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Atlantis Resort Bahamas Advertisement

In creating an advertisement for the Atlantis Resort Bahamas, the most important factors to consider are the customer characteristics, needs, wants and pain points in their lives they look to resort travel to at least lessen or make completely go away for a while. For the affluent, resorts are most often visited to completely change how they experience time, as many are continually facing a chronic time shortage (Mann, 1993). The focus of the advertisement is on unifying the family by giving them freedom to use their time as they want.

Using the Quantcast Research Service ( the demographics of the Atlantis website were obtained. The results of this analysis are shown in Appendix A: Demographics of . What the analysis shows is that the majority of customers to Atlantis are wealthy, making over $150,000 a year on average, have children, are college educated with many having post-graduate degrees and are in the 35 -- 44 age group. The demographics also show that the mother or woman of the family is primarily the decision-maker...


This is clear from the results of the Quantcast analysis. No one in a family is more stressed than a mother in terms of time shortage, as they often have to shuttle kids between appointments, keeping them continually focused on their homework as well. A vacation for a woman, mother and wife is a chance to disconnect and completely re-order the experience of time itself, and this is a major goal of affluent women who go on vacations (Mann, 1993).

Based on this analysis, it is clear that women are the primary decision makers in families and have a very strong influence on which locations are chosen or not. The services marketing component of the ad must underscore serenity, time standing still, peace and all the other aspects of time that a typical mother does not have often in her daily life (Yucelt, Marcella, 1996). Combined with this dynamic is the need for the father and husband to have a chance to re-connect with his kids, who according to many students of affluent travelers, are more important than golf, tennis or any other sports of the affluent traveler (Mann, 1993). Time with their children is more critical than time on the golf links for many affluent travelers. It is also apparent that how hyper-connected families are with social media, texting and smartphones that the need exists to cut away from all these distractions…

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