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Everyone, even retired firefighter/EMTs like myself have dreams beyond their current careers. I am a U.S. Army veteran who became a Baltimore City fire fighter and EMT after my enlistment was over. I've enjoyed that career for many years, but I always knew there was something more I wanted - something that was missing in my life. I'm newly retired, and know that it's now time to act on those dreams.

I'm a passionate cook, and I love to cook for others, I always have. I love to experiment with new recipes and ingredients when I have the time, and I'm always up on the latest cooking techniques and ideas. Trouble is, I know I'm not anywhere near an expert, and that's why I want to attend culinary school and become a master chef. Cooking and entertaining has been a passion for me throughout my life and career choices, it has been the thing that has always buoyed me up during difficult times, and given me joy no matter what. Now that I'm retired and have the time and energy to invest, I want to make my dream come true and attend culinary school. I have done the other things in my life that helped others, saved lives, and made a great difference in the lives of others, and in my own. Now, I want the chance to follow my passion and do something that has only been a dream up until now.

I have always taken the needs and wants of my family, the people I served, and even my superiors into consideration when making choices about my life. That's what you do when you are a responsible member of society. I don't regret any decisions I've made about my life, and I am grateful for all the chances I've had to move ahead and take good care of my family. That said, now, just once, I want to indulge myself in my own passion and desire, and that's why I want to attend cooking school and become a master chef. it's time to chase MY dream, and make it come true.

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