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In one way, it can seem that Nash has low communication competence. For example, he does not have good relationships with his classmates, his workmates, or his students. However, there are various signs that this is related more to a lack of social skills than an inability to communicate. This is seen towards the end of the film where Nash is seen tutoring and teaching students. In these interactions, it is seen that Nash is an effective communicator. At the same time, Nash can seem impatient and also seems to behave in unexpected ways. Again though, this is related to Nash's inability to understand social expectations and act based on these expectations. In Nash's mind, it appears that he considers his only focus as being able to explain and teach mathematics, with no regard either for personal relationships or for social standards. Nash is shown tutoring students and it is observed that in regards to explaining mathematics, he is successful and achieves the task. This shows that the communication problems that seem to be observed at some points are not really showing that Nash is unable to communicate. Instead, they are showing Nash's unusual focus. Nash's relationship with his wife is also a good example of his communication competence. It is observed that even though Nash does not engage with her in expected ways, he does effectively communicate with her. This includes the point where he convinces her that he can control his own schizophrenia. Again it seems that Nash is actually an effective communicator, while it is only a lack of awareness about social standards that suggests otherwise. Overall then, it seems that Nash has different relationships with people than would be considered normal, but that these relationships are actually effective. This includes the relationship with his wife, his students, and his peers.

Overall then, it has been established that despite how Nash might initially appear, he actually has high communication competence. The apparent low communication competence observed is false because it is really a sign of low social awareness. The high communication competence also explains how Nash effectively manages to use the simple techniques of perception checking and self-talk to manage and control the severe symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia.

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