You might eventually find your way but it will likely require a lot of dead-ends and turn-arounds.  It’s far better to start off right with a map of where you’re going.

To help with that, try out the template and example outlines below.

Artificial Intelligence Essay Template

I. Introduction

a. AI is a fun subject for most readers, so try to think up a unique way to get the reader’s attention by approaching the topic in a novel or different manner.

b. Move into discussing what your paper will be about.

c. Conclude the intro with a thesis statement, which is the main point that you will make.

II. First Supporting Paragraph

a. Begin with a topic sentence that introduces the main point of the paragraph.

b. Support the topic sentence with relevant information.

c. Use a transition thought to prepare the reader for the next supporting paragraph.

III. Second Supporting Paragraph

a. Begin with a topic sentence that introduces…audiences into thinking that AI cannot be trusted because it will be self-serving—but is that really true of AI?

IV. Third  Supporting Paragraph

a. Nothing frightened audiences more than James Cameron’s Terminator and T2: Judgment Day (McCann, 2017).

b. While the first film was a solid thriller, the second introduced the idea of an AI robot that was programmed to be good and that stayed good.

c. So even while audiences still feared the AI, at least they could see the potential for good things with the arrival of the good Arnold in T2.

V. Conclusion

a. AI is a technology that has been around for decades.

b. However, thanks to films like Terminator, Blade Runner and Ex Machina, the public remains suspicious about the utility and goodness of AI.

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