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In fact, she already had all of that information written in the margins right next the photographs. Every picture had a description of how many calories, and how many grams of protein, carbohydrates, and fats she consumed in between the consecutive pictures. She explained that her diet changed much more than her training during that time and I was very surprised at the difference that could be seen so clearly from picture to picture, and especially at the differences in her physique and muscularity from the beginning to the end of each contest preparation cycle. According to her, she maintains the same basic workout routine all year long and the real difference that accounts for the extreme changes in her muscularity before contests is almost exclusively a function of her diet.

My friend helped me understand that I had arrived at narrow-minded conclusions about the relationship between exercise, diet, and weight control because at this particular point in my life, my metabolism just happens to be right at the border where I am able to control my weight without changing my diet. According to her, that is simply not the case for most people and it would not continue to be true in my case either in a few years because our metabolism always slows down as we age. I realized that I had placed too much emphasis on my personal experience and that I had projected it onto others despite the fact that it does not necessarily apply to everyone. The experience taught me that a significant cause of "mine-is-better" thinking has to do with our tendency to view things subjectively and based on our own experience instead of on objective sources of information and the experiences of others. Since then, I have always made an effort to not to draw as firm conclusions when my only basis for an opinion is subjective…

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