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Athletic Trainer Gender Inequality in Academia

Gender Inequality

There appears to be evidence for gender inequality in the profession of academic athletic trainers (ATs). For example, membership in the National Athletic Trainer's Association is 48% female, but at the collegiate level only 1/3 of ATs are women (Kahanov, Loebsack, Masucci, and Roberts, 2010, p. 459). To understand the reasons behind this discrepancy the authors of a recent study performed a large survey of female ATs working in or outside of academia (Kahanov, Loebsack, Masucci, and Roberts, 2010). The working hypothesis was the following: family obligations contribute to a gender bias in academia for athletic trainers.


Of the 1000 surveys sent out to working female ATs, only 405 responses were useable for the purposes of the study (Kahanov, Loebsack, Masucci, and Roberts, 2010, p. 160). Of these, 67.3% worked in an academic setting and 40% were parents of children less than 16 years of age. The mean age of respondents was 33.7 years.

Results and Conclusions

A more objective measure of the parenting impact on an AT career is whether the birth of children caused changes in employment. When the respondents were queried on this topic, 42% and 65% reported changing job settings or working hours, respectively, after their children were born (Kahanov, Loebsack, Masucci, and Roberts, 2010, p. 461). Becoming a parent therefore has a significant impact on AT careers for women.

In terms of career satisfaction 41% were happy being both a parent and AT, and 50% wished they spent more time at home. Only 13% expressed a desire to become a full-time parent, which suggests the demands placed on parent/ATs isn't sufficient to force women to quit their career.

The desire to someday have children was expressed by 69% of the non-parent respondents and the primary reason for the delay…

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